Spent 5 minutes with this doctor for an issue with a nerve in my chin. He said he could not help. I found later from my Family Doctor that he placed in my record that I have OCD. He won't take it out now and won't acknowledge his mistake. Will have to go to court to have this corrected. STAY AWAY from this guy. Not professional at all!
This doctor is a patients dream. His exam was extensive. His approach very professional and he displayed a knowledge of the disease that 6 other neurologists did not. He suggested a very good program that gave us all some hope. I am looking forward to continuing care with him. I need not look any further.
Some may confuse Dr. Clauser' s confidence for arrogance. I did not having read his qualifications, years in practice. He explained "simply" the science behind what I deemed good news. It was a relief! I know that's not always the case and would feel confident too recommend him for others in need of his services.
Dr. late for appt. with excuses and pager disrupting her concentration on my evaluation (claimed it was her boss trying to find out where she was). Asked questions but did not get everything entered into her computer becuase she didn't remember a complaint about my back said "Oh,yes you did tell me about that." Then I had to request an MRI. She also ordered blood work.Had to call the office to get results because I didn't hear from her. This is only the tip of the issues I encountered with her
Dr. Castaldo is nice enough, but he's quick to recommend pills as treatment before exploring other options. I was a patient of his more than a decade ago, and I'm currently trying to track down my medical records from his office, but first I need to know if they even still have them. In the past two weeks, I've called his office eight times. Not once have I been able to speak to a real person. I've left three messages with two different departments, and nobody has called me back. Frustrating.
I am very impressed with Dr. Khaitov! He listens carefully to any concerns or suggestions. Dr. Khaitov is so knowledgeable, he can figure out a viable solution to any concern or problem. You always get choices followed by discussions.
Dr. V has been my neurologist for several years. I find him to be down to earth, empathetic, and responsive. The department is overly busy and it can take months to secure an appointment and getting through to him or responsible staff can be challenging. I have found his nurses and support staff to be extremely helpful and they went way out of their way to help me with something a few months ago.
I have been going to Dr. Clauser for several years now with excellent results. I trust him and have confidence in his expertise. I had been going to another doctor previously for a dozen years and never felt quite comfortable. Now I definitely feel the opposite. I would recommend him to anyone.
If you are assigned this doctor through triage, demand someone else. I met with her once, and she did not tell me to make a follow-up appt. She had me do a blood test but no other tests. I developed neuropathic pain that I could not cope with. Repeated calls and messages to her went unanswered. I was begging for help. Eventually, she called back and said that she believed I had a neuropathy. What kind? What options do I have? She offered no treatment plan, just live with it.
My brother has been going to castaldo for months now and all he does is feed him different medications. My brothers twitching and migraines and other various problems are still no better than when he first started going. We were just there again two days ago and once again he gave him different pills. Which took two days to come in. Only to find he wrote the wrong prescription anyway. Useless doctor. Am glad he is retiring because he sucks. Trying to find a better neurologist to take him to.
I was sent to Dr. Khaitov for a second opinion due to him specializing in MS. He was very informative and knowledgeable about the disease and the advances in medicine that go along with it. I felt very uplifted after seeing him and feel that I am on the right path now.
He takes the time to listen and understand the patient as a whole. I'm not satisfied with the Office staff or how they run things. It is very difficult to get to speak with a nurse if there is a question or concern. The office staff return calls days later if at all. Also when calling in refills they left me short before upcoming appointment scheduled. They gave difficult time working it out as I'm told I cannot miss medications risking taking a seizure so causing me a great deal of anxiety.
Posting this on behalf of my deceased Aunt Rosaline Ruggiero. She was a long time patient of Dr. Castaldo's and always spoke fond of him. He was very supportive and encouraging to her. Thank you Dr. Castaldo. Sincerely, Joe Ruggiero
I have been having trouble walking and standing, my legs give out and I fall. Dr. Khaitov has done many tests trying to find the cause of my problems. He explains why I need the tests and gives me the results in an easy way that I can understand what is going on. His steroid treatment at my recent hospital stay has given me strength in my legs that I have not had in a long time. I still have some problems and I have trust in him and his team that they will get me through this.
shes always very kind and truely careing. I always feel comfortable telling her anything. she listens, and cares about my health and my concerns. alot of people and doctors can say that they care, but to actually show that you truely do care is what matters most. dr jimenez does just that. i feel blessed to have dr jimenez in my life and to care for my health.
Never recieved records from old doctor. They kept trying to get records from somewhere I had never even been and told them that. Preteneded to recieve them while I was in office. Did not listen to complaints or health issues. Disregaurded me and my issues. Told me to seek help from a psychiatrist for an obvious neuro issue. he may be the cheif but is obviously not a very good doctor!! All the doctors in this practice and it takes month to be seen.
Dr. Coastado is a wonderful wonderful dr. He wanted me to come back 2times a week for nose injections for my migraines and said I did not need a appointment. The staff would get back to me. 3 weeks later 3 calls on my part and they will not get back to me. He. Is so great and caring but I don't think he knows how his staff handles his appointments. I am still waiting for a call back. Been a patient for many many years. Don't know what to do I would recommend him to anyone
Dr. Barbour has really been my savior for approximately 10 yrs treating me with Botox injections for my Essential Tremor. Miss him so much since he retired. Please come back
I have been a patient of Dr. Zhang's since 8/2013. I can not say enough about him! I have been dealing with migraines since a bad car accident in 1989 to now they completely debilitate me. He is very empathetic and truly has tried everything from preventive care to helping me with the pain of my migraines, down to educating me on migraines as well. The staff is all so caring and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Zhang if you have any kind of headaches/migraine
Would not even talk to my husband to explain the MRI results. Ultrasound results showed my husband had a 70-79% blockage in his carotid artery in his neck and didnt even tell us those results. We have so many questions and he does not return phone calls. Secratery told us he had a brain aneurysm and that was it. No explanation no treatment options nothing.

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