I just recently had my 1st apt. w/ Dr. Geary and left her office w/ hope for my future. She understood my past spine fusions and the pain. It was refreshing to see a Dr that actually heard me when I spoke and include me in the treatment plan. She treated me w/ much needed medication as well as describe to me what we will be doing that does not include injections. I'm still in pain but the medication gives me about 3hrs/day relief and that is better than it was, hopefully better after next apt.
Marsnot is the worst person i ever met . She is an evil person. One of my last visits i said to her" do you know you are hurting me not only physically, but mentally too". she replied "yea, i know" . she didnt even lift her head to say it. This EVIL person seems to enjoy people remaining in pain. She knew how to help me but refused to. Thank God i never have to see this little urchin ever again.
One of the most unprofessional Doctors I have ever met. Has a very snippy attitude..There is no wonder there was no one waiting to see her in the office..
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