Donna is knowledgeable, has great bedside manner and is efficient. Every time I've seen her she's had me feeling better- quick as can be. I've recommended her to my family members and they too hold her in high regard.
My appointment was not with Aimee, but for whatever reason the doctor was not available and I was stuck seeing her. She was very unhelpful, telling me she did not feel comfortable writing me prescriptions and did not know the answers to any of my questions. She would not prescribe the ppi I take for gerd. I had my medical records from the er visit where I was diagnosed and she had no interest in seeing them. After arguing with her and the reception staff I was finally rescheduled with my doctor.
According to Donna, I had MRSA. She based this on virtually nothing but a look and medical onset. No test was run. At any time. Now I was medicated and had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get back to volunteering at a local hospital. But, again. No swabs were taken. And, after conferring with other medical professionals and educating myself on MRSA, swabs should have been taken. Perhaps it was easier for her to not do all that. It was basically a blister under my left breast.

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