On January 12, 2017 a routine colonoscopy was performed. On January 13, we contacted the office due to severe pain and chills. After 3 calls the office called back and said Dr Gottfried thinks you just have a virus, but if you really want to go to the hospital go ahead. Admitted to hospital for a perforated bowel. Spent 3 days in hospital, never once saw Dr Gottfried or anyone from his office. Bills for this complication were over $12000.00. My copays were over $1000.00!!!!!!!!! No help!
Dr gottfried is bad dr had no choice dr renea Revera was 5 star dr. Have bad stomach issure He didn't streach my throat have gastropess things get stuck. He didn't do his homework thought I was going have it streach didn't do it. Premier medical group sure lost a wonderfull dr renea Revera he was the best I ever had caring compassion he New what he was doing had him for a year. Then he left I was so sad ??. Have more health issure . Jessica pa asst did more then he did dr has to go .
Worse doctor ever. I would never recommend him to anyone.
Very good bed side manner. He explained what year he was ordering and what he was looking for.
This is the doctor who saved my life, not once, but twice. He argued with the radiologist for me (yay!), and prescribed a gram-negative antibiotic when all other docs were content to beat a dead horse with Cipro. Dr. Gottfried possesses a bedside manner not unlike that of Dr. House. If you want a fuzzy, sensitive-new-age doctor who will hold your hand and cry, he's not it. But he's hands-down brilliant, and if you need someone who can save you, he's your doc. Be funny. He likes funny.
I had the worst Experience with him. It seemed he didn't know what he was doing. If its a life or death situation he will probably give you death cause when your in the hospital He gives you the wrong stuff and wont care what happens to you no remorse from him. His understudy lost medical records and personal information. Very Unprofessional..
Very good.
Dr revera is kind dr he's very quiet soft spoken I don't like Drs that are harsh brash he's good surgen. He treats the cause @ not the system . Finds out .soeak in English but it still hard to under stand . Listen closely don't care for he's partner . At all .
I would recommend AVOIDING this doctor if possible. I went to see him in a pinch and regret the entire experience. He ordered appropriate testing and was insightful. That is where the good experience ended. The nursing staff was awful and neither the doctor or nurses called to update me on any of my tests - I always had to call and hound them for up to a week to get results that were readily available to them. The delivery of serious news was less than professional as well. Go elsewhere!

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