I broke my Tibia, Fibula, and Ankle. I was taken to the Trauma center, where Dr. Bykov performed the surgeries (2). He took the time to explain things to me, made sure I had all the support I needed for my recovery, and would personally return phone calls about questions. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor and am very pleased with his work. I would highly recommend him and his staff.
I have had 15 orthropedic surgeries performed on me by Dr. Stansbury which such surgeries included surgeries to both shoulders, both knees, two patella tendons, both elbows and a torn hamstring. Every surgery I have had by Dr, Stansbury has been successful. I have recommended Dr. Stansbury to my relatives, freinds and many acquaintances for treatment. Everyone has been satisfied with his treatment.
He is always in a rush. Does not explain procedures very well (before or after the procedure). Bed side manor was fair at the most. Would not recommend.
Don't trust him. He messed my mom arm up badly. He put the screws up straight in her are not even fixing it then had to do a reconstructed surgery then messed that up which another doctor said that didn't even need to be done she had to go somewhere else for another survey to fix what he did. He is on medical leave thank god said to my mom oh you had that before I did your surgery you will just haft to deal with it
I would not recommend him to anyone. He does not take the time to listen. He is great with injections but that is all.
Went to DiBenedetto with a torn meniscus in my left knee.Has 2 surgeries by him and my knee was worse then before the surgeries and keeps getting worse.Not a day goes by that I think what a butcher this guy is.I realized that his partner does knee replacements and that's why he messed up my knee and recommended his partner to me.Mine was a small tear and could have been fixed easily.This guy don't care about me and how he crippled me,he cares about the money .Stay away if you like walking.
I met Dr. Lewullis by pure grace of God. I called the office on an emergency basis after having sudden excruciating pain in my knee that swelled to double its size. He came in and was very kind, thorough and made sure I was well informed. He drained two syringes full of bloody fluid from my knee. After this he sent me for an mri. Two days later He had a diagnosis of a rather rare PVNS tumor. He took it out the next week. I'm so grateful to him for quickly diagnosing and curing my problem.Blessed
Dr Berger treated my sons ankle injury like it wasn't a big deal, neglected to inform us of the severity of the sprain and said he could walk on it whenever he felt comfortable. He handed him an orthopedic show for an ankle injury and recommended a follow up in 2-4 weeks. Since his diagnoses didn't sit right with me considering the amount of pain my son was in I decided to take him elsewhere where he was diagnosed with a 3rd degree sprain. The care we received at VSAS by Dr. Berger was subpar.
I was diagnose with a ACL on my left knee, Dr. Stansbury was te one who perform the surgery, and I have to say, I'm satisfy with his job, everything when as hi tell me that will be and my recovery it's getting better and better.... thanks for that Dr.. And re fact that hi give you a personal treat, awesome human being ...
Three weeks out from a total knee replacement and it is going well. I am walking without a cane and have very little if any pain. So far I am very pleased with the surgery, and Dr. Lebby. He has been very attentive throughout the entire process.
I saw a doctor in the same office that he works in and that doctor did nothing for me and wasn't helpful. Once I switched my doctor, Dr. Stansbury got me an MRI on my knee and then we decided surgery was the best option for me. He was so helpful and it didn't take long for him to figure out what was going on with my knee.
I can heartily recommend Dr. Cooper. He is very efficient and not chatty, but he is amazing at what he does. When he gives cortisone injections it is in the precise spot, with no pain, no bleeding, or pain afterwards.
A totally disappointing experience. My wife and I were so upset after the visit that we wished we had never stepped into his office. He was so impersonal, unfriendly and as if he was working on a timer. My wife had 2 broken ribs and some damage to her right shoulder from a fall on a stairway. He just X-rayed the shoulder. He hardly looked at the previous X-rays we brought to him that were taken on day one and five of the accident. We would have had more compassion from a butcher's visit.
Not impressed in the least, he is not thorough & I felt I needed to lead the appointment in the direction needed. He showed little interest & I felt like I was being shuffled thru so he could be done for the day. Not very warm & caring ... very disappointed ?? Not the kind of Doctor I want to continue long term . He's ok nice , but seems unfeeling / blah to helping you out .
I have been working with Dr. Krassen on and off for over 14 years.
Probably the most thorough visit with an Doctor in 30 years .
8 months ago had torn meniscus surgery have been in pain ever since got second opinion going for total knee replacement next week...run from this surgeon !!!
Poor listener. Walks in the room with a preconceived idea of a diagnosis. Sent me for an MRI to rule out a meniscus tear without any examination. When the results came back and were negative for a tear, he totally dismiss me without any other alternative. Insisted pain is arthritis even after I tried to explain that the pain was not on a joint, persistent 24/7 and not relieved by Ibuprofen, steroids, ice or heat therapy. Condescending is the best way to describe this character.
Handled my knee pain without surgery. Can't thank Dr. Federico enough. Highly recommend!!!!
Wonderful surgeon. He replaced both of my knees, on two separate occasions. I am so happy I had him do perform my surgery.
My experience with Dr Berger was excellent . I have worked in healthcare over 40yrs. Dr. Berger was so patient with me.. I had a crazy accident breaking both my ulna/radius near the wrist. Immediately I was taken to see Dr. He explained what surgery would be like and what to expect. Surgery was a success.. I recommend Dr . to anyone who needs trauma surgery. He is the most compassionate Dr. I have met.. Kudos Dr.Berger
I had knee replaced about a year ago by Dr. Lebby. I questioned why it felt so loose from the start and was told it was normal. After severe swelling and pain, tests for blood clots, continued sloppiness in the knee and being unable to strengthen my knee Dr. Lebby refuses to admit there is a problem with the surgery. I had a second surgeon look at the knee and was told it was made too loose and will never be right without another surgery to fix the problem. The real problem is being lied to.
I went to see Dr. Cooper today for a second opinion of my knee surgery performed by another Dr. in January My knee pain is still very bad and he did not even have the decency to look at my past records,barely looked at the MRI I walked out with no answers I would never refer this man to anyone
Dr Al-Alim was kind and empathetic to my injury. He did not seem rushed while he was in the office with me and took the time to explain very thoroughly my injury and answer any questions I had. He even took the time with a follow-up call to see how I was doing. I would definitely recommend him!!
He was able to see me in a short notice and scheduled emergency surgery for my leg. I see him again in a week and 1/2, and we'll go from there. So far so good.
Both knees replaced. Walking comfortably without aid within two weeks. Pain level not a significant problem with PT. Would highly recommend Dr. Ververeli as he was recommended to me.
Wish I could leave zero star
I would not recommend to any family or friends. I would give No Star if I could. Staff seemed overworked and confused,..I could hear them complaining about there job in the back ground. Dr Krassen walked in as if he just woke up or had one bad night (perhaps he did). There was no physical exam at all, nor did he listen, no compassion what so ever. His mood was disturbing and he was abrupt when I asked questions. All in all a big waste of time and Insurance money!
16 years ago when I was 5 I broke my tibia and fibula riding my bike, both bones came out of the skin. I was taken to LVH and saw Dr. Berger it took 3 surgeries and he was there every step of the way he's got amazing bedside manner calming down a 5 year old and my overprotective nurse mother. Would HIGHLY recommend
I loved everything about Dr. Sexton. He smiles the entire time he is speaking. He has a great deal of confidence in himself. He is sure of himself when he explains something about the type of surgery he will be doing on his patient. He knows exactly what he is talking about and answers all your questions and he is very thorough. I had no idea what he was like until my first appointment which made me a little nervous but with just one visit I felt very relaxed with him. He's caring and so nice.
Dr. Berger recently surgically repaired my Mother's broken wrist, as well as a severe Leg fracture. Our family was incredibly impressed with him in all aspects, from the quality of his work, to his follow up care. The patience and outstanding professionalism he showed to my Mother and to our entire family, throughout the surgical and healing processes exceeded our expectations.
Dr. Berger surgically repaired both my broken leg and wrist. Not only did he do a stellar job putting me back together, he treated me with dignity and kindness on every follow-up visit. And, he was honest and patient in his responses to the plethora of questions I asked regarding my injuries and recovery. I felt as if he genuinely cared about me. A nasty accident was effectively redeemed by a good doctor. Thank you, Dr. Berger!
I was very happy to quickly get an appointment with Dr. Fellechner for a condition that had worsened. He was courteous, attentive, asked questions and listened, then provided me with a clear diagnosis and understandable plan. His staff was prompt and helpful. I was very pleased with his level and manner of service.
This provider was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was thorough and spent time going over specific exercises and body mechanics. He was genuinely concerned about my future ability to maintain my current activity level and was certain to cover all bases so there was a smooth healing process. He is an active, sports guy and understands the importance of maintaining lifestyles without making unrealistic goals. I would HIGHLY recommend patients of any age to him.
Excellent Physician. Very kind and courteous towards patients. Provides them with the best care possible. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a good Sports Medicine Doctor.
Dr.Al-Alim was the only doctor i seen who wanted to help resolve my issue and not just give me narcotics for my pain. I have had pain for years and just wanted it fixed. He is a great doctor and helped me live day to day without back pay . Would recommend him to everyone . Great Guy !
Dr. Al-Alim patiently listened to me describe the problem I was experiencing with my finger and hand . He explained the procedure before and during and answered all of my questions. I have not had any further issues with my finger.
Dr.Al-Alim was one of the kindest Doctors I've ever met. He was very friendly and made sure we understood everything in the appointment. He made sure i properly healed and felt better not just temporary fixed the issue. On my second visit he did an injection that was needed for my issue. I had no pain while the injection was completed and he made sure i fully understood the procedure with no questions . Any question i had he answered in a way i understood without any worries.
I have been totally (and I do mean totally) satisfied with Dr. Lebby along with his staff at the office, the surgical team at Lehigh Valley, the nurses on 7K and the physical and occupational therapists. I was treated professionally and caringly at every step of my surgery and rehabilitation. Now, would I recommend him to friends and family? The answer is "definitely."
good -caring doctor....
Doctor rushed through exam, he examined my knee through my yoga pants, final diagnosis turned out to be 100% incorrect. Next time pay attention Dr Lebby
Dr. Ververeli did my first knee replacement in 2008 with excellent results, and my 2nd in 2016 with excellent results. I had many appts. in between. He always listens to my concerns and answers all my questions. He does not rush my appts. He did not push the replacement of my 2nd knee, allowing me to take my time trying other remedies, like cortisone injections. I saw 2 other orthopedic surgeons before going to him and HE was the one who inspired my confidence. He's the best.
Is more interested in getting you to fill out the patient satisfaction survey than actually seeing the patient. Lousy bedside manner. Does not address patient concerns. Spends very little time with each patient. There's a reason he has a low rating.
Dr, Cooper is very calm and empathetic, which make a person like me who has doctor phobia feel alittle at ease. He has taken very good care of me over the year with a shattered femur, fractured pelvic bone and other aches and pains. The wait is forever but once your in it goes quick. He is worth the wait, especially if you are deathly afraid of all doctors.
My appointment was at 2:40. I was told I was next for an hour while I watched him go into other rooms continuously. This doctor is a joke and if you have places to be DO NOT COME HERE. It is now 3:31 and I'm still sitting in The room waiting while he takes came of other people. Never coming back again.
Took excellent care of my in the E.R. Quickly diagnosed Compartment Syndrome, and took the appropriate action. After care was excellent, good bedside manner.
He listens to your concerns and addresses them. He answers all your questions and takes his time with you.
Dr. Lebby was concerned about treating what affected me the most. He is understanding, thorough and caring.
He's given me excellent care for back problems. Most recently I needed an appointment unexpectedly &'was gotten in that afternoon. He's given me cortisone injections both in office & in hospital same day treatment
I feel that Dr.Lewullis is a very good doctor because he was very informative about my situation ,and detailed about how he was going to fix it. He talks in a way that you can truly understand what is going on with your issue.Overall My experience was good with him..if I had to do it again..he would be the one I would chose again.He does care and is very knowledgeable about his job.
Always able to give painless cortisone injections in hip or knee when needed. Also recommended a dr to me for a different problem in which he didn't really work on that extremity. Never had any problems & is very knowledgeable in the body areas he works on
Two minutes for a first appt. Horrible DR
Although still early days I am delighted with results so far and look forward to an excellent recovery. I believe that my excellent, pain free progress is a tribute to Dr Lebby's outstanding skill.
Dr. Cooper is in my opinion the greatest Orhto doctor I have had the pleasure to have meet and be cared by. Injections are a breeze with him. He has very gentle hands when administering the shots. Everything about his office handles everything with care. What a true pleasure.
He gave me a happy, pain free life again! I had my right side hip replaced. He and his staff went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. He performed surgeries in the past on my family members and treated them the same way. I would Dr. Lebby and his staff again if ever needed!!
I would highly recommend Dr Lebby. I recently had my left knee replacement with Dr Lebby anticipating a long a painful recovery as I had with my right knee replacement years earlier with another doctor . To my amazement I had very little pain after surgery and was walking the next day with minimal pain. Within two weeks I could walk without my walker or cane. Within three weeks I was able to go to lunch, shopping and driving . I am thrilled with my new knee. Thanks to Dr Lebby
Done a very good job with me knee replacement. Explains everything that you understand what he is doing.
Dr. Cooper handled all aspects of my knee issue with the highest level of respect and integrity.
Dr. Cooper was masterful in his management of my meniscal tear. I was very happy with the outcome. Top notch service.
Thorough, knowledgeable, kind!
Dr Bykov splinted a fracture of my humerus. The splint cut my hand and was shortened by my internist very soon afterward. I refused to return to Dr Bykov. Another orthopedic specialist followed me with x-rays & pain medication. When the fracture healed, my arm was bent at the elbow. Pain remains with certain movements.
Dr.Bykov performed surgery on my 12 year old son,we couldn't have asked for a better doc.
Waited in room to see him for awhile. Finally came in & seemed rushed & didn't take the time/questions I thought to evaluate my injury.
My children and I know Dr.D both personally and professionally. He is an excellent physician. We have been seeing him for 26 years now, as well as other physicians in the VSAS group. Can't say enough positive things about the care and bedside manner of Dr. D As well as his caring personality.
Instead of asking me about the problem, read the intake notes, looked at x-rays then cursory exam. Treatment at home exercises though I go to the gym 3X/wk & yoga 2X/wk with no improvement. In my opinion he did not address the pain surrounding the joint, inability to put pressure on the joint and poor range of motion. Suggested make appt with office colleague address hip issue
Dr. Cooper gives you 5 minutes after waiting an hour after your appointment time to see him. He's good at giving shots of cortisone into your knee or hip but that's about it. He didn't listen to me and misdiagnosed my hip condition telling me I had a hernia because I had groin pain. I had to plead with him to authorize an MRI of my hip and then I found another doctor to go to when I found out the he did not have an X-Ray taken of my hip when he authorized an X-ray of my right knee.
In my initial visit, Dr. Stansbury very quickly and accurately diagnosed multiple conditions, ordered the appropriate diagnostic tests, prescribed therapy, and provided pain relief with a cortisone injection. All of this on the first visit! I had been seeing several other doctors for most of these same problems for several years, and had gotten nowhere until I saw Dr. Stansbury. He is quick, thorough, and accurate. I could not have been more pleased.
I was thrilled when I met Dr. Lebby. I'd had a difficult time with my first revision. He was confident,open, honest and up front the whole way. He re-revised my hip. When I woke up I knew he had it right. I suffered for 23 months with the first revision and this time it's right! The doctors staff was great, but the girls on the departure desk leave a little to be desired.
Dr. Lebby is very caring knowledgeable surgeon . i'am very glad he was my surgeon . I was up and walking and went home the next day from my total hip replacement . I'm in my 6th week and don't even need a cane.Traveled hour and half to have him do my surgery.
At VSAS Orthopaedics, formerly known as Valley Sports and Arthritis Surgeons, we work to get you back to your normal activities. Although our office is busy, we take the time to treat each person with care and understanding. Each Orthopedic surgeon was involved in a collegiate or professional sport (football, track and field, wrestling, basketball, swimming, and bike racing). Spanish

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