Ten yrs ago I had just gone through a divorce, which was very difficult for me, and I was struggling a lot with depression and anxiety. I had lost a lot of weight from vomiting and I wasn't sleeping. I had a fine well check, but when she asked if I needed anything else and I explained my situation, she told me: That's called life. Everyone deals with it. People get divorced every day and they're fine. It was eight years before I sought help for anxiety/depression issues again.
She is very thorough and detailed. Does not pull punches, very to the point.
She does listen to your concerns. I was having issues with my neck and back. She told me it was due to age, I'm in my 30's, and large breasts, I wear an "A" cup. Just off the wall explanations. While trying to explain symptoms she cuts you off in an attitude like, "I don't care. I have to get going". I waited an hour and a half in the exam room.
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