Extremely dismissive of mother's requests and questions, and her ignoring my concerns was detrimental to my child's well-being because it delayed his lifesaving surgery by several days. She needs to work on listening skills and on making assumptions. Too bad she is the head of the nicu.
dr. mike is the best dr. that raymond miller has been too see. dr. mike is very caring and listens. i would recommend to anyone that has the troubles that raymond miller had.
Never on time.
Dr Kirby practiced for a time with my family doctor. It was a Friday afternoon and I had an emergency, my usual doctor was on vacation so they set me up with Dr. Kirby. There is not enough letters allowed here to explain what he did for me. All I can say is if it weren't for his caring and quick action I wouldn't be here today. I literally owe my life to him.
Would not recommend this doctor my daughter left the office asking me if she was going to die, lose her vision or lose her legs due to comments made by this physician while we were in the office, my daughter is 10 years old.
Answers all our questions patiently. You can tell she is very up to date on research. I trust her completely.
She has horrible bedside manner with the parents. Zero compassion or empathy. She spews all the "what if's" and makes you more worried unnecessarily. She doesn't understand that it's just like reading from a textbook for her, but this is our CHILD we are talking about. She doesn't get it. Very negative. Avoid her if at all possible.
My son had ecoli & was taken to children's & they kept telling me he had a virus. I took him to see Dr Anne Chen & she heard my story & did extensive testing. She discovered he had ecoli. If I would of just sat back & listened to the Drs at children's, I would of lost my son. This woman saved his life. She's the best Dr out there by far in my opinion. Ty Dr Chen for being an amazing Dr. ??
She was their the day my baby girl was born when she came to meet us in the recovery room, when we did not know who to trust. She was kind and explained everything to us, helped in all the decisions we needed to take in the next year and has been seeing our child for last couple of years. Couldn't have asked for a better doctor.
Dr. Orlando was the best doctor! My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1976. She was treated for 5 years by AWOL doctors. She is healthy today and has 5 children and 3 great grandchildren. Thank you so much to the doctors at Children's Hospital!!
Professional and knowledgeable.
She told my 4 month old is having Hand Foot Mouth viral but she wasn't confident and told me to take the baby to other main Lawrenceville location for blood work to make sure liver and heart didn't get infected right away. I the mother of twin left my one child home and took the infected baby and stayed in hospital till midnight but never received any bloodwork order and finally after following up on answering machine for several hours was told she just wanted someone to confirm her diagnosis
Dr. Lewarchik is thorough, kind, and knowledgeable. She's always willing to go the extra mile to put my mind at ease, making sure I've expressed all of my questions and concerns during our visit and promptly responding to messages on the myUPMC website. She's listened carefully to my input when it comes to tests and treatment, and is always respectful of my opinion and concerns. Truly a wonderful doctor!
Dr. Shaw, you have never had me as a patient but you did have my friend Hannah. I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my friend all those years ago. She's an amazing person and i wanted to thank you for for what you did for her and her family.
she is very upbeat, wonderful bedside manners and listens to your concerns without jumping to a thousand test options to consider. I liked how she was monetarily aware of how much things would cost changing diet direction for our son.
In August 2010 my healthy 18 year old son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Dr. Shaw walked into his room that day and said I want you to think of the word 'curable' and not the word 'cancer.' This past August, my son has been cancer free for 5 years and I owe it all to Dr. Shaw. He is smart, funny and positive. He is an amazing doctor who cares not only about his medical needs but his psycho-social needs as well. We are so grateful for Dr. Shaw and would highly recommend him!
Simply put....he is the absolute best. Not only as a hematologist but as an empathetic and insightful person.

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