I have for years had a condition that has proven difficult to diagnose. She has been very helpful in helping me through significant pain issues, has been very empathetic, caring and helpful. The same is true for my wife, who has rheumatoid arthritis. Love the staff, wait times are very reasonable.
She is a caring physician that can get to the root of any issue. I've been struggling with diabetes and she was able to help me overcome some major issues. She is very empathetic and can relate to the struggles I experience. I couldn't recommend a family doctor any higher.
We moved to the area from New England and Dr. Schogel was recommended to us by some people I work with. She takes her time to understand your problem and runs whatever tests are necessary. Sometimes she recommends a specialist but always puts the patients health first.
My communication with Dr. Fardo has shown her to be fairly heartless and self-righteous. I was considering her as a PCP, but now after a little communication with her (asking questions), I know that would be a mistake. It would seem that people who are in medicine should have at least some sense of compassion for others, even if at some level they need to keep a professional distance. Unkind and uncaring would be key descriptors for this physician. I can see why her star rating is what it is.
I was admitted to Cranberry Passavant thru the ER to rule out lung blood clots and heart issues. Dr. Fardo came into the room, and very abruptly said she didn't know why I was there and as soon as the Echo was done she discharging me. Several hours later after the echo report was read, it showed I was in mild congestive heart failure. Do your patients a favor, Dr. Fardo, get all of the facts before judging why a pt is in the hospital. The ER doc was right on point, you, however, were not.
Saw Dr. Schogel and Fardo for almost 15 years. Dr. Fardo is not good so I always preferred Dr. Schogel. I thought she was nice and listened and spent more time with me than Fardo. The receptionists they have had at their office always seem to be in the worst mood and are curt and unfriendly. Especially the girl they have now at the front desk. I had good experiences with Dr. Schogel up until this year. I had alarming abnormal symptoms months ago and she refused to refer me to a neurologist
I've been with this practice for almost 15 years. Whenever I would see Dr. Fardo she was not engaging. She always seems to be in a hurry and I have been misdiagnosed by her twice. Once for mono and another time she said I had a toenail fungus and she put me on Lamisil. I took that drug for over a year and had to be tested periodically to see if the med was affecting my liver. I happened to see Brittany and she looked at my toe more closely and said I didn't have fungus it was just brittle.
She is my PCP and my insurance says I MUST only go to her practice. I had Pink Eye that came on quickly on Saturday. I called on call line. Dr. Fardo called me back and told me she was refusing to call me in RX because I see OTHER DOCTORS and sent me to ER. She is rude and uncaring and you can see that it reflected in her rude and unhappy staff when you visit her office. I almost lost my job at one point because she REFUSED to fill out paperwork for my short term disability company.
I'm very frustrated for a wellness exam the staff does not explain what is covered and what is not covered by the insurance. For example, I had my yearly checkup and needed to get bloodwork for high cholesterol. They also did a gyne exam and PA told me the pap test was optional but would be covered. I opted to do the test. Now, I have to pay a deductible for $283 for the pap smear and $50 for the blood work. Come on people,explain what is necessary and what won't be covered when we are there
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