The doctor is friendly,takes time to walk though diagnosis. But the staff is totally rude, unhelpful, doesn't have patient wellness in mind. I took test for diabetes & ulcer. All my calls to get result went to voicemail and they left a voicemail 2 weeks after. After multiple attempts I got hold of someone who said I was only prescribed ulcer tablets. But 4 months later I requested a copy of result for something else, I found that that I was prescribed medication but i wasn't informed
Thank you Dr purighalla.
I have been going to Dr. Purighella many years now. I am a senior citizen and I am very pleased with this doctor. he has a wonderful bedside manner. he always seems to really care about what you're telling him and spends a lot of time with you in the examining room. I would recommend him to all friends and family in my twenty plus years of going to him, I have never had an experience with him that I could complain about.
Dr. McMonagle has been my doctor for over 25 years. He has been wonderful in diagnosing illnesses and has been there for me especially during health crises. I am sad that he is retiring soon, but I certainly wish him much happiness.
I agree with the other comments and have had similar situations. Haven't been happy since I started going there, I could write a book! I have stayed because I don't want to have to go on a search, but I am leaving after my appointment today! Awful!
She is a wonderful physician. Dedicated and caring. Very thorough exams and explains things in laymen terms. Easily accessible. Has called me at home at night and on weekends. I am dealing with breast cancer and she has guided me to the experts as well as responded to my calls and given me encouragement and support.
Dr Austin is very pleasant and explains why certain tests and procedures are needed.
She doesn't listen to me at all. She is more concerned about my "history" and not present. She wastes about 15 minutes every appointment with her nose in the computer asking me these same questions. Last year I told her I was having a lot of back pain and she blew me off saying "everyone has it". I went to her today for back pain and she said "it's not on your chart". Well, I wonder why? I will NEVER go back. She thought my pain was in head and not my back. I'm furious! Awful doctor!
Not going back!!! Worst doctor I've ever been to - doesn't allow me to fully explain my symptoms, my family history (pertinent to symptoms; forgot to test for something I was deficient in (I made her aware of this and stated my necessity for testing it as a new patient). .She questions me negatively about medications or treatment plans prescribed by my specialists. She has no right to do this. I don't feel comfortable going to her and I won't again.
Refreshing in this day and age ... takes her time... listens ... and speaks in plain English ... Open to your questions and opinions She will be my PCP
Crea T. Crea T. Bethel Park, PA 0 friends 2 reviews 5.0 star rating11/21/2016 First to Review Dr. Uma purighalla is a wonderful choice ! I went to her recently to be cleared for eye surgery and she gave me a check up. I don't like having to visit doctors. Had some bad experiences. She made it a comfortable experience. She is a doctor who is about more than writing a prescription. She is about helping you understand your body and emotions and how the two are both important to make the whole w
Doctor is just awesome. He is the best I have ever seen .. but the staff they never give an appointment ( despite of doctor always saying that there are usually sick appt available for Same day or very next day ) . they always give an appt for a month later .. if a person is sick now I don't think it makes sense to get an appointment for a month after . We always land up going to urgent care or emergency since we don't get appt with PCP
She is down to earth, compassionate and intelligent.
I have been going to Dr. Uma for over 10 years. For me, she is a great fit. I appreciate the lifestyle suggestions she makes in addition to her medical recommendations. I have made changes to my diet and started mindfulness meditation and - for me - this has been very beneficial. She spends a good amount of time with me and takes all of my questions and concerns seriously.
The doctor seems to be ok but the office staff and his assistant are unprofessional and rude.
He is honest and strait to the point. I don't have time to waste dancing around the issues at hand. He is one of the few great Doctors that obviously cares deeply for his patients. Thank you Dr. Goldman and your staff for helping me and my family get our lives back on track... Sincerely, Tim White
Came to see Dr. Colodny regarding a form for employment. Form clearly stated I did not need a physical, but she refused to sign it unless I paid for one (I'm self pay). Prior to seeing me, overheard her speaking with physician, saying "What does he want? I don't have time for this", even though I MADE AN APPOINTMENT. Immediately switched doctors.
Dr. Hartley awful. My mom is his patient, and she had lost a not of weight and was unable to eat and having trouble breathing. He told her that she had scar tissue and that was why she couldn't eat. (she never had surgery) so scar tissue would not have existed. He told her that he was not concerned with her weight loss because it was not at a dangerous level. She couldn't breathe, he told her that she had pneumonia. She had a mammogram where she was diagnosed with breast cancer that he missed.
She is extremely thorough, and even for sick visits takes her time to make sure that she fully understands what the symptoms are before making any decisions. She does not over-prescribe antibiotics, which is excellent.
each time I've been there, I waited about 1.5 hours to be seen. Staff reeks of cigarette smoke and talks about patients within ear shot of other patients. Dr Uma doesn't put her belief in healing aside to benefit what's best for the patient. I was sick for 20 days before she would call me in an antibiotic. Basically, it's a total waste of time to go see her as she never does anything about the reason you're there. Oh, and Kleenex in the waiting room of a Drs office would be a good idea.
I would recommend Dr. Robison and I have. He is very conscientious and considerate, always taking into account what I think or feel as well what tests tell him.
I have been a patient of Dr. Egan's for many many years. The only downfall is the wait time even though I have an appointment. Dr. Egan in terms of bed side manner and medical knowledge is excellent, and I have never had an issue other than the wait time. I would recommend family and friends to him. He is very kind.
Saw Dr. Robison for awhile, but ended up leaving for a new dr. He was impatient and sometimes downright flip as well as failed to correctly diagnose things that my new dr caught right away. Not impressed in the least.
Doesn't listen and can be condescending in tone. I have wasted time and have been living in pain far longer than I should have because she never listened to what I was saying. She would always say I was just stressed or disregard my concerns as invalid to her reasoning. She was wrong.
Very caring. Thorough and takes time with you. Orders necessary tests. Even seen me on Saturday and Sunday when I was going thru breast cancer. Called me at home herself not office staff to check on me. Communicated with me with medical assistant when she was in Poland. She always goes thru your history to make sure you are following her instructions
Dr Hartleys Office has changed recently. They do not seem to care about Patients. I would not recommend at this point.
I have been a patient of Dr Robinson's for 8 years and I woulf never go to anyone else. He is professional and patient. I have many health issues and he makes sure that they are all taken care of.

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