Dr. Himmelwright has done two surgeries on me. The first had to do with my left shoulder in 2010 and i was so thrilled with how that turned out, when i needed to see him again about having a partial knee replacement, i asked to see him again. I will always go to Dr. Himmelwright for any orthopedic issues I may need.
I have had back issues my entire life & until recent years just lived with it. I learned to tolerate the pain. Another doctor had suggested this complex surgery; Dr Wolf was my choice for second opinion. He explains procedures in details, and puts you at ease at the same time. Dr Wolf exudes confidence, compassion and caring. He is well know for being an excellent surgeon. I'm waiting 1 year and 3 months for this surgery. It will be worth it!
Had a full knee replacement in February 2017. Dr Goltz did a great job. Im just finishing up with PT which I went theu Madden PT. Highly recommend.
The ability to access the situation quickly and arrive at a plan to tackle it. That's what I needed to hear.
I love Dr. Boal. He is easy going, compassionate and a great surgeon! I was a little hesitant to have the surgery because I wasn't in excrutiating pain. But, here I am, one year later, able to do whatever I want. I can walk any distance without stopping and have even jogged a few times! He's great! I hope he enjoys a great retirement next year!!!
My grandmother used Dr. Lippe multiple times with things like hip and shoulder replacements. He did a perfect job on everyone of her operations. I just had a neck fusion done a week ago. Even with going through recovery now. I already feel better than I did before surgery. Dr. Lippe is the only Dr. I will ever use when it comes to orthapedics. He was a great help at oip when we went over my neck problems with me. He was even greater in the operating room. He is an amazing doctor!!!
I was leary about seeing new doctor because my husband and I had several surgeries with Dr Hanks. However I was very pleased with Dr Rubbo. He was very caring and understanding. I would highly recommend him.
When Dr Frankeny retired from seeing patients, he set me up with Dr Kelly for a shoulder problem. Now, I've been with Dr Frankeny for years and he has my absolute trust. So I went to Dr Kelly. I find that I can put that same trust in him. He repaired my right shoulder and I was very pleased. So now I'm going to place that trust in him again to fix my left shoulder. He has my trust. I know I can go to the OR and come back alive with the problem resolved.. I HAVE recommended Dr Kelly.
I know he's retired from seeing patients, but I'd give anything to have him come back and fix a few problems for me. I trust him with my life. He can solve any problem. When I go into the OR with him, I'm fine. I know the problem will be resolved and I will come out alive. He has my trust. Something I don't just give to anyone.
This Doctor is GREAT! He was very straightforward with me and AWESOME to deal with. He gave me my options and made sure I understood the outcome of my decision as well. I'm very pleased with my decision so far and can't wait until I can start exercising and doing all the other things I am use to doing. I definitely recommend Dr R.W. Lippe if you're looking for a back surgeon. Thank you Dr. Lippe! Mark Figueroa
Dr. Kelly is a very pleasant, compassionate physician. I always feel like he genuinely cares for his patients. His competence as a surgeon seems quite high. He explains himself with clarity. He answers any and all questions and takes sufficient time with his patients. I would (and have) recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Dahl takes the time to listen to his patients and answers all questions. It's not a hurry in, hurry out type of appointment.
I Drove an hour . I was having Acute pain and he said with a shot and Physical Therapy he could get me back to my normal . He said I just had arthritis . I looked at him in dis belief because I know what arthritis pain feels like. I went along with his plan. No change in pain and no improvement after many sessions. He had no other suggestions. I went to another Dr. Who took additional x-rays and found 2 spurs that were jabbing my joint and causing the acute pain . Surgery is needed and welcomed
Dr. Werner spends very little time with his patients. He told me the post surgical pain much less than it actually was. The final straw for me was when I went back to see him two years post surgery for another problem with the same foot he walked into the room and said "Hello it's nice to meet you". Which means he didn't bother to look at my charts before he came in.
Well, I am 6 days in from a partial knee replacement and I have been up and around since Saturday (Surgery was Tuesday). It is very painful but I can already see my new knee healing and working. Dr. Himmelwright is the best surgeon. I'm lucky he's my orthopedic doctor.
Dr. Wolf is an amazing Doctor. He truly cares about his patients and he is compassionate. He explains everything well and is honest. He also does not rush with appointments, you can ask questions and get honest answers. Even though getting an appointment with him can take awhile, in my opinion it is 100% worth the wait! I would never go anywhere else!
This is the worst doctors office I've ever been to. Nobody follows through on anything. I would cut the staff in half, fire everyone and hire all new employees that actually work. Don't go there unless you like being frustrated and like having to call back over and over only to be told that your referral has been scheduled just to find out nothing has been done 20 days later. I have been on the phone with them 7 different times. Also don't expect to call and get a live person.
Dr Dailey has done 2 Dupetryns release surgeries for me in the past 3 years. My surgical results have exceeded expectations. He has a reserved but professional manner, and when I came prepared with lot's of questions, he was extremely patient, thorough and precise in his responses. His "bedside manner" can be a bit dry, but I always could get a smile or chuckle from him when needed.
Best doctor recommended to me for hand surgery. He was very professional and accommodating. He did carpal tunnel surgery for both my hands, with a very small incision. Would certainly go to him again.
Dr. Goltz did a super job on my back, after experiencing the worst pain I've ever had I'm now totally pain free. Down to earth , knowledgable , and thorough are just a few of the traits I found in him. Highly recommended is my overall opinion of Dr. Goltz
Excellent doctor who is very easy to talk to and who explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He seems extremely competent and is himself a five-star. The wait, however, is loooong. Two visits, each including about 20 minutes with the doctor: the first visit (mid-morning) was 2.5 hours and the second--before 7:30 in the morning--was 1 hour.
Dismissive and rushed. Had no solution or appropriate follow up suggestions. X-rays done on all patients, like an assembly line. No point for my condition as MRI is needed to see herniation.
Dr. Lipped is compassionate and helpful. He listens to all questions and takes the time to answer questions. Take a list and he will review it with you.
Did not listen to what I had to say about where the pain was. Talked at me rather than to me. Did not give me a solution for the reason I came in. Wasted my valuable time and money. Will never go back to see him.
Excellent, knowledgeable, approachable, quick recovery from surgery. Definitely would recommend him
Good bedside manner, although time with him is short and rushed.
Total professional, worked on both my hips and feel like a new person! Extremely Greatful.
Performed carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists (I'm an artist, so this is an occupational hazard). Excellent work. Scars placed so they align with normal wrist lines, so they are nearly invisible. Dr. Dailey is soft-spoken, extremely qualified, a great diagnostician, and a superb surgeon. I can't say ANYTHING bad about him; he's that good!
I've had to have a revision surgery to correct what apparently dr. Frankeny 'll either didn't do correctly.
Great doctor and person. Cares very much about the health of his patients.
Had injury to my right leg that resulted in arthritis in my knee. I've been suffering with pain resulting in difficulty walking. He ordered x-rays and MRIs. These showed arthritis beneath my knee cap. Dr. Polacheck informed me and my husband that he was unable to help me. In addition, he informed me that he had another patient who was in more pain. Bottom line. . .Do not waste your time and money on Dr. Polacheck.
one of the most caring doctors I have ever had. Great man

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