Excellent when first started, but since has become unresponsive to calls and talks about himself and his problems more than mine. Even though he has his cell # on his card and says 'call anytime with any issue' he doesn't return calls. Kristy, his new admin, is rude, pushy and acts as if her job is to protect him from the patients. His prices are well above going rate - $225 for 30min after the first 2 visits (which are $475 and $375 each). $100 charge if you need to reschedule appt
While Dr. Pierotti is knowledgeable and informed, he is unwilling to work with other doctors, refusing to communicate with my other health care providers. When left a message asking about recommendations made by other doctors, Dr. Pierotti did not call back. When questioned again, he had his receptionist call to say "If you don't trust him, get the other doctor to treat you!" Now I am seeing a more holistic physician who is truly looking at the big picture and not just prescribing hormones
For individuals looking to slow the signs of aging, stop the signs of aging and even reverse the signs of aging, optimizing the bodys function by optimizing cellular, endocrine, and immune function IS the answer. We lead people to encountering health and vitality starting from within with hormonal therapy and nutritional health with BHRT, high-grade supplements (nutriceuticals), chemical-free cosmetics and LipoSelection to treat the effects of aging. chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic infections, hormone imbalance, and immune dysfunction.
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The Anti-Aging and Vitality Center of Pittsburgh
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