I had a fairly minor Mohs procedure.  Dr. Trufant showed a genuine interest in me, taking time to talk with me.  He was relaxed, unrushed, good-humored, pleasant while still.professional and highly competent.  He gave me my choice background music and even hummed to himself during the procedure which he explained in detail.  And then, shock of shocks, a few days later he himself called to follow-up and see how I was doing.  I've never had a better doctor experience.
Had a terrific experience with Dr. Yang. Efficient, good bedside manner, quickly diagnosed my rash. She really put me at ease, and also took into consideration the cost of the medicine she prescribed. I will definitely recommend her to my friends!
My private dermatologist referred me to Jefferson for special skin cancer surgery. I was quickly scheduled with Dr. Trufant, who personally called me the day after my surgery to check on me. My surgery was 3 months ago and you can hardly tell! Hope I don't have to have any other surgieries but if I do, I would definitely go back to him!
Kind doctor who does a thorough exam and explains everything.
Best experience I've ever had in a healthcare setting. Great doctor with a wonderful personality. Very knowledgeable.
Overall excellent experience.
Skin exam was quick but thorough. Felt like she actually listened to what my specific concerns were and took the time to educate me on skin cancer. Seemed very knowledgeable, good bedside manner. I had to have a spot biopsied for possible skin cancer and the whole process took less than 5 minutes. Even though the spot ended up being nothing, I still received a letter within 2 weeks with the results.
Dr. Saedi is an exceptional dermatologist! Not only is she bright and knowledgeable on skin cancer, but she's also very skilled and trustworthy at cosmetic treatments. She's done my mole checks as well as laser treatments, toxins and fillers, and keeps me very natural looking, never overdone! If you're looking for a dermatologist that can perform a mile check, remove skin cancer and make you look like a more youthful version of yourself, then I highly recommend Dr. Saedi.
Absolutely first class, professional, easy to understand. Excellent practitioner and very much on top of her game.
I received a Halo Laser treatment from Dr. Griffin and I couldn't have been happier from start to finish. He was extremely professional and explained the entire process from start to finish. Most importantly, the results were life changing. I feel so good about my skin and no longer have to wear loads of cover up to hide my sun spots. I would 100% recommend Dr. Griffin to anyone looking for a warm and knowledgeable dermatologist!
I appreciate how professional and thorough Dr. Del Rosario was. She was extremely sweet and spent plenty of time answering all of my questions without making me feel rushed. I will definitely be returning.
This Dr. is always exceeding all of my expectations! Every visit I have with her, I become even more impressed with her professionalism and skills. I never feel rushed and all my concerns are always addressed.
Dr. Sahu was awesome! My visit was fast, the Doc really knew her stuff and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I am recommending her to all my family and friends.
I recently visited Dr. Del Rosario after being recommended by a friend. I had a few concerns being that skin cancer runs in my family but Dr. Del Rosario was amazing! She took the time to address all of my questions/concerns and was extremely patient with me. I was impressed at how intelligent and experienced she was. She has a great bedside manner and the entire visit was a pleasure. I will definitely be returning.
Not impressed. Hoped to have more of a convo about lifestyle/skincare, but instead found myself lectured and rushed in a way that didn't invite dialogue, and found ultimately insulting (inferring my age, under 40 btw, meant that there was no solution other than medication, permanently - what? Is this what docs do now?). Was it me? Did not go for the follow up after finding a solution to my random acneic rash on Reddit, which I found more responsive to my symptoms and treatment preferences.
I recently saw Dr. Dasgeb for a minor rash and was pleased that she was on time and very knowledgeable. The office staff and her trailing fellowship physicians were great. I received outstanding treatment and felt very secure. Jefferson is the very best in health care bar none ??.
I highly recommend Dr. Larusso to my friends and family. She is very professional, warm, and answers all my questions in detail. She makes me feel like I am her most important patient.
Easy to get an appointment, and usually very little wait time. But I stopped seeing him when I realized that his primary role is to teach younger docs, and treating me came second. I went in for one condition, and he discovered another condition. When I went back for follow ups, he found a third condition. I then realized that I could be going on a regular basis so that he could discover skin conditions that I had that never bothered me.
I called Dr. Sahu's office for an emergency appointment and was transferred to her assistant Kelly who was extremely helpful and gracious! When I arrived at my visit with Dr. Sahu she exceeded my expectations and addressed all of my concerns. I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Sahu and Kelly's professionalism and I will definitely be recommending all family & friends to them.
Dr Kauh is very experienced and knowledgeable but you must realize he is in his 80's. He's not there to hold your hand and be your best friend. He''s there to make sure you're not going to drop dead of skin cancer etc... the other reviews on here seem to be a little silly.
I was really disappointed. First, there was the nurse who talked to me about why I was there. I told them my problem and then there was a doctor's assistant who took time to hear me out and THEN Dr Sahu came...I waited in the examination room for close to an hour and then she ALSO brought another doctor (in training?) for my private problem. How was I supposed to feel comfortable telling every detail I wanted to get across? The worst part of it all was, she didn't spend 10 minutes with me!
Fantastic doctor and an even better surgeon!
Does not care abt her patients
Uncaring doctor. Staff manager just as rude. Stay away. Only cares abt money.
Dr. Samie is fantastic! I cannot say enough good things. I hate going to see doctors and was very nervous about my procedure. He is so kind and reassuring and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend Dr. Samie to anyone looking for a Mohs surgeon!
He spent the majority of the visit speaking to his arrogant resident about my condition instead of addressing me as a patient.
Dr. was thorough and explained the potential diagnosis. Lab tests.to confirm. Will know more with followup but 1st impressions were good.
I first went to Jefferson university Emergency. They were unable to help I was having a reaction to too many steroids that were supposed to treat my full body rash I very nice young doctor and student evaluated me but it was so severe they asked for his opinion. He was very rude. Did not look at my records said I had psoriasis. Use the cream I had been using if I can't tolerate that use vaseline. The end result was I was taking a heart medication that should not mix with my other Medicatio
Many of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to also to recommend you as a great human being. Thanks.
Good doctors understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business. Thanks for being one such doc.
Dr. Saedi is Awesome!!
I now look forward to going to the Dermatologist just to see Dr. Sahu!
Thorough explanation of procedures, even when it's a simple exam! Listens, takes the time patients need.
I have seen Dr. Sahu a handful of times and each time I go to an appointment I become more and more impressed with her intellect, professionalism and overall personality! Not only is she super sweet but her extensive knowledge proves that she is the perfect combination of Beauty & Brains. I have already referred my family and friends.
I honestly could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Saedi and will certainly be referring all of my Friends and Family to Dr. Saedi who I feel like I can trust with my health.
I was recommended to Dr. Saedi by a friend and I could not be happier with her!! My friend had recently seen her and had her lips done, and they looked AMAZING!! Her great personality and demeanor made me feel less anxious about my skin concerns, especially because Skin Cancer runs in my family. She was extremely patient and I was very impressed with her knowledge base. Dr. Saedi seems to have very good taste and I now feel comfortable with her that I will definitely seek her out for Cosmetics.
I have had 2 appointments with Dr. Saedi. One appointment was to remove a mole on my back which she made fast and painless! The second appointment was for fillers in my lips and they turned out amazing!
As a fellow physician, I have to say that I was extremely impressed by Dr. Dasgeb. She has THE best bedside manner I have ever encountered. She put me completely at ease, is very intelligent and knows her specialty.
After 3 years of my daughter being treated for acne by three other dermatologists in a different practice, Dr. Capriotti treated and helped my daughter achieve clearer skin in a matter of months. Her patience, demeanor, and knowledge are top notch. She explains things thoroughly, offers insight, and is very solution focused ~ which was appreciated. Highly recommend!
The man is very unprofessional. I visited him for a skin condition because I wanted a second opinion. I'd tried many treatments but they didn't work for me. When Dr. Kauh suggested the same kind treatment, I refused. Dr. Kauh flipped and said I wasted his time and told me to never come back. I was so shocked of the utter rude and unprofessional manner of this doctor. Other witnesses in the room were just as surprised. He gets paid for his time but I wasted mine to see him.
I was very pleased with my experience. Dr. Guerreri spent time doing total body exam. This was the first time I felt satisfied with a total body exam. I had had exams at several other dermatology practices and I never felt like the time was spent to really check my skin. I am recommending her to a friend.
He was patient, thorough and made me feel very comfortable.
Dr. Saedi removed cancer up the front of my nose requiring 10 stitches. The precision with which she performed this procedure allowed my nose to heal so well the line is not even noticeable. I then scheduled lazer procedure which removed sun damage and refreshed the look of the skin on my face. I am very happy with the results.
Dr. Saedi is an excellent, knowledgeable, and caring doctor. She listens and understands your concerns and feelings. She takes the time to answer all of your questions. Her staff is comprised of wonderful and caring individuals. I have recommended Dr. Saedi to my family and friends.

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