Dr. Garabedian is an excellent doctor. He listens to his patients and provides excellent medical care. He is one is a million.
Pushed vitamins and hormone therapy but never once gave me an antibiotic or even an herbal remedy. Did not properly diagnose my Lyme and co infections. If he was a real Lyme specialist he would have known immediately that I was suffering from more than one infection. When my symptoms got worse the office refused to call me back. Not a real LLMD and does NOT follow ILADS standards.
This guy is a slick vitamin salesman. He wants to string you out giving you the hope that he'll finally treat you. Instead he just keeps treating symptoms so you have to come back and buy his $300 vitamins and pay his $700 office visit. Go to anybody else but him. I wasted 2 months and thousands of dollars. Find another LLMD and don't look back.
By the time I found Dr. Garabedian, I had had Lyme disease for at least 30 years. It had done significant damage and I was disabled due to it. I had seen many doctors and specialists, but Dr. Garabedian is the only one ever able to successfully treat my Lyme. I have made amazing improvements. He is the only doctor who was willing to test my son for Lyme once I noticed the symptoms, and then to treat him successfully. The staff is like family to me and my son. We love them!
I gave Dr. Garabedian a year to help me. I drove hours to get to his office and $5000 later I was the same. I followed his advice to the t. Also the office refuses to return calls even if you're calling for tests results. Don't waste your time and $. At first I actually cried, I was so encouraged when I first met with him. But he was just after the $.

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