I absolutely love the excellent care I receive from Dr. Hanna, when I first started going to him he is very knowledgeable and takes time to talk to me and answer all my questions, and he applauds you when your doing what he ask of you, and when you don't he keeps it real with you and helps you get back on track. I am very blessed to have him.
I highly recommend Dr. Brian Kane. Having been a patient for approximately 10 years, I consistently find him to be knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, responsive, and cordial. His support staffs seems quite efficient and has been very accommodating.
Refused to treat my mother (a patient) when her son became crazy in his office. Instead of throwing out the son my mother is now in hospital due to refusal of care. Totally incompetent & will be responsible if my mother dies. One month or more WITHOUT TREATMENT. A disgrace!!!!! He forgot the oath he took to treat the sick. Utter INCOMPETENCE & misjudgment !
Takes 2 months, 16 phone, 1 visit, to get a signature for allergies, and even then its incorrect and subscribes a medicine the patient never used.
I met Dr. Abou-Saab for the first time yesterday. This was my first experience at this clinic. Staff were friendly, wait time was short. I have a few medical problems, I was there for med refills and a physical. Dr. Saab was very concerned that I had been off meds for a long time due to insurance reasons and filled them all. He was concerned for my health; wanted me to get bloodwork and physical. I was given a follow up appt. for that. It's hard to see a new doctor. I was put at ease.
He listens and takes the time to teach more natural ways to heal or prevent the condition. Patients may have to wait longer to see him but he is worth waiting for.
The ONLY Doctor after suffering for YEARS to finally take me off syntyroid and put me on a natural desiccated thyroid med, Armour. Not only did I have every single text book symptom and felt terrible for years, I gained and gained weight without eating much. Once he put me on Armour, I lost 40 pounds easily. I feel myself again and have my life back! I would suggest him to anyone who suffers with thyroid issues. He listens to you and not just the blood work results!

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