I was diagnosed with a retinal detachment and no one would operate on me during a holiday. Dr. Sridhar came in, put me at ease immediately, gave me a very reassuring and organized honest assessment of the situation, and took care of my eye. Everything he said about the healing process was accurate and I am thankful for my vision. He always makes time for his patients and is extremely responsive to direct email. The only tip I would give is to call directly to his assistant at 305-326-6124.
Terrible. She messed up one eye and refused to acknowledge it. She told me to "chill out". I had to go to another surgeon to get corrected and he told me that she is known as a terrible surgeon. In fact, several people have come to my new surgeon from her because she isn't very good.
What an organized and pleasant office. After the normal 1/2 hour waiting room, the rest of the visit went like clockwork moving from room to room. All the staff members were delightful, competent, and efficient. Dr. Vander explained everything in understandable detail. I would hope you don't need a doctor like this, but if you do, this is the one to go to.
I've been seeing Dr Vander for more years than I can count. I tried several other retinal specialists, both in this practice and one other, and was thrilled to finally find someone with whom I felt comfortable.! (Professional, good communicator, "seems to know his stuff", and VERY reassuring!) Fantastic "bed-side" manner!
I love Dr. Sivalingam!!! I was scared I was losing my eyesight but once I met with Dr. Sivalingam I was confident that he could take care of my problem with surgery and it was a success. Dr. S calmed my fears, explained the procedure, showed me the computer xrays before, did my surgery and showed me the results after. I recommend him to everybody. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon. And the staff at his Wilmington office and Bala Cynwyd office were so nice that I loved them too!!
I needed emergency laser surgery immediately. Mid-Atlantic scheduled me the same day and Dr. Sivalingam performed it successfully. The staff is competent , courteous and professional. I high ly recommend this practice and commend them for saving my sight.
Easily the best doctor I've ever had, and would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.
Explains details of surgery very concisely and to the point... I am very impressed by the care I received from Dr Sridhar of Mid Atlantic Retina
I was sent to dr Spirn. Surgery was scheduled. After surgery dr Spirn never came out to speak to me nor my sister even though I had a complication. When I brought this to his attention he said I m sorry you feel this way and I never see patients post op. Be aware he is obligated to by his license requirements to see you. I had additional complications and feel along with his incorrect documentation led to additional Painful procedures.He made be technically ok but lacks interpersonal skills
Dr Stefanyszyn is outstanding! Very little time to wait for your appointment. Dr Stefanyszyn has a great bedside manner and is very clear, comforting and reassuring in explaining issues and procedures.
The procedures that this doctor performed on my upper & lower eye areas have changed the entire shape and look of my eyes.There are scars galore and anyone who knows anything about cosmetic surgery can take one look at my eyes and know that I have had work done;bad work.Throw in a couple of serious infections in one of my eyes which meant having to wear bandages to my office for weeks, and I had the perfect nightmare.I used to have almond shaped eyes but now they are round w/ that skeletal look.
Dr. Garg is a pleasant individual and I am sure he is a good doctor for uneventful eye conditions. But, for those conditions that may require curiosity, additional research or forward thinking, he is sorely uninterested. This doctor has no desire to find out "why" something is occuring and, as a result, is content to do the absolute minimum and forfeit the chance of a more successful recovery.
Zero chance i'd recommend. He cares nothing about the patient or vision. This past year Dr M treated me & my vision went from -4 to -7. He never suggested any remedy and denied that my vision had changed. I went to another dr who changed my RX improving my vision from 20/70 to 20/30. Dr M said the deterioration was the result of the new rx?! I asked about cataracts.He said that was for my eye dr to decide. REALLY? Who was he?? After cataract surgery, my rx is now -1.25. I worry for others!!
Excellent Doctor. Compassionate and caring. My husband has been getting eye injections for years fromDr. Chiang.
Waited 3 hours and then saw the doctor for 5 minutes.Very upsetting.No explanation given for extremely long wait.
Dr. Garg successfully repaired a macular hole on my eye 7 years ago. He was wonderful with me. He always takes the time to explain what is going on with my eyes and always answers my questions fully. I see him once a year and even though he is really busy, I never felt as though I was being rushed in any way. I have complete confidence in him and am thankful that he helped me.
I saw Dr Garg for an eye injection. I had this treatment once before at Wills Eye hospital with excellent results. I waited in Dr Garg's treatment chair for over 2 1/2 hours. My eye was numbed 4 separate times waiting for him to return. Dr Garg's manner was cold, insensitive and incompetent. He injected my eye quickly and roughly, causing a huge swelling and pain, then dashed out of the room. I wound up with an injury more than a treatment. Never again!
Dr. Park is thorough, encouraging, brilliant.
So I have been asked to update my review from Jan 22 2017. Since the initial retinal surgery there has been an emergency procedure to save sight in the eye. The emergency procedure took place 10 days after the initial surgery. Since the emergency surgery, Dr Fineman has been totally available for Jim. He is committed to fixing each complication as it arises. We have his cell number. We are following Dr Fineman and his appointed team to restore jims vision. I am grateful for his commitment.
He has helped my 90 year old Aunt keep her vision for the last 12 years. We faithfully go to the Mid Atlantic Retina at Wills Eye in center city Philadelphia every 6 to 8 weeks. She is a great judge of her vision. Dr. Ho has worked with her on the time frame that when the vision slips we make our appointment, hence every 6 to 8 weeks. With out Dr. Ho vision would not be possible. We are greatfull for all he has done.
I would highly recommend Dr. Sonia Mehta to all of my family and friends! She is extremely easy to understand and following her directions are perfect for me. My Eye Doctor here in East Stroudsburg sends me to her due to my case being so difficult. He is an excellent Doctor and holds her in very high regard. Several years ago I was blind and in a nursing home. I am now living on my own and can clearly see to drive myself. Dr. Sonia Mehta, MD gave me my life back!!!
Best experience with a physician ever.
I am a physician and a patient of Dr. Mehta's. She is a physician's physician and a surgeon's surgeon. Very intelligent, extremely skilled and talented with her hands, and has a wonderful bedside manner. I recommend all my friends and family see her.
Dr. Ho is very thorough and professional. He explains the problem,correction procedure and expected results in plain English to assure the patient understands precisely what to expect. I would recommend Dr. Ho to anyone requiring Retina surgery.
The wait times can indeed be long, but I don't think Dr. Mehta has a lot of control over that. She saved my eyesight and at every one of my follow-up appointments, she's taken time to answer my questions and concerns. I am in NJ and it'd be easier for me to visit the Cherry Hill location and do my follow-ups with a different doctor, but I look forward to traveling to the city and seeing her. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
The physician is professional & skilled. The staff is supportive to the physician but more importantly to his clients. This results in positive outcome, efficiency & satisfaction for the whole visit experience. It starts with MaryAnn, Michelle, Julie and Karen continues through all facets of interactions such as greeting at reception desk to tedious medication cerifications.
I saw Dr Omesh Gupta for emergency retina detachment 14 months ago. He did the surgery at 7 pm, the evening that my ophthalmologist saw that the retina was detaching past centerline. Dr Gupta is both a great surgeon and a nice person. It was an A++ team with Dr Richard Tipperman at Bala Cynwd, who did cataract surgery on the same eye two weeks ago. I can see absolutely perfectly now. I love them both. Gupta is definitely the best retina guy at Wills Eye.
Probably an adequate surgeon. Has no sympathy or empathy for patients. Thinks nothing of keeping you in her waiting room 3 hrs for a 5 minute follow-up appointment. I wouldn't give her the opportunity to mistreat me like this again if my eye fell out on the floor
Quite simply Dr. Ho is as good as doctors get. He knows the latest research. In fact he creates much of it himself. His exams are thorough. He spots problems instantly and clearly explains therapy options. His injections are swift and painless. Most surprisingly, his cheerful personality makes visits times to look forward to and not dread. Two friends from NJ feel the same way about Dr. Ho. We cannot recommend him too strongly.
Great doctor--explained everything in clear language and allowed me to ask all the questions I needed to.
Dr. Lucier was referred by a local optometrist in Hazleton, PA. He was my eye doctor from that point forward. I had a wrinkled retina which he watched for several years. Right up front he was honest as he told me it would never get better and we could only keep it from getting worse. As it began to get worse several years later it was time to remove a layer from my retina. Dr. Lucier removed the layer and I have better eyesight. Although it remains distorted it is much improved.
Dr. Chiang is not like any other doctor I've ever dealt with. He does not treat the masses, he treats the individual. He is the best doctor I have ever dealt with. Thank you Dr. Chiang!
Horrible professional etiquette. I could only hope that someday he gets the same treatment from a doctor that he gave me....
Dr. Ho is a caring professional with a wealth of knowledge. Great chair side manner.
Have been under his care for several years. I have the highest regard for his character, knowledge and care.
Very thorough. Would recommend. Waiting time in office is too long. I would warn others.
When I shared with Dr. Fischer that I experiencing some difficulty in paying the copays for the additional doctor visits (he was referring me other drs in his practice for follow up- 4 visits in 4 days), he began to berate me, asking me if my son's eyes were worth the money. He then asked me if I bought food for my home and gas for my car and called me 'destitute' in front of my 16 year old WHO WAS STILL SITTING IN THE EXAM CHAIR. He was very judgmental, disrespectful and condescending.
This man is amazing!!!!! An absolutely compassionate and miraculous Dr.!!!! My daughter had a huge tear in her retina and nobody would do anything to help her because she was only 7 yrs old at the time.. He was the only Dr willing to see her.. He performed laser surgery on her eye and saved her sight. She is now 12 and has no problems... I thank the powers that be that put him in our path at that time!!! Thank you Dr. Maguire
I put my full trust in Dr. Park. Very well educated and knowledgable.

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