Dr. Bailey performed aortic valve replacement surgery on my husband. He was incredibly kind and compassionate to both of us as he patiently explained my husband's diagnosis, treatment and expectations after surgery. Most importantly, he successfully performed the surgery and a follow-up surgery from an unexpected complication. Dr. Bailey never missed a day without at least one visit to personally check on him. His team was fantastic. They were responsive and knowledgeable. Thank you all!
Made me comforted and I understood what he explained to me.
He was recommended to us by another doctor who described him as "very smart" and "really cared about his patients". He (Dr. Ahuja) diagnosed my husband with COPD and undertook his treatment. He recently left Bellin and I wish I could find out where he went, if he is still somewhere we could continue with his as our certified pulmonologist!
Dr. Bailey performed TAVR valve surgery on my mother. She was discharged after 4-5 days even though she was extremely weak and declining health. Several days later she was readmitted to the hospital under Dr. Bailey's care. She continued to decline and after 5 days she ended up in ICU. Dr. Bailey did not see her once during the time leading up to the transfer to ICU. I called repeatedly to speak to Dr. Bailey but he did not return calls or stop by to see my mother. She died 2 weeks later.
Dr Belden tells you what to expect prior to your surgery. He is efficient and quite well versed in his field. And I am well satisfied with his work
Dr Liu was very through in explaining the procedure for the heart ablation and what to expect during recovery. When I had issues late in the evening, he returned to the hospital to check on me.
I needed an ablation for my AFib and was referred to Dr Liu by my cardiologist. Couldn't be more pleased with this experience from top to bottom. He is the very best!
Dr Rekha is the best Doctor that I have had in my 78 yesrs. She is very patient and informative and very caring. I am so grateful for having her as my Cardiologist. Thank you, Dr. Rekha for all you did for me.
Dr Palmer had very nice bedside manner, was unhurried, kind & listened. My 93 yr old Mom had been in severe pain due to arthritis & was pain free 24hr later after cortisone injections. She is a new person, because of your services & was able to get an appt within 24hrs. She had to wait a month everywhere else I called.
Dr. Bonnet is a wonderful doctor who always takes the time to listen no matter how busy he is! I have been going to him for 9 years and I wouldn't see any other doctor! What else can I say but that he is an awesome doctor!
My toddler was recommended to Dr. Buchinsky for recurrent croup. We found his demeanor and knowledge to lead us to trust him with recommendations. Dr. Buchinsky was very patient with explaining procedures and following up. As a parent, it's terrifying to have any operative procedure performed on your child regardless of the degree of risk, but we felt our daughter was in the best of care under him.
Dr. Bonnet was in the room approx 3 minutes. During that time he neither spoke to nor looked at me, only to the girl checking my pacemaker. Just said it was fine come back in a year. Meanwhile, I had been referred ASAP to a cardiologist for severe fluid retention especially in legs, severe fatigue, shortness of breath, cough w/o cold or allergies, etc. He never looked at legs and ankles, never checked my heart or bp, nothing. He is a specialist. My pacemaker is fine. Move on. Extremely upset.
This guy was a complete jerk to my wife and son. She called balling her eyes out he was so rude to her. I will never recommend anyone to him. He is very lucky I was not present for this appointment.
Very poor bedside manner, condescending and arrogant No compassion
RUDE!!! Dont go see this doctor he has the worse bed side manners. Not only was he rude to me and my son but he yells at his employees. Stay away.
Wondering why Dr. Itingen left the New Windsor, NY orthopedic practice without a word to his patients and no surgeon referral for us to contact. Still having problems from a surgery last summer. Now what do I do? Should have gone with my gut instinct to find a different orthopedist when at the first appointment he got sarcastic about my having gone to the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC for a previous foot surgery. Very disappointed.
Never in my 7 years of experience with my disorder have I know such a disrespectful, ignorant psychiatrist. She has no idea what's she's doing, I almost got hospitalized because she decided I shouldn't take my meds for 48 hours and then she completely forgot that she told me that, she's so disorganized and rude. She believes I don't have my disorder, and judges me by my appearance and assumes I am just anxious. She doesn't even read the information given to her about my disorder.
Dr. Itingen is an amazing surgeon! He is not only a brilliant surgeon but a very positive person as well. I suffered an injury which resulted in bilateral calcaneous fractures. Numerous doctors told me I'd never walk again. Dr. Itingen not only repaired my fractures but restored my ability to walk. I would highly recommend Dr. Itingen.
He is a jerk, didn't bother to introduce homsrlf as the attending physician on my sugery, just pulled my damn gown up
This doctor was not friendly or compassionate, he just wanted me out of the office. I left there feeling stupid, and feeling as though i was wasting my time.
No compassion at all. Arrogant. Horrible 'bedside manner'.
Dr. Kirichenko is an exceptional physician. He truly listens to you and explains things in simple terms that you can understand. I would go out of my way to see Dr. Kirichenko.
Dr Maraca operated on my wife. He performed a very risky and complex procedure and saved her life. He explained everything clearly and completely to me. I feel that he is an exceptionally skilled and fine surgeon. I would be comfortable having him treat or operate on myself or any family members.
Dr. McComb was absolutely wonderful. She was friendly, candid, and really made me feel like my care was personalized. Also, her office staff were very friendly and organized.
I have been to Cleveland Clinic, Shadyside, St Vincent, dealing with an ascending aneurysm and by far my best experience had been with Dr. Maraca ?very efficient but so compassionate and concerned about his patients and what they are dealing with. Made me feel very confident about my up coming surgery's. I had and have 100% confidentence in him and his care. His whole staff PAs, nurses, and staff have been excellent. AGH is#1 for me and my sister! We are people to them.
She is horrible. Has no knowledge, does not follow up or return phone calls!
She didn't listen and went about her own thing. Due to her being inept the brain damage I have suffered I have attributed to her not listening.
Very trust worthy. You can tell she really cares and loves what she does
She was very friendly and competent.
on 6-9-17 Dr. Varghese performed a heart cath and stenting on me. I am so lucky to have had Dr. Varghese for my procedure, he is a superior cardiologist and an even better person. he made me feel at ease and took steps that others missed in the past that have significantly improved my health and life. thank you Dr. Varghese.
Avoid! Like others have stated, he's not a good doctor at all. He will make you feel horrible for having pain. It doesn't matter if you have a well-documented chronic condition, he WILL treat you like a pill popper and threaten to kick you out at least once a month. Everyone that I've met who has met with him has a horror story... if you are seeing him soon, please remember to leave a review so people know to look out.
Horrible, horrible man. DO NOT GO TO HIM. He thinks everyone is an addict, and he will make your stress so bad that your pain will be worse. Does not care about patients at all & it shows! He does not listen and clearly hates his job.
My previous pain management doctor left the practice at the Wexford Health & Wellness Center so they set me up with Dr. Vassiliev. He came into the room, said that he had gone over my chart & was going to stop my pain meds & put me on Lyrica. He said Lyrica has the same properties as Neurotin & should help me. I told him that I have had adverse reactions to Neurotin to the point of passing out & memory loss. He said Lyrica isn't as strong. I ended up having a SEVERE allergic reaction.
Dr. Vassiliev was recommended to me for pain management of my chronic low back pain/lump back in 2010-2012. Although he seems knowledgeable, he did not seem to listen/address my concerns and questions, and the injections used to help my pain actually worsened it. Made me feel like I was a pain pill drug addict and refused to offer any medication to help me, stating Advil should work.
Great Psychiatrist. Superb skills with meds and diagnosing issues. Great bedside manner.
If there was an opportunity to score less than 1 star, I would put that on this review. Because of Dr. Young's mis-diagnosis (pneumonia vs. heart failure), I could have died. While I was in St. Clair hospital, they treated me for pneumonia and never even recognized that I was in congestive heart failure. Now, I am faced with less than normal heart function and the likelihood of heart surgery in 6 weeks.
Dr. Young always takes his time to explain things and makes sure to answer my questions. He is very easy to talk to, polite and friendly and I feel confident in his care.
Would not recommend. Staff (Annette) was rude and crude on phone. After spending time in St Clair Hosp. with a pulmonary abscess I was instructed upon discharge to make an appt. with Dr. Young the following week. Annette would not make the appt., she said she doesn't care what the discharge papers say, she told me we don't make f/u appts. for 6-8 wks after I was in the hosp. I told her that is not what I was told to do She said, she would call back after talking to the Dr. that was 3/28.
Terrible bedside manner. Robotic at best. Absolutely no compassion. This is the first time I've ever heard a doctor say, "there's nothing we can do for you." Worst experience with a medical professional in all my life. Stay away!
He knows how to listen and explains very well
I had a positive experience with Dr. Valetta in the past. At my last visit, however, after waiting for 2 hours in her new clinic, Dr. Valetta pointed out that in the meantime I had obtained a different (non-narcotic) medication elsewhere and dismissed me without allowing me to explain nor any further treatment plan other than a list of different pain clinics in the area. I left her clinic confused and humiliated. I understand now why some people with this experience would turn to street drugs.
It appears she is booked to tightly. I find her caring and willing to take her time. She always asks if I have any questions and asks about my family. She certainly well versed on medications, dosages, and various methods of treatment
Such a caring Dr. Spends time with you talking about your problems. Wants to know if you have any questions. If I need to call his office for something he always has someone call back in a reasonable amount time or he himself will call me.
Unprofessional Doctor! I waited almost 2 hours to see her, once I did she didn't take any time to listen to me. I have been suffering and treated for chronic back pain for 9 years and she acted as though my pain was insignificant. She offered no options to help other than providing me with other pain management doctors contact information in the area. I would never recommend her to anyone. The reason I gave 1 star is because the staff earned that, not her! Thanks for wasting my time & money!!!
Very unprofetional!!!!doesn't listen you a very long time and the Dr takes no time or even cares...never would recommend her to anyone!!!
Very impersonal and methodic not listening or suggestions of assessment determined to any care plan. Wants me get records and staff not giving releases to obtain to evaluate for plan. She said I will call you hold on a second and nurse came in asked if ready to go ? I told her no the Dr.did not listen to me.
I'm astonished that the reviews for this doctor are not more positive. He makes you think he has nothing else to do but talk to you about your concerns, your treatment, your well-being. My experience with him has been so positive. He got me through two separate bouts with breast cancer. He is a doctor who treats the whole person not just the disease. Getting him "by the luck of the draw" was a good day for me.
Dr. Cheema saved my life in April of 2016. Thank you.
He and his staff (Gale Ann(and NURSES ) are very good caring and helpful!
She is Very Friendly and shows that she cares about her patients.
Dr. Jessica Buriak is outstanding. I have recommended her exemplary actions and commitment to my health to friends and family. I am so grateful I found her! Thank you Dr. Buriak! Thank you
I found Dr. Drori friendly & personable, and he took the initiative to explain recent changes in the recommended frequency of prostate exams
I think Dr. Drior is a great doctor. He is very patient and professional. I had good experience with him!
Seeing Dr Drori, was a terrible experience. He came in with the wrong chart, was difficult to talk to. I came in for physical to satisfy my insurance and he innalropriately coded my chart with an unnecessary test and it ended up costing me instead of being covered my insurance. I dealt with this practice for a year to have it fixed and they refused to fix this. I had been with another doctor in this practice for years but that Doctor left and I had to see Dr Drori. I will never go back!
Dr Dovec is the most friendly and well educated Doctor I have ever met. I loved being in her care and she proves second to none in her ability to assess, motivate, and heal. It's a privilege being in her care
I made my husband an appt. for a physical so he could continue receiving his paychecmedical credit of $25 every 2 weeks. I sat in on the appt. with him and this was clearly explained to the Dr the reason for being there. Without letting us know, he billed this as an office visit saying my husband was there for hypertension which did not meet our physical requirements. I made probably 20 calls and asked the Dr. to return my call no less that 3 times and he refused. Never going back!!!
Dr. drori had prescribed me a narcotic for acute back pain. Unfortunately the medication did not make me feel well so I requested a less potent narcotic. I was told the head nurse would replace with a new medication and to discard previous prescription, so I did. When I went into the office to pick up a new script, I was told by the head nurse that he would not give me another script, even though I disposed of the old medication like I was told. Head nurse was very condescending and accusatory.
Very un-caring, prescribed wrong medicine for my condition. Waste of time, effort and money.
Will rudely accuse you of abusing pain meds without doing his due diligence. Very rude doctor overall.
Worst Doctor in the Pittsburgh area.
Dr. Cohen is the "BEST"! He was very good to me!!
This jerk was 2.5 hours late for my appointment with him and said that his staff was too busy to let me know that I was going to have to wait all of that time.
Dr. Conway sat with me and explained all of my options. He asked me what surgery that I thought was best and then he gave his recommendation. He is very polite, well spoken and took all of the time necessary to answer all of my questions. He did the robotic laparoscopic surgery and I was almost forgetting that I had surgery in two days. If I ever have to have surgery again, this is the doctor I will go to. I thought he was great!
Awful physician. Made me feel like a drug addict rather than a patient experiencing pain. Rude to my wife and me during sessions.
Very helpful. Surgery went great with no issues. Everything explained in detail and even able to get out of hospital earlier than expected due to lapriscopic surgery . Answered every question we had written down in a professional manner. Staff was helpful with Dr excuses need for work and in scheduling.
Waited for over an hour and a half to be seen by Dr. Cohen for less than five minutes. Prescription was not called in and when I called to inquire why I was told they left a voicemail on my cell phone. I checked my phone, no message was left Worst doctors visit I ever had!
I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey K. Cohen. He is very skilled and kind doctor. He truly is one of Pittsburgh' s Best Doctors??.My family and friends, we think he is great!??
He is a very professional very soft spoken but very lgbt-friendly Doctor He might come accross as a stern person But has a big soft underbelly. He is a TeddyBear.. I want him to complete my SRS. As soon as i heal from this last procedure
Never Has to be the worst surgeon in the area
Not very personable. A gynecologist should be someone you're comfortable around and shouldn't feel belittled about your body. Had multiple bad experiences with her. Needless to say, I found a new gynecologist.
I went to Dr. Goswami because I called with a problem I had been facing for 4-5 months, and they gave me a same day appointment. She didn't really listen to my problem or concerns. She had her mind made up about my condition before she entered the room. This was the FIRST doctor in my history (and I've been to a lot, having survived cancer) that I've EVER been to that did not even lay her hands on me. What kind of doctor doesn't examine a patient with a severe and legitimate concern?
I've been seeing her since she took over dr lyn office. I highly like her. She is very knowledgeable and thorough.
Anyone but her.
Horrible to staff, Does not listen to anything I had to say, seemed scatterbrained and disconnected. I would not recommend this Dr. to treat a rabbit.
Does not listen to the patient or discuss their concerns.
She seems to be more concerned with getting done with your appointment as fast as possible than your actual health. She doesn't listen or explain anything. She dismisses all of your questions/concerns and blames a lot of your problems on ovulation. I would reccomend absolutely anyone else, other than this doctor.
We went into the ER with chest pains and high BP. Dr. Griffith was so great. Explained everything, gave us options and kept us informed through the entire process. I would like to have him as my primary Doctor! Great bedside manner and kind man.
Based on my experience w/ Dr. Griffith yesterday, I wholeheartedly recommend him. He was personable, patient and knowledgeable. Took the time to explain my sister's condition, infusing appropriate humor and useful analogies. If everyone, in all settings, operated with both head and heart, we'd be healthier - happier. Let's clone him! Thanks, Dr. Griffith. Janet Headington P.S. The other staff members, Ryan & others, are deserving of commendations for their efficiency & kindness.
When I entered the ER on 04/15/12 Dr. Griffith was the attending doctor. He was rude and arrogant. He told me that I had a broken collar bone and that I was acting like a child. He said I was just intoxicated and to go home. I had three glasses of wine and had a fall down stairs but I was very articulate and I told him I was in severe pain. The next evening I could not breath and so back to the ER again.I had broken all of my ribs on my left side and a punctured lung in 3 places. I went to ICU.
Good doctor. She's firm, even stern, but that can be a good thing in a cardiologist.
We evaluate and manage children and adolescents with ear, nose and throat problems. We are accessible and available. For the most part we can see you today, tomorrow or Saturday morning. Spanish

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