I took my child twice. It took me years to get a referral for her constant abdominal pain and digestive issues. He took an x ray found the same problem both times. Said to give her miralax indefinitely and to give her enemas that there was nothing more he could do. He wouldn't do any more test and when I mentioned that certain foods cause her abdominal distress he informed me that is an allergist problem (but on their website it talks about him specializing in gi allergy issues)!
Dr. Liacouras is a straight shooter with your child's health. He is quick, to the point and won't sugar coat it. I am pleased with his care to date. Out of the last 3 Doctors my child has seen he is the only one who only looked at facts and not the child personally. Everyone one else saw a happy smiling boy who likes to joke around and said he lied or wasn't sick. Sometimes you need a tough Doctor whos best interest is the health of the child. Like others said he's not chatty, but that's ok.
We found Dr. Liacouras to be a very good doctor. He definitely has never been chatty, or interested in getting to know us. He manner was always that of a problem solver, and as someone who wants to get to the heart of the illness as efficiently as possible. I did feel that he cared about my child and wanted her to get better. He is smart and I felt trusting of his diagnosis and course of treatment.
I took my son to see him and his pediatric bed side manner is lacking. My son was scoped upper and lower at 1 1/2 years old and it was a very nerve racking experience. His results came back as having ulcerative colitis. We got the results over a phone call and the office telling us they called the scripts into the pharmacy. The pharmacy called me telling me that the medication is not recommended for children under 5. I called the office to speak with him and no return calls from him.
Dr. Liacouras is not an overwhelmingly warm person by nature. At our appointment, he was very matter of fact, but thorough and gave us as much time as we needed to discuss our concerns. When my baby was scoped under anesthesia, I was very anxious. He allowed me to be in the room while they put her out and then was very comforting and reassuring. His diagnosis and treatment were very on target. I highly recommend Dr. Liacouras!!

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