Dr Cairone was very attentive to my issue (sciatica from herniated L4). Went for consultation and was sent for an MRI. After seeing the severity of the herniation on the MRI, it was decided to perform a Microdiscectomy, Pain was gone the day of the procedure. I am very happy with my results. Dr Cairone answered any and all questions I had. Nicole, his assistant has been very helpful, as well. All the staff has been a big help during this process, including dealing with my 3 insurance companies!
Dr. Armbruster is an excellent surgeon, very detailed and very kind, he operated on my thumb finger on my left hand and he did a great job.
Dr..Codjoe is the best. I did know a few people that used him for a complete knee replacement and they were pleased with their results. After all my researching of doctors I chose Dr. Codjoe. Not only am I doing amazing with my knee, his staff is wonderful. My physical therapist told me to thank Dr. Codjoe for him because "Dr. Codjoe made his job easier" since the progress of my knee surpassed the average ability to get back to my normal routine. I am so happy I chose Dr. Codjoe he is the best!
He doesn't. Take care of his patient. Problems. He said his pain management, What a joke. Horrible bedside matter.
I had a hip replacement. Everything went very well. I never even experienced any pain, even after I came home. Dr. Nolan did a terrific job and was very personable.
When I first went to the practice I was in agony from back pain. I had no idea what doctor I was going to see but Dr. Cairone made me feel at ease and just gave me the facts of what needed to be done to fix me. It was a long few weeks of pain but now that it is 2 weeks after the surgery I can not stress how happy I am that even at 88 years old the relief I have had. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone. And Nicole would be the kind of employee any organization would love to have!
In my experience with Dr. Crivello as s surgeon and a pre and follow up care physician, the following adjectives apply: professional skilled clinician caring skilled in Listening and Communicating extremely pleasant
I met Dr. Armbruster prior to my surgery. I was pleased with his professional approach, but also his concern for me. Today, after thirteen weeks, I've completed treatment. I'm a seventy year old man who remembers the care given as a child by doctors who actually made house calls. Dr. Armbruster reminded me of that time by his concern and making himself available; should I have needed him! My surgery went extremely well. I had absolutely no pain and my tendon is healed. Much respect...
Dr. Cairone did a wonderful job at getting my life back. I was in such severe pain that I could not walk or perform any of my usual activities for months. My back surgery was the answer to my prayers and Dr. Cairone did a wonderful job at getting me back on my feet in the matter of a day!!! Thank you for everything!
Dr. Armbruster is an excellent and caring Orthopedic surgeon. My evaluation is based upon my own observations having undergone surgery for a 'golfer's' tendonitis and chronic bursitis (Jan 2017); treatment for a fracture of my right radius (Feb 2017); and a suspected fracture of the navicular bone in my wrist accompanied by a severe tendonitis (April 2017). Dr. Armbruster spent the time to explain his diagnosis, treatment options & recovery plan; risks; and answered all of my questions.
During my pregnancy I developed a horrible pain and limp. I was told by my OB it was sciatica and would resolve upon delivery. This was not true and the condition rapidly got worse. Dr. Colarusso had diagnosed correctly and instantly fixed a long term injury I had had (that not a single doctor could fix or even diagnose correctly in 20 years), so I made my appointment with him. In less then 15 minutes I went from a painful limp to no limp or pain and have been rapidly healing. Thanks so much!
A physiatrist should spend 30 minutes minimum with a new patient. Dr. Colarusso will have you out in 10 and back in a week. Not a good feeling at all about that.
*Before reading this review, I want to state that I am familiar with how the process of dealing with an orthopedic typically goes as far as jumping though hoops. Let me just start with WOW! What a jerkoff. First you get to use their advanced Ipad system to register (it's as advanced as a gameboy) and then you get wait 45 minutes for your appt. Next you're led back for a 2 minute consult before you get pushed out the door for PT. NO diagnosis, the nurse will spend more time with you then he does
It appears that his true care is in the OR and not for his bed side patients. His negligence is what caused me to have a torn rotator cuff for far longer than I should have. After supposedly not being able to determine what was wrong with my shoulder he discharged me and said "you have left shoulder pain". Had he taken the steps to repeat my mri with contrast instead of pushing me off, the tear would have been found sooner and fixed sooner. I would never recommend seeing him, see someone else.
My wife got injured at work resulting in dislocation of right shoulder, rotator cuff tear and multiple cracks/fractures in R. upper shoulder ball. Right from the first appointment, Dr. listened to her very carefully. He understood, diagnosed, checked, tested, operated for the injury and ordered treatments/physical therapies accordingly with all the time friendly and smiling face. My wife could came out from very painful conditions to go back to work (obviously with restrictions) comfortably.
Had operations on both hands and shoulder. Excellent results. Back to activities had hadn't done in many years. Conservative treatment until it became obvious the surgery was necessary. Would recommend Dr. Armbruster to anyone.
Performed arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery on my right sholder. Dr Armbruster was very empathetic, good listner, skillful with his tools (he showed me the color pictures of the surgery, I had massive tears). He was able to return the tendons to their original footprint. The consultations before and after surgery were quite settling. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, Dr Armbruster rates a 20 plus!
Dr Dave is hands down, the best orthopedic surgeons in this area. He tells it like it is. Very upfront with you. Was involved in a car vs bicycle accident. Yea, the car won. I had a very complicated leg injury, it almost had to be amputated at the scene, much blood loss. Luckily the accident occurred near St Mary Medical Center. En route to the hospital I was able to request Dr Hardeski. Thank God he was working. This man works miracles. Hopefully he doesn't leave for bigger and better!
Dr. Crivello demonstrated strong empathy and answered all our questions in detail. His recommended treatments worked well. We would recommend highly.
Professional, thorough and easy to work with. A nice guy and an excellent physician.
Dr Hardeski is wonderful. Great staff. Awesome staff especially Stephanie in PT
I was so happy with Dr. Armbruster I had total faith in his ability. He was very king and reassuring in a difficult time I broke my wrist and shoulder within a year and I was so blessed to have Dr. Armbruster and his staff care for me I have spoken to other friends who have had him and they had the same experience . Thank you Dr. Armbruster and staff. I really appreciate your professionalism caring and kindness Sheila Doyle
I would highly recommend Dr. Crivello to my family and friends. He is a very professional caring and compassionate doctor. He explains everything in terms you can understand and takes the time to actually listen to any questions you may have.
He did my Trigger thumb surgery. I am very happy with the attention and care that I received from Dr. Crivello. I would go to him again, and will refer any body who seeks treatment.
Dr Armbruster did an amazing job at fixing my broken hand. He is by far the best orthopedic doctor I have ever been to. Awesome attitude and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone
Dr. Armbruster was very thorough and professional. In addition, he was warm and friendly. Most importantly, he diagnosed and treated my tendinitis with complete success, which is vital to my career. I highly recommend Dr. Armbruster. .
Went to go see Dr. Cairone after another doctor in the office recommended him to me. I see that many people see Dr. Cairone as "mean" or "could care less", but I believe he is a good doctor who is straight to the point and direct with you. He performed a laminectomy on my L4, L5,S1. Before the operation, I had chronic back pain with pain that would shoot down my legs all the way into my big toe. After the operation, the pain was gone and now, 8 week later, I feel as good as I did before.
Was referred to Dr. Cairone by my PCP. After seeing my X-rays and talking to me, we decided on a conservative treatment first. When that didn't prove to work, we agreed to kyphoplasty and he got me in the OR quickly. Surgery was successful and I've been pain-free since. Found Dr. Cairone to be pleasant, intelligent and easy to work with. I recommend him highly.
Definitively recommend! Though a surgeon, Dr. Armbruster recommended that physical rehab would suffice, and he was right. End result was 100% satisfactory. Dr. Armbruster was extremely patient in explaining all, the problem and the cure, and had a caring and kind attitude at all visits. Made the entire experience thoroughly pleasant and efficient.
Dr. Armbruster went above and beyond in helping care for my injury. I had to leave the country for a planned trip during the healing period and he continued to supervise my care via email, even though he certainly didn't have an obligation to do so.
He is caring, interested and a listener. He makes his medicine a healing art. He is superb!
Amazing! He diagnosed my shoulder conditions ( I'm a complicated patient as he said not difficult just complicated) within minutes. His bedside manner was wonderful. He really listened and never rushed our visits. He saw me through 6 months of therapy with the shoulder whisperer. Always ready to go to the next step if needed. I had lost my independence and with Dr. A I regained the use of my arm. I trust him. It hasn't been an easy journey but the reward, wow, I can shave my own armpit!
Came to see Dr. Dave after a year of pain and issues from a compound fracture and dealing with Abington Hospital. Was told at Abington I was a non-healer and would need to have a prosthetic. After over a year in a wheelchair I had surgery with Dr Dave and just about walked out of the hospital with both of my legs and feet.
I waited for one hour in the waiting room and another 30 minutes in the exam room for this doctor. I walked out of the exam room and he said he'd be right in. I said it was unacceptable to be kept waiting for 1 1/2 hours and that I'd be going elsewhere. He offered no apology or explanation for the delay. He pointed me towards the exit. My time is worth just as much as his and I cannot / will not recommend this doctor. The only one who apologized was the gal at the front desk.
Dr Armbruster was very professional, caring , very attentive to my questions, and concerned about the broken hand. He understood all of my issues. I would recommend Dr Armbruster to anyone.
Welcomes patient impute and works together to achieve the best results
I met Dr. Colarusso in January with what I thought to be a back problem that prohibited me from walking 100 yards without being in unbearable pain. After an exam and x-rays, he explained the pain was originating in my hip not my back. He recommended a course of treatment which included an injection in the hip. Within days the pain started to go away. Now 9 months later with some added exercise, I go for daily 3 mile walks with my dog and I'm back on the golf course. I cannot thank Dr. Colaruss
very talented surgeon who takes the time to explain issues.
I came in crying about my chronic pain in my joints. I was told I was seein g a bone Dr.referred by Dr Patel who is a surgeon at Mercy Bucks. Dr Bills did nothing but look at my blood work and said take calcium refuse to look at my joints when I asked him too and he specializes in bones. My family Dr already took care of my blood work. Nothing but a huge waste of my time.Never took the time to even look at my joints.His profile says specializes in osteoarthritis would have never known by appt.
Very pleasant, seems knowledgeable, but do not return calls to help with after surgery pain. I asked to send me my medical files to see another doctor. Once I spent 1.5 hour, another time 1 hour only because his stuff let ahead of me all patients who were late for their scheduled appointments. According to his nurse/assistance, you have to make an appointment to talk to the doctor for a few minutes.
Dr.Hardeski, Was awful. Did not help in any way. I was out of town. Was very rude and spoke very highly of himself with nothing to show. It was a disgrace. I asked him to re xray my arm bc he was not satified with xrays from urgent care he answer was "no" and thats all he did was put a brace on my arm that i could get at walmart. I went back to er just to get re xrays to prove to him yes my arm was indeed fractured. Awful awful awful
Dr. Armbruster is my favorite doctor I've ever had. He is extremely nice and sincere. Surgeons usually get a bad rap for mediocre bedside manner, but Dr. Armbruster is always professional, courteous and so pleasant! On the day of my surgery, he gave me his phone number and told me to call him t any time, even the middle of the night. My wrist healed perfectly, I am back doing yoga as he predicted and I can't say enough about Dr. Armbruster and his team.
A disgrace. Saw him after ER visit for intractable back pain. No thorough exam, no review of medical history other than forms I had filled out. Spoke to me for less than 3 minutes before making his diagnosis. Rushed me through history/description of pain-cut me off during explanations. Blew me off when asked for options more immediate but non-narcotic relief. After he left the room I had additional questions, he wouldn't even come back to answer.
I had a small cyst on my left elbow which concerned me because of its location and potential for malignancy. Dr. Crivello removed it surgically and the biopsy confirmed it was not malignant. He explained the procedure in great detail and empathized with my concerns. Even though he prescribed pain medication, the surgery was done so well that I did not have any residual pain even during the removal of the stitches. I would recommend Dr. Crivello very highly.
Dr. Armbruster is great. I recently had an accident and broke my wrist. He did some tests and explained that the best alternative for a cure was surgery and he explained in detail why. He also told me that I could choose no surgery and gave me pros and cons. I chose surgery. I'm three weeks post and I never had any pain. I have recovered a lot of functionality and every day is a little better. I am very glad I had Dr. Armbruster as my physician.
Dr Armbruster did a Right Carpal Tunnel release,Ulner Nerve transposition. From the beginning he explained to me in plain language what the problem was, the options and course of action in simple terms. He was patient and listened to me my concerns and made me feel comfortable.When it came to having to have surgery I was comfortable and end result was what needed to be done and resolved the problems I was having. I don't think I could have asked for any better care
Dr. Colarusso has a great personality and makes you feel at home. He is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and he made me feel not only better but also at ease. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.
I can't say enough for Dr.Armbruster . He is not only an excellent doctor but is also a very caring human being. Dr.Armbruster tuned my painful experience into a more tolerable one and finally to recovery. I also want to take an opportunity to thank Steve and the rest of his office staff.
I had a wonderful experience with Doctor Cairone and his assistant Amada Fleischut when I was treated for spinal stenosis at Mercer Bucks Ortho. After going thru pain management and therapy I finally agreed to have the surgery .Dr. Cairone reviewed my MRI in detail with me. He explained what was causing my pain and that the surgery would help. My surgery was on 6/7/16. I feel like the results were a miracle. A gift from an excellent surgeon to his patient. What a gift. No pain so God Bless.
The MRI results were scary Rotator cuff tendinosis, tearing of the anterolateral supraspinatus tendon, mild interstitial tearing of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons, tear of the long head biceps tendon. After suffering from severe pain on my right arm more than three months I finally found a wonderful doctor who not only were an excellent physician, but also a very compassionate, caring human being. In his book surgery is last, not first. After one visit I am well and very thankful
Caring professional.
Knows his stuff
Awesome Doctor. Made me feel at ease. The whole office is great.
Dr Eingorn is the ultimate professional.He is kind, caring and empathetic. He always tries to find the answer to your problem and never seems to stop trying. He makes you feel important and never makes you feel foolish in your quest to find the answer to the profound pain you suffer; in my case over 20yrs of unrelenting nerve damage in my legs.As you get to know him better he is witty, funny with a quick sense of humor. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. You will be overjoyed .
Dr Colarusso is unkind.rude,condescending,lacks caring of any kind,provoking and just down right mean. He long ago stopped enjoying the Joy of healing those who seek my help He does not see the pain in his patients eyes, he does not try to understand their pain and he has not tried to resolve,relieve or help me endure my pain.. I would not send or recommend him to anyone.
Excellent experience. Professional, effective and communicative. Would recommend him to anyone with orthopedic hand issues.
Prior to surgery my arm was useless. Dr. D. was and is an amazing surgeon and has great bedside manner. I'm almost 3 years post op and am fine. No more pain!!!!
Following up for Disabled Vet's review. He got 2 second opinions from MD's, both of whom said he should most certainly follow up with physical therapy, or back excercises, and that he should certainly always seek another opinion, should never give up hope, and think he should have to live with pain for the rest of his life. He was told to do back exercises, and go back to the doctor in month, and if the pain hadn't subsided, she would send him for an MRI. Cairone was mean to a vet with PTSD.
My experience with Dr Armbruster was excellent I have recommended him to call of my coworkers (who are complaining of carpel tunnel) Every visit he was very friendly always listened to me and patient with me. The morning of my first surgery I was a little nervous and as soon as I saw his smile in the waiting room it relaxed me. He always greats you with a warm smile and a handshake. I just love him.
At the post op appt, he said no PT. He said if the pain didn't go away, nothing he can do about it, and only time will tell. Asked if 2nd surgery would help, said I'd just have to live with pain for the rest of my life. Obvious he couldn't WAIT til I left. He was calous and full of himself. He botched the Kyphoplasty. Could tell by the look on his face, when I told him the right side of my back still hurt but center pain completely gone. I suggested MRI post surgery. He said No it wouldn't help
I first met Dr.Armbreuster in January of 2016 after I had an accident and tore off the tip of my long finger and severely damaged my pointer finger. Not having insurance I was concerned about the care I would receive. Dr. Armbreuster quickly put that to rest. He sat with me and explained my options . The surgery went great. In less than 3 months I'm back doing flooring full time with little or no difficulty. I couldn't have asked for better results. These kind of doctors are the real rockstar
Spent no time with me. He made me feel very defensive during the visit. He is very full of himself.
Dr Armbruster did a great job on my hand surgery. It healed wonderfully. Always explains the procedure and gives options, never rushed.
Complete trust in his diagnosis , skill and recommendations . Dr A is true pleasure to work with and the outcome is amazing ! The Dr's assistant Heather was great and extremely helpful during the surgery process and post op ! My shoulder is healed and I am back to normal activity .
guy is not belivable, i didnt feel comfortable with his ablities didnt do well after my surgery wish i went with a different surgeon , might need to have corrective surgery too fix his work
seems he couldnt care less , just going thru the motions i think there are way better surgeons around
On 2/8/16 Dr Cairone performed a spinal laminectomy L3, L4 anL5. The purpose of the procedure was to remove severe pain After the operation I had zero pain. I found Dr. Cairone sensitive to my concerns & attentive to me. He answered my questions in detail. He listens and then responds. I can not praise him enough, except to say, if you have pain similar to mine you can do no better than Dr Cairone. You will walk into his in pain, & later, chances are, you will have no pain.
I, without a doubt, will use Dr. Armbruster if needed in the future. He is 100% devoted to his patients, he will spend as much time as necessary to assure your satisfaction each visit. His personality is awesome. He is ambitious and passionate about his work.
Very understanding and compassionate. Did a wonderful job putting my wrist back together and the scar is barely visible.
ignorant, self centered dick, doesnt listen too what you are telling him will do whats best for himself , calls you a liar if he disagrees with what you are telling him. signed off on my back too work order even though i have other injuries and screwed me over big time, i may not be able too get my other spinal injuries repaired and lose my benefiits. PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE for other better qualified surgeons. im barely able too walk and am sti in pain after he worked on my lower back
I would recommend another Specialist before see Dr. Cairone again. Since I have long hair and was on SSD He treated me with no respect. I was recommended by another Orthopaedic who recently did a total knee replacement. I've been diagnosed with degenerated & herniated discs for many years . After my TKR I knew my back would be realigning itself . I had a pinched sciatic nerve for two months I first went to pain management no relief.so I made an appointment with Dr Cairone I WISH I HADNT
Dr Cairone refused to discuss any options other than major reconstructive surgery on my spine. He was curt and very dismissive of my questions about less extreme measures of dealing with my back and leg pain.
Dr. Armbruster is everything you would hope to find in a Doctor that is about to be your Surgeon. He answers questions in a way that is very easy to understand. My procedure went as I expected and the follow up care was excellent.
I've never had a better experience with any other Medical Professional. Dr. Crivello is so intelligent, very personable, and very intuitive. He was excellent in diagnosis and treatment of my problem, and is a very pleasant person. He is clearly head and shoulders above his peers, and his entire practice is outstanding. Dr. Crivello is also very patient and a great listener.
He was well prepared and understood my shoulder problem. His recommended PT WORK OUT FINE
In November, I smashed my left elbow into dozens of pieces. When I moved my arm, it rattled! I spent a torturous night in the ER. In 2 days I met Dr. Crivello. He explained my options clearly and patiently. I didn't feel pressured. I had an elbow replacement. With work in OT over three months, I have regained my range of motion to a great degree. I was very LUCKY to have found Dr. Crivello at a moment of very bad luck!
very good, didn't feel rushed.
Dr Hardesky was kind, thorough, and skilled. Everything was explained and reinforced step by step. I had a severe break that other orthopedic surgeons said was impossible to repair and I needed a prosthesis. Dr, Hardeski's skilled hands were able to fix the fracture and return me to almost my previous range of motion. I am also still working toward full range of motion swimming and with yoga, I am sure I will be perfect soon.IT IS MY WORK required to continue healing. Dr Hardeski did his part.
Very polite and very knowledgeable great experience will definitely recommend and return.
I had fractured my left wrist before Thanksgiving. Dr. Crivello performed the surgery and two months later, my wrist is working good. I found Dr. Crivello to be pleasant, responsive to questions, with understandable explanations. I would recommend him to others for this type of surgery.
I was referred to Dr. Crivello by another physician. A bad situation quickly turned into a good one due in large part to the professionalism and caring of Dr.Crivello and his staff. I had a 1 splinter embedded in my thumb, not visible on an xray. Dr. Crivello fit me in same day for an office visit. It was determined that surgery would be needed. I was amazed at how quickly it was set up. Surgery went well, staff was great. Could not ask for more. Highly recommend Dr. Crivello and staff.
Very professional. I damaged my index finger that resulted in a interior swelling. Dr. Armbruster treated it with anti-infection medication and my finger healed within two weeks.
I wish I could give Dr Cairone 10 stars. Not only is he a talented surgeon but he listens to your questions - actually sits down, looks you in the eye & addresses concerns. Many patients come in wanting the quick fix. I did, too, but you have to prove to him that you need surgery. He will not just cut you open for the sake of doing surgery. Do PT, have the epidurals, listen to his reasons for asking you to do it, then consider surgery. I don't wish for surgery again but wouldn't hesitate w/ him.
Several months ago I totally shattered my left elbow during a fall. The X-rays were scary. I was devastated and thought it was the end of any normal use of my elbow and arm. Dr. Armbruster assured me that he could repair this badly damaged elbow joint and it would be good as new. His wonderful bedside manner and genuine caring attitude put me at ease. After surgery I started p/t and worked hard. My elbow is straight, completely healed and good as new. I highly recommend Dr. Edward Armbruster.
Dr Crivello was very warm and friendly. He took care of my problem and suggested some other things that could be done. I saw him a second time yesterday and he feels that I am doing well. He did not try to push surgery on me at this time which I appreciated since I am not in favor of surgery at this time.
Dr. Armbruster was an absolute pleasure to work with! I am happy to say that my experience with Dr. Armbruster and his office was spectacular. He was attentive to my needs and was always pleasant. He is friendly and outgoing and also very honest. He was able to surgically repair my scaphoid (wrist) fracture that was about 1 year old from a car accident. Thanks Doc!
He's a very caring compassionate man. He knew I was leaving for vacation and within 4 days I was scheduled for surgery. Would recommend him to everyone.
Dr. Codjoe performed bilateral knee replacement surgery on my mother. He was attentive and very kind. Explained the procedure many times to both my mother and myself. As a registered nurse with an orthopedic background, I was very grateful and impressed with Dr. Codjoe'sattention to detail and experience. My mother is now up and walking and doing all the things she loves to do. I will recommend him to anyone at anytime.
I'm sorry to Dr. Crivello has ruined my life as I knew it. I had an elbow that was locking up. Dr. Crivello did an ulner nerve transposition. In the weeks that followed, the pain in my fingers was so bad that I asked him to cut off my pinky and ring finger. He redid the surgery and it did relieve the pain somewhat but, my fingers are numb and tingly and have been for a couple of years. Im an auto mechanic and this has hurt my career. He sent me to pain management. Stay far away IMHO.
He was amazing. After years of suffering its great to have a Doctor actually pay attention and fix my arm.
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