Really enjoy going to this doctor. He is very thorough and truly cares about you as a patient. Would recommend to anyone.
Horrible, seemed irritated and angry the whole visit, kept looking at his watch and letting out obnoxious sighs... ...horrible experience ...rushed the visit and didn't answer any of my questiins.... made me feel very uncomfortable
He did my surgery back in 2012 it is now 2017. He is a very careing Dr knows what he is doing and he explained everything he had to do to get my knee better.
In March of 2017 I started seeing Dr Williams in Leighton office very nice doctor explained everything my knees r bad have atheists in them plus cartilage is not there so cortisone shots I had injections of collagen put in my knees and looking at a knee replacement in November dr. Williams is very nice and I hope he does a very good job on my left knee in November
Love this guy, had total knee replacement 5 weeks ago and feel 100 per cent better still have Physical Therapy but love my new knee and Dr Sunday has a great bedside manner...highly recommend !
I have heard many good things about Dr. Wagener. I personally did not have a good experience with him. He recommended surgery that was unnessary so i got a second opinion thank god had the 3 day recovery of the surgery he suggested had turned out to be a 1 hour out patientent surgery and i was up walking the next day. Im glad i went for the second opinion. A friend is a nurse and she told me to get a second opinion thank god for her because i had the surgery scheduled and ready to go.
Fantastic. Just the absolute best and most caring doctor you could hope for. Excellent at spinal epidurals which is never a pleasant thing but he makes it be ok. Extremely skilled and knowledgeable.
If you want a precise and amazing surgeon Dr. Wagener is who you want to see! He is a phenomenal Dr. and I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family! He took me through this procedure (discectomy) that I had 3 weeks ago with ease and precision! He has Magic hands and I will forever be grateful to him for healing me and giving me my everyday life back! Thank you Dr. Wagener your hands are gold! His reassurance that I will be fine right before surgery made me feel safe!
Professional and Pleasant.
Excellent Dr
Highly recommend Dr. Terpstra because of his ability to provide a sense of comfort &control when he comes in the room. He has confidence in what he's doing &it allowed me to relax &let him do his job. He knew what was wrong with my knee solely based off of the tests he ran, &ordered an MRI just to confirm his diagnoses of a torn meniscus, which was accurate &his description of what the injury exactly matched the picture that the MRI showed. Highly recommend seeing him, worth any lengthy commute.
Dr. Weis is an excellent physician and always take great care of me.
Such a great guy and very knowledgeable Doctor.
Always helpful and great listener of your health promblems
Very honest like him a lot
Will never step "foot" in any coordinated health office again! Barely looked at my foot and told me to go to therapy no need to come back if I felt better....then I got bill for visit on top of copay...when I questioned they so oh that must have been mistake you don't have to pay that... Then I do go to my 2nd which was erroneously cancelled but I called back and made sure they had it and fixed told me they were done for the day and couldn't see me! The doctor was standing 10 feet from me!
Dr. Chiappetta was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. She gave excellent recommendations for my health issues on my very first visit there, and has personally returned phone calls which impressed me even more. I would highly recommend her!
Dr. Doherty always took the time to fully listen to my issues. She had the ability to think outside the box and provide care that was individualized to my needs.
Was scheduled for anterior hip replacement...had 2 month wait... during last 3 weeks, I went to Allentown for EKG/blood work and family Doctor for medical approval. At pre-op visit, day before surgery,Falvello said he could not do anterior surgery as it was "too risky" and he had had "problems" with surgery. When asked, he said he had decided a "month ago" not to do. Then why did he not inform me earlier?? I wasted much time and money for nothing! Some staff rude, office in Pittston not revealed
I had many surgeries throughout my life,and this was the worst ever.Bedside manner and demeanor and arrogant nature of his personal character I could of handled,if my surgery and treatment was successful however from the beginning my ordeal was an EPIC FAIL!Not only did I lose my job,my ability to walk, my income,and my everyday ability to walk without pain,I was treated by an incompetent fellowship,got an infection,and even though I was not healing, he denied it all! Disgrace! He ruined my life
Very quiet. But very good
I really wish all of my doctors were like Dr Chiappetta. She is such a pleasant person, and I feel that she genuinely cares about everything I say. More importantly, she knoiws her stuff. And not just the stuff she learned in med school, she keeps up to date with current medications and practices. She has even personally returned phone calls when I had a question or concern. I could go on and on....but I won't...
Good doctor. Think he is just getting older and not as good as he was
Had an awful experience with Dr. Brigido. He performed a bunionectomy on me which failed after only 6 WEEKS after surgery. Not only did the surgery fail, but my foot also became infected. When I went back to him he denied the infection. Went to another Dr (different practice) who immediately performed a second surgery on my foot because of the infection and found out that I had osteomyelitis (infection in the bone)! Was hospitalized for days and off of my foot for months after!
Visited Doctor Falvello for a previous spinal surgery. Overall his attention to just my case was amazing. He has a drive to help every patient as though you are his family. I have referred numerous family members to Doctor and ALL have had great turnouts. I would recommend EVERYONE to see him.
Rozzini is great Dr he takes time to listen to the patiences and he very good in explaining the health of the patience he's kind and very respectful Dr I had already surgery with feel great. I do recommend it to everyone.
Dr Quintana is very personable, patient and caring. We never feel like we are being rushed out of the office. He makes sure we understand everything before we leave the office. He has tailored my husband's treatment to adjust to his often erratic work schedule. He is not judgmental, just works with you to get back on track. Highly recommend!!
Dr. Scoblionko has been my cardiologist for more than 10 years. He always listens, is thorough in his explanations, and always answers any questions I ask him. When needed, Dr. Scoblionko also has partnered with other doctors who I have seen in order to stay in the loop for continuity of care. Debbie who works closely with him in the office is fantastic - very responsive and informative. I highly recommend him. It is obvious that really cares about his patients.
I unfortunately have a lot of health issues, including 3 lumbar surgeries, a brain tumor, & a bout with Guillian Barre. Dr. Norelli is one of the best Doctors I have ever dealt with. He really cares about helping me & he also happens to be a really nice guy. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
I recently suffered a severe knee injury that would require reconstructive surgery. Dr. Rossini took the time to thoroughly explain my injuries and due to the severity of my injury he was honest with me and opted to recommend me to another surgeon that had more experience handling my level of injury, someone he himself would see had he sustained my type of injury. Instead of trying to take on a surgery he would have been capable of doing, but only had done several in his career. Integrity!!
I have been seeing Dr Quintana for 20 years...first for thyroid disease, then for diabetes. He has always showed concern for me as a patient. He has made whatever changes have been necessary to keep my conditions under control. He listens to my concerns and explains the reasons for any necessary changes.. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.
When I saw Dr. Sauer, a few months ago ...I didn't think anybody could take my pain away! Today, I am walking painless and happy with all surgery process. Dr Sauer is kind, easy to talk to....The entire process and faculty couldn't of done a better job... Thank you Dr. Sauer!!!
Dr. Scoblionko treats you as a whole human being, considers all aspects of your medical condition, and takes the time to explain his recommendations. He and his staff also follow up with the patient.
Did not fully explain my CAT scan results after I had been treated for a broken ankle I found out from another doctor that I had another injury in my ankle that Dr. Rudolph never explain to me or told me I had this injury required surgery that I could have had sooner instead of waiting for months until I saw another doctor. Dr. Rudolph spend little time listening to his patients and I feel like my concerns were not addressed when I told him very poor bedside manner
Great,just a great Doctor,great staff,So than-full! Beautiful new place,so happy for you!
I had a heart ablation at the end of March 2016 with Dr. Shaaraoui. He is an amazing Doctor! He listens and is very caring. Excellent!!
I was suppose to have a Triple Arthrodisis on 7/29/13 , but when I came out of Surgery to my room, I was told By Dr. Sauer that he did a double Arthrodisis and I felt a bad chill down my back.. I went through therapy and 6 weeks later when he put a walking boot on my foot, he said to walk with the crutches and light pressure on my foot and one week last the screws and plates were broken... March of 2014 the Fusion broke and he didn't do nothing but push me away,3yr later I need a Ankle replace.
Fantastic surgeon /Doctor. Great communicator with a caring and bedside matter. I've had two surgeries already with him and a third scheduled . Great staff . I just love this guy.
After suffering for months with shoulder pain I had the fortune to find Dr Rossini. He allayed my fears of shoulder surgery and treated me to a no pain functioning shoulder result. As previous reviews state, during each visit he fully explained my condition and the remedial process to my satisfaction.
He's the best in his field. I had 2 knees replacements and I'm very active. No problems. His rehab people and followup make the difference. Also with his state of the art pain management And compassionate team makes him and his team your best choice.
Dr. Mazza is a super wonder.....He 'listened'! He 'Gets it'! I was able to give him some background as to what may have really been causing my severe back and shoulder pain..........A 2 year old broken humerus treated poorly in the first place.. ..........This is because 'He gets it!'............. And now I have been more informed and have a positive direction to learning and getting the proper care....... Thank You Doc Mazza!!!!!!!
Dr. Martinez is very nice, but he was unable to provide good answers for my complex shoulder condition.
Stay away from Meade! After surgery I was worse off. I suffered in awful pain for months. Saw his PAs even though I asked to see Meade every appt. When I finally did, Meade ignored my complaints and notes from his own physical therapy staff. Seven months out - still unable to walk unassisted, he wants to "open the knee to see what's up". All about $ not patient success. Went to Dr. P Brogle ASAP. X ray showed that the device wasn't attached at all! WHAT the? Brogle redid my knee. So much better!
After an injury to my knee at work I contacted Dr. Meade after hearing from several friends. I am truly glad I did. He and his entire staff have made this unfortunate experience bearable. I will without hesitation recommend Dr. Meade to friends and family.
I needed double total knee replacement revisions & I came to the google website. This doctor has a series of documentary's called "life in the or". I watched the one about total knee replacement revisions (not all the way through), but was terrified when I saw it. If it's not meant for patient's viewing WHY PUT IT ON GOOGLE? What annoyed me more than the procedure was the fact that at the bottom of the page as he did procedure he was advertising his practice by giving an 800 number.
I found Dr. Loguidice to be very professional and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns, explained the surgery needed and then performed surgery on my neck. I'd been having problems for several month, and after other treatments did not resolve the situation, I was referred to Dr. Loguidice. The surgery went well and I woke up with no pain. He is an excellent doctor.
Dr. Martinez takes his time with you to explain your condition. He makes sure you leave his office with no more questions.
Dr. Meade and his staff where wonderful. My knee surgery went well and so did recovery.
Thorough, informative and methodical in his approach. As a new patient, I feel very comfortable working with dr. K.
Extremely unhappy and wish I would have never had my replacement done. Follow up and pain control was not managed and I am left disabled. Worst experience of my life.
She has got me straightened out when others could not. The Dr. asks questions and helped me to understand the changes she was making and why she was doing this which is vital for good diabetes control. I now have better control than I have had in 30+ years of being a diabetic.
I had a knee replacement in 2009 and in 2010. Best decision I ever made. When I started out with Dr. Meade, he was with another practice. When I had to go back to him, he was with Coordinated Health. It might be difficult to get an appt. but surgery and recovery were great.
Love Dr Nguyen. She is compassionate. Spends a lot of time asking about your family as she examines you. Very nice personality. Very thorough in that she makes sure all your questions are answered before you leave. Very nice Doctor and lively staff as well. Definitely recommend her!
Completely unprofessional every step of the visit. Please find another doctor!
Dr Meade examined my friend for possible knee replacements. He had her go through several visits and tests and then told her that he wouldn't do her knees. He told her that Thom Jefferson or Hershey might be able to do them. He offered no further assistance no referrals. She had to do all her own research. And then when she asked for the forms needed to release her records, they would not mail a release to her. She had to go to their office to get the form. Uncaring, inconsiderate.
I have been a long time patient of Dr Luchetti's. I was not able to see him for 5 years due to an insurance issue. When going back to see him a couple months ago he quickly diagnosed me and quickly scheduled me for a TKR. He is the only doctor I trust with my knees. He is such a caring doctor and he puts his patients first.
Dr Minh's office called my father condescending and rude when we tried to make an appt. with him. And told us never to return. Very unprofessional.
Dr. Martinez takes his time to really listen to his patients and answer any questions! Spent 45 minutes with me explaining everything!
Dr Ferrante has given me two knee replacement let me tell you I wasn't able to walk from all the pain I feel like a new person sure on a rainy day it might remind me how bad I was but thanks to him it's just a memory now. The best of the besy
Dr. Hernandez performed excellent surgery on my husband's badly broken arm. He came out to the waiting area afterwards and spent a lot of time explaining to me what he had done and why and discussing what therapy my husband would be having. His manner was professional and pleasant. Our first office appointment was similar, with Dr. Hernandez discussing the surgery and new xrays with us and answering all of our questions expertly and in a friendly manner. We are very pleased with his care.
His bedside manor is deplorable. He is rude and rushes through the visit and has no care for the patient. It is a shame he is the only hand specialist at CH. My son has no choice because this is the group workmen said he has to go to. Our family has a longstanding history with Dr Scarpino who is and upstanding dr at CH. I will be requesting a second opinion. I am a RN and find him to be a disgrace to the medical field
Unethical and unprofessional to say the least. I was having an anxiety attack entering his office because I drove an hour to get there and no one seemed to be able to point me in the correct direction, therefore I was late to my appointment which spiked my anxiety in addition to recently having a very traumatic event take place. Dr. Hernandez put his fists down and yelled in my face.. Telling me if I didn't calm down, he wouldn't see me. Unprofessional! Oh I ruined their lunch break too....
I had both labrum and rotator cuff tears in my dominant shoulder. I thought I'd never throw pain free again. My surgery took longer than expected but after rehab I'm throwing pain free. Very happy with results and my therapists were fantastic
He is rude, rushed. Does not read the file before entering the examining room. He is dismissive. He tries to rush out of the room. He does not appear to care about the patient AT ALL. Other physicians at Coordinated Health are not like this. Avoid using this Dr. since he offers a minimal effort to treat his patient. Highly unfavorable physician.
Dr Jaeger has always been professional and has a wonderful bedside manner. He has taken care of my kids and was exceptional in his care for my father in law. I would definitely recommend Dr Jaeger!
Dr. Randy Jaeger has been an outstanding physician. I have had several surgeries for different reasons over the years and there has never been a time when I didn’t feel as though I was given his utmost attention and courtesy. He and his staff are extremely courteous and helpful. I feel very fortunate to have been blessed with such an exemplary physician. In my opinion, Dr. Jaeger is a 5 star, top of the line physician. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.
Wouldn't recommend Dr. Hernandez to anyone, I had a ligament tear in my wrist and even tho his college suggested surgery all he wanted to do was therapy. After 6 months of no relief I got a second opinion and my ligament was torn in 2 spots which required surgery to repair.
Dr Jaeger was very informative and knowledgeable. Staff was terrific.
Staff and physician are both thorough and professional, would definitely recommend him and his team.
Dr. Jaeger is an excellent Doctor and Surgeon. His staff and him were all very professional . He and his team certainly gave me my quality of life back. Thank You Guys so much.
Had both of my knees replaced by Dr. Jaeger Excellent bedside manner, also very caring and compassionate Physician. I would highly recommend Dr. Jaeger
Dr. Hernandez was extremely knowledgeable with my problem, Dupuytren's disease. He administered the xiaflex injection and told me what to expect and how to react. I did not experience the pain I was expecting and am very pleased with the results after the manipulation stage of the treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Hernandez and his staff to anyone in need of treatment for this disease.
Dr. Guilfoyle did three surgeries (not all at once) tummy tuck ( yards of skin removed), breast lift and enhancement, non-invasive face-lift. Absolutely no pain with any of the procedures Everything looks better then I ever imagined, scars are disappearing after less then a year out. Dr. Guilfoyle is technologically sound, up to date on new procedures and personal a great human being. I could not be happier with my results, everyone who see me is like dam you look great what you doing!!!!
His bedside manner is atrocious. He told me I had cancer in my distal ulna based on X-ray. How can he make this diagnosis with just that information? He's a Specialist? With a total cold, uncaring way. Knowing I am bi-polar and schizoaffective. Noted on papers we filled out. Which the Doctor is responsible to look at before seeing the patient. He referred me to Dr. Barry Berger stating he is an Orthopedic Oncologist... When in fact he is a Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor. Spent less 5min with me.
It seemed like she never even looked at my chart/ notes from previous appts. I had to remind her of everything we had discussed in prior appts (I was seeing her every couple of months for over a year). One visit I waited over 2 hours to see her and she spent a total of maybe 7 minutes with me. When I asked her for a follow up for a couple of specific problems she ignored my requests. She did a couple of tests at my annual visit and lost one of them!
I would NEVER recommend DR. Jaeger to anyone. Poor bedside manner, does not listen to patients, argumentative and combative behaviors. There are many great orthopedic surgeons I would wait a little longer to get an appointment with them. Dr Scarpino is a great doctor.
Very detached from patient during visit. Never felt that there was concern for my well-being. Problem may be that this doctor is the only hand physician at Coordinated Health.
Dr. G. always manages to spend the time w/me to clearly explain everything. He also has operated on my sports injuries throughout the years and the results were very good. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a sports related injury.
Danger Beware of this insurance Dr!! Had knee surgery for 2 tears. Dr godbout fixed one tear and forget to fix the other tear.. I was in pain for 5 months, Dr godbout refused to give me another MRI to see what was going on with all the pain in my knee. Dr godbout tried to cover up his mistake. Google (lawsuit Dr Brett godbout) To find out more about this insurance Dr godbout..
Very comfortable and personable.
Dr. Guilfoyle listens, he cares, and he sees you. His understanding and professional demeanor are so refreshing. All this and amazing skill to go along with it. I am so very glad he is right in the Lehigh Valley. You will not be disappointed when you choose Dr. Guilfoyle!
Dr. Guilfoyle is like an extraordinary gift! He has it all! He not only has mastered the art of his profession, along with that brings to his patients the essential and rare qualities all too often missing… compassion, and concern- Dr. Guilfoyle genuinely cares about his patients needs and concerns. He also gifts his patients with the lost art and most basic, essential skill of listening! Last but not lease comes his extra bonus – his wonderful Aesthetician, the big red shiny bow!
Dr. James Hoffman has been my family's orthopedist since 1996 and none of us would even consider going to any other. He has done numerous surgical procedures on us from shoulders to elbows to wrists to hands to knees to ankles and we are all doing just fine. Dr. Hoffman is and always will be our first go to when any orthopedic problem occurs. We have full faith and trust with our lives in his miraculous hands. You might have to wait a little longer to see him, but it is definitely worth it.
board certified eye surgeon and ophthalmic plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic eye, eyelid, skin and laser surgery and facial rejuvenation. "Modern techniques; old-fashioned care". Dr Bunin pioneered the use of BOTOX, Laser resrfacing, invisible eyelid surgery, Radiesse and Restylane fillers, and the Titan procedure for skin tightening (no numbing or downtime) in the Lehigh Valley. Her gentle, artistic touch has helped thoousands of patients look, see and feel better about themselves. Eye care services include eye exams and treatment of all eye problems. Optical shop on premises. Call 610-435-5333 for appointment. Spanish

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