Upon work-up for RA, my wife was also diagnosed with active hepatitis virus. Instead of attempting to work with a gastroenterology specialist to treat both conditions, this physician refused to see my wife again -- instead, she discharged my wife from her practice "until you clear the virus". Specialists from another hospital have since been working together to simultaneously treat the hepatitis AND RA. Bottom line: this physician appears to want only easy cases.
staff very professional, kind. Dr. Casey is very understanding, caring and LISTENS to what you have to say.
Dr Marie is a great rheumatologist and was the first to really help me after a 10 year horror story of Pain meds and misdiagnosis. She is caring, thorough, and sympathetic. She truly cares. I only got to see her a few times before my insurance was no longer accepted by her group, but she gave me hope and a quality of life even just for a while. I was up and out of my wheelchair and really making progress. She was hands down the best rheumatologist I have ever seen.
She is the best .
The absolute worst experience I have ever had with a doctor. He was not thorough in the review of symptoms and gave a "diagnosis" that had already been excluded by another specialist in that area. He then stated that I could take a medication "if I wanted to", though he didn't discuss what the medication actually treated or what the possible side effects could be. Just print off the script and handed it over. I would NEVER go back or recommend Dr. Miller to anyone.
I have been followed by Dr Miller for almost 20 years. I totally believe that if it wasn't for him I would be disabled by now. I work full time in a physically demanding job and he always has the latest medicine to keep me moving after a medicine stops working. I trust him without fail and fin him compassionate and caring. I have recommended him many many times.
I have been seeing Dr. Kerry Miller for the last 16yrs and I like him as a Doctor and a Person!
I walked around for three years trying to get a diagnosis for my symptoms. The doctor was able to help me right away. She is efficient and caring. Thank God for professionals that care.
I've been struggling with major life changing pain issues and have been to many doctors.Some say Lyme,some say fibromyalgia.Dr O'Brien is the first doctor that I've visited that gives me the confidence to know that there is an answer and valid reason for my issues.Faith restored!
I found Dr Ingrahams caring, attentive and overall concerned about my welfare. She was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable in her office. She spent time with me and made me feel like everything I said was important. I liked her very much and will stay in her care.
Dr. O'Brien comes across as a genuinely caring person from the very beginning. Since I have been under her expert care, I have been virtually pain free. She has been a blessing.
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