Dr. Malicki is wonderful. He's a people person and spends a good amount of time talking to you and listening. I've never felt rushed, like he didn't have time for me. That's unusual for docs these days who are crazy overbooked all the time.
Dr Malicki may be a good doctor overall, but the entire practice is geared on maximizing insurance proceeds and has little if any concern for patient well being. Can easily schedule well visits with the doctor on a regular schedule, and he takes time during the well visit to listen, but it is impossible to see him when you have a problem. You get to see a physician's assistant. Sorry, but when I have a problem, that is when I want to see my doctor. I am switching doctor over this issue.
Saw him at Excela at Mt View in Greensburg. Avoid him unless you like being treated by a smartalec (would prefer to use a stronger term, but I can't). Especially avoid him if you are old. You will just get a bad attitude. He should be ashamed of himself, but then he'd have to be self-aware....
I visited the Dr. Tavares about 7 times in the past 8 months and it is the same thing every time I go. I get called back about 15-30 minutes after my appointment time. I sit in the room for another 15-30 minutes. He shows up for 30 seconds to a minute and then he is gone. He has no clue who I am or what any of my medical issues are. Every time I try to talk to him he focuses on one thing I said and doesn't hear anything else. Does this sound like a doctor that cares? I didn't think so either!
Dr. Tavares is great.
Great doctor. He has been helping me get healthy and loose weight the right way. He always takes time and sits and talks to me about my health.
Fantastic Doctor, he remembers everything about me. Wait time is kind of long and his nurses aren't that great.

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