NO PRIVACY. The last visit was in 2014 and the next day my neighbor knew I had gone to the doctor and knew the name of our health insurance carrier. The receptionist who checked me in happened to be her sister in law who recognized me and my wife when we walked in. We were very offended and did not pay the co-pay. Highland Physicians dropped us as clients, which was okay with us. If you want to see a doctor you have to insist or else you get a nurse practitioner. It was a blessing in disguise.
She's the worst I've seen her a few times (there was no other option) and the last time I went in with a terrible headache, dizziness and nausea she sent me home with an antibiotic and I ended up in the e.r. later that day my blood pressure was extremely low (it wasn't checked at the appointment) and I was dehydrated
I've seen her twice, once a few years ago and once this past week. Both times she barely even looked at me, let alone offered any kind of support, concern, or help. She's rude and cold, and talks down to you as if you're stupid and nothing is wrong with you. She walked into the room after a 45 minute wait, sat down in her chair at the computer and didn't get up until it was time to walk out of the room at the end of my appointment. She wasn't even listening to me, just typing in her computer.
Long-time patient; very complicated medical history, plus I'm a former healthcare professional. I've always admired Dr Dewar for his patience, professionalism and medical knowledge-and he's always willing to listen & even review any new information regarding my genetic disorder. His staff & nurses are also patient, friendly, and in over 11 years; I can't say I have any complaints about this practice.
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