Dr. Burki is exceptional! I could not ask for a better doctor.
He failed to remove my primary site of cancer after 2 surgeries ( although it was clearly identifiable to outside doctors). When asked how this happened he blamed it on me and that I had gotten another opinion and had my biopsies done elsewhere prior to having him do the surgery. I would avoid him at all costs!!
One of the best Dr we have ever seen, so responsible and dedicated to his patients. My wife was diagnosed stomach cancer stage IV two years ago, under Dr Astsaturov well designed treatment plan, she is still in good condition.
this doctor is poorly trained, and taking advantage of patients. stay away from him
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2014. I met Dr. Burki when she first joined Penn Med team! I can not imagine going through the worst time in my life without her! From day one she has always made sure I knew what I was going to go through, explained all side effects and always had an answer when I asked questions! When you have cancer you want a Dr. who can be a Dr. and also be a friend to help guide you through every step you go through! Dr. Burki did that and more...
Highly recommended. Knowledgeable, caring and reliable. From the first visit over 6 years ago, Dr Bleicher has been my biggest cheerleader. He assesses and quickly determines game plan. Very motivating just when it's needed. Takes special care to ensure all parts of your needs are met even when it's not surgical. Thank you FCCC for having such a physician who cares and really means it.
Dr.Astsaturov is kind and gentle. He took time to listen and address all my concerns. He is extremely knowledgeable .
Dr. Burkina spent more time talking badly about other doctors. She ordered blood tests that were not necessary as many results were not true results because of the blood thinners.
My sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer after a few opinions we went to see Dr. Bleicher. He is so knowledgable and made sure we understood all our options and took so much time with us. He is a wonderful surgeon and has a great spirit as well. We are so grateful to have him as her doctor.
Always an excellent experience. Dr. Movva is smart caring kind and is taking great care of me. She is always available to discuss any medical concerns. Her staff are awesome and go the extra mile for me always. I would highly recommend her.
Dr. Morgan gives an easy to understand explanation of your diagnosis, treatment and expected outcome. He is reassuring and is an EXCELLENT surgeon.
Dr. Multani was the hospitalist , being the point person coordinating my mother's emergency visit and subsequent admittance to the hospital for observation dealing with heart studies. Totally blown away by his thoroughness, knowledge, clear and relevant direction and coordination of testing and follow-up. His outstanding bedside manner and personable yet professional interaction with staff as well as us, is the best I have ever encountered in caring for my elderly parents at Rutland Regional.
Dr Minh's office called my father condescending and rude when we tried to make an appt. with him. And told us never to return. Very unprofessional.
I have nothing positive to say the doctor, I have been in pain for several weeks, I made an appointment and was advised that I needed to have an ultrasound, I made the appointment for the ultrasound & the results were sent to the doctors office. I called several times to report increased pain & was told that the doctor would call me back & she never did. My appointment was for 7/3/2017 and had been scheduled for several weeks, on 6/29/2017, I received a call stating the doctor is not available
Dr. Chen performed a robotic-assisted, prostatectomy on me after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. After the surgery I did not experience any problems with incontinence. The pain from the surgery was surprisingly tolerable and I did not suffer any permanent loss of function. I just had my third year checkup and am cancer-free thanks to Dr. Chen's great work.
I have been a patient of Dr. Chen's since 2015, when he operated on me for prostate cancer. Dr. Chen has been very involved in my care, encourages your questions and answers them in a professional and caring manner. He maintains an open dialogue - I have been able to call Dr. Chen and ask questions during my recovery and have found him to be most patient and available. During my post surgery visits, Dr. Chen continues to be open, frank and provides options to any topic discussed and I have never
My with Dr. Crivello was at East Windsor and clinical and not surgical . She is a very compassionate doctor who will patiently and kindly answer all your questions and address your concerns. My husband was asking her questions that she had already answered but she very lovingly answered him anyway - she is very courteous. She is very knowledgable and up to date on the latest research and statistics. She is prompt to return your phone calls. Her staff is also amazing!
Dr. Chen's incredible top expertise in urology oncology is unsurpassed and I am so very very grateful that I am under his care!!.....I was diagnosed in August 2016 with bladder cancer ....Dr.Chen calm patient explanations of treatments and ALWAYS listening to me whether on my many phone calls or on my visits eased my fears.....I was able to get appointment immediately and surgery... staff is loving and caring like Dr. Chen.......I am most grateful Dr.Chen for taking care of me..CANCER FREE...
I did my research when I wanted a second opinion for my prostate cancer diagnosis. Dr Chen was highly regarded and I wanted to meet with him. He was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We decided on a course of treatment ( active surveillance) and I am pleased with my care. His staff are outstanding and thorough. He does not order unnecessary biopsies or tests that are not needed just to make money ( like my initial urologist). I would highly recommend Dr Chen and gladly drive 2 hours
What a wonderful Dr this guy is. He did the reconstruction on my wife's mastectomy. Prior to surgery he was attentive and trustworthy. Post surgery, visited every day and you can tell he cares and is passsionate. Extremely nice and professional. Something about Dr Chang makes you feel you got the best in town. Very grateful we got him.
Very knowledgeable and reassuring, answered guestions, and made my wife and i confident and eager to go on with my surgery. Had great results, removed tumor from my kidney and was back home in 2 days, walking with my wife in 4 days
Dr. Chen's calm, cool and direct guidance led me from a state of trepidation to absolute confidence that things would turn out well. From my diagnosis of testicular cancer in May of 2013 and its attendant surgery to addressing the spread of the cancer to my lymph nodes in June of 2015, Dr. Chen led the way explaining the conditions in laymen terms and guiding me to a course of action. Thanks to Dr. Chen I remain cancer free 13 months later.
Throughout the process of selecting a surgeon, discussing options, undergoing robotic-assisted prostate surgery, and recovery, Dr. Chen has been patient, clear, and thorough in his explanations, and highly professional. The surgery itself proceeded well, and my recovery was more rapid than I expected. My recent test detected no PSA and I am confident that my cancer has been eliminated.
He pays attention and addresses your concerns carefully. He also is very good at the aesthetic part of his craft, while still managing to pay attention to keeping you alive. He is tireless in his office hours and after office hours, and has a good sense of humor. A thorough interview of the office staff will satisfy you that he's the best plastic surgeon on the premises.
Dr. Denlinger is an Amazing Doctor who cares for all of patients. Dr. Denlinger has a kind, warm spirit when your in her presence.
My wife and I have the highest regard for Dr. Chen, his colleagues and the entire medical staff at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Dr. Chen was able to excise a malignant mass from one of my kidneys and, in so doing, 'cure' me of cancer. He was able to employ the latest 'state of the art' surgical equipment to spare most of the kidney and minimize my recovery time. Dr. Chen has our admiration, our respect and, of course, our profound gratitude.
Dr. Thomay was wonderful and his PA is awesome, any questions I had they were able to answer.
Dr. Thomay was very skilled, efficient and compassionate! He was very honest regarding possible complications--none of which occurred. He personally, stopped and checked on me during recovery. I was very impressed with him and his staff.
Dr. Geynisman is an angel on earth. My husband was truly blessed to have been treated by him until his passing. He is very down to earth & made sure my husband was receiving the latest treatments & took a very personal interest in his condition. I have never met a Doctor like him before this. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to be treated for kidney cancer. He is up to date on all the latest treatments. We would not have had the extra time with my husband if it wasn't for him.
Dr. Geynisman has been my husband's oncologist for 1 1/2 years now, and he's always been very kind, straightforward, honest in answering hard questions, and his treatments have undoubtedly lengthened my husband's life. He listens carefully, takes all the time we need at appointments, and always calls back when my husband calls him between appointments, even if he can't return the call until the evening. He's excellent.
Fantastic physician. Very thoughtful and caring.
He is brilliant and caring, You don't have to deal with his ego as one does with so many Drs.
The surgery was flawless, far exceeded my expectations.
Knowledgable, took the time to answer questions, trustworthy, friendly, I would definitely recommend her.
Dr.Smaldone did my surgery on April 14, 17. Prior before the surgery , she was very compassion , sympathetic as she discussed the expectation of the surgery and the outcome. Dr. Smaldone is and excellent doctor and has great bedside manner. I feel bless to be her patient. Even her nurse and her nurse assistant are great and has such compassion for her patients.
I saw Dr Martin earlier this week. Wonderful doctor. Communicative, knowledgeable, proactive, compassionate.
Dr Martin spent considerable time with me, discussing my condition, the options for treatment and a variety of possible clinical trials that might be available. She answered many questions, and then reviewed the answers to be certain I understood. She was kind, respectful, knowledgeable and thorough.
Wonderful doctor ~ I highly recommend Dr. Smaldone.
He is very compassionate person and excellent surgeon.
From the first time I met Dr. Kutikov and his staff, I was confident that he was the right surgeon for my partial nephrectomy procedure. Consultations, pre-op, surgery, and post-op went extremely well. Great surgical skills and wondering consultative bed-side manners. I would recommend Dr. Kutikov, without reservations.
I did my homework to find the best doctor for my situation based on eduction, training, experience, patient feedback, standing within his field, and hospital affilation. The this led me to Dr. Kutikov. What started as a series of high PSA levels led to a diagnosis of prostate cancer and a robotic assisted nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy. The results were all at the most favorable end of the normal range. I have no reservations about recommending Dr. Kutikov.
Dr. Mantia-Smaldone is a bright, extremely competent surgeon, who also has a great bedside manner. From the moment I met her, I had confidence in her ability, and I knew I was in good hands. She did an excellent job with my surgery, managing to keep it laparoscopic despite some unexpected challenges. I highly recommend Dr. Mantia-Smaldone.
Caring... thorough... simply excellent. The finest MD I've ever been served and treated by.
Disinterested lackadaisical approach to patient care and well being. Does not proactively warn about or monitor life threatening medication side effects.
Joan is an energetic and caring practitioner. She really cares about her patients and gives them 100%. She is highly competent.
Dr Horwitz has performed life saving medical work on me. A great doctor that a patient can trust
He's amazing! I was visiting from Los Angeles when I started feeling great discomfort. He helped so much and is such a nice man.
Appointment scheduled quickly. Dr. King is a caring surgeon with a very capable staff and an excellent reputation with the floor nurses st Fox Chase.
There couldn't be a more arrogant and condescending dr or man!!
I have seen Dr. King since August 2008 and continue to see her even though she is about an hour from my home. She is very patient in answering all of my questions no matter how long or tedious they seem to me. She also performed my surgery and the followup after that was excellent. I contacted her once at 2am and she called me right back since I was worried about some symptoms I was having. I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing any issues of a gynecologic nature.
He is really the king at Fox Chase.
Dr. Greenberg performed robotic prostatectomy 9 years ago. After 9 years of negligible PSA tests I completed care under Dr. Greenberg and am cancer free. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg to anyone needing prostrate cancer counseling and medical treatment. Frank P.
Dr. Haber is kind, intelligent, compassionate, and extremely professional. Ive been a patient of Dr. Haber's for several years, and I've always been impressed with his personality, medical knowledge, and his authentic, natural ability to relate not only to his patients, but to his staff as well. Dr. Haber is a Top Doc!
I really have nothing bad to say a bout this Dr. , but my experience with his nurse in the Elkins park office was very bad..I told the Dr once a bout her ,how she never call , she gave me an appointment and never call me back to tell me that it's canceled,she tell you that she goon do staff for you but never dose,a total nightmare..now i have to find another Dr. and start all over...
I was diagnosed with colon cancer in June 2015. I met Dr Hall then the first time that we met I know then that I made the right choice coming to Fox Chase. DR. hall made sure the treatment plan that he put together worked for me and if we needed to make any changes he did that as well it was easy for me to talk to DR. Hall and if at any time I was unsure about anything I could call him at any time and he would get right back too me. Dr. Hall is amazing I couldn't have ask for a better doctor.
Dr. Haber is a dedicated physician. He is kind and caring, and is deeply devoted to understanding not only the science and medicine, but patient care. He has been such a bright spot in the care of my father who is being treated for Asbestos related lung Cancer. He knows not only the lungs, but the industry. He makes my Dad feel understood. This is no small thing. From early morning to late night he is available. 100% pleased.
Able to make patient and family feel confident in the care being provided. Bedside manner approachable during highly stressful time and reassure and reduce anxiety.
Dr. Goodyear was treating my mother for breast cancer 2 years ago at the time we thought she was great that is until my mothers condition worsened and before I knew it she was gone. While she was in the hospital a day before her death they we're confused as to why her breathing was getting worse. She had just had a per scan a few weeks prior and had been reassured by Dr. Goodyear that the cancer was improving and had not spread mor. Only to find out it had spread to lungs and wasn't told.
Dr. Polkampally is the most understanding, patient and caring doctor we have had the good fortune of finding. During a recent emergency care visit at Prineton Plainsboro Hospital for a case associated with the gallbladder, she & the other doctors, gave the utmost care and attention. She was one of the most sympathetic, understanding, kind and gentle doctors we have found in a very long time. Her follow up was most prompt, she cared sincerely for the follow up and took care above and beyond.
Dr. Reddy meets every expectation of a great physician. He's caring, attentive to questions/concerns, skillful, and patient. My mother is more than satisfied with his care, and commitment. She appreciates his service, and is so very thankful.
Dr. Patel did my reconstruction surgery and I could not be happier. My appearance is near flawless due to his expertise. He has a great professional bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone going thru breast cancer.
I recently had surgery at Foxchase for removal of cancerous carcinoid tumors of the small intestine. My surgeon, Dr. Sanjay Reddy explained the situation very clearly and simply before the surgery. His friendly manner, optimism and confidence were very reassuring at a difficulty time. I have recovered very quickly and credit this to Dr. Reddy's outstanding surgical skills. I am deeply grateful to this knowledgeable, skilled and kind physician.
Dr. Plimack is a caring, sincere person. She is very knowledgeable in her field and an outstanding physician over-all. She really focuses on her patients and listens to their concerns. Her recommendations and treatment options were really explained in layman's terms and made us feel like we had a say in how treatment was delivered. Her suggestion to consider a clinical trial has given us hope as we continue to see positive results in scans and blood tests. Thank you, Dr. Plimack and team.
I have been a patient of Dr. Ridge since 2008 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer. Today, I am almost 96 years old. Dr. Ridge was a GOD sent to me and I am grateful. He is an excellent surgeon, caring and sensitive toward the needs of his patients, and has always made sure that I received the best care. I have the utmost confidence in his professional expertise and skill. Albeit, he can be tough on me when I need him to be. I highly recommend Dr. Ridge and his staff at Fox Chase.
I was diagnosed with colon Cancer June2015. I met Dr. Reddy I know that God has blessed him in position to do what was needed for me. Dr. Reddy performed laparoscopic surgery July 2016 the surgery was successful my recovery time is moving along smoothly, Dr. Reddy is a phenomenal surgical doctor, my family and I are grateful for him I would recommend Dr.Reddy and Fox Chase. Thank you so much Dr.Reddy Kenya Meredith
Dr Reddy is a very nice and personal doctor ,he made me very comfortable when I first met him for my first apportionment. He was also very informative which also gave us a peach of mind. Also want to thank the staff for being helpful and friendly.
Dr Ridge is extremely knowledgable, thorough and compassionate. He takes immediate action to cure the health problem. I thank the Lord that Dr Ridge became my doctor and recommend him highly.
Skilled surgeon who was always professional, kind, courteous, and compassionate.
My experience with Dr Uzzo has been nothing but positive. His expertise is well documented but his personality helps to complete the package that embodies everything one hopes for in a specialist. My concerns about my surgery evaporated with our first meeting. My consultations have each included in-depth discussions and descriptions of any test results, scans, etc. I have never felt rushed. I absoluted recommend him to anyone without reservation.
Finding the right Doctor for my cancer required starting in the best place possible and Dr. Robert Uzzo and Fox Chase Cancer Center was definitely the right choice and fit for me. Dr. Uzzo first and foremost had the direct professional experience to help treat my cancer. His approach was focused, through, friendly and caring. Dr. Uzzo gave me the information that I needed to make an informed decision about the surgery that was needed to treat my cancer. He is simply the best at what he does.
My experience with Dr Uzzo was and is a feeling of confidence and compassion! He always answers any questions that I have and I thank him for the good life that I enjoy now! Dr. Uzzo will always have my thanks for his dedication Mark Gottlieb
Proactively treating me for bladder cancer for 16 years. He is the best.
Very caring, spent lots of time with me.
Dr. Uzzo is an expert in his field (urology) and a caring and communicative doctor. His support staff of nurses, interns, Physicians' Assistants, secretaries and staff are all very capable, friendly and dedicated.
I highly recommend Dr. Viterbo. She combines the skill expertise with her compassion for her patients. She tells it like it is, but in a way that is understandable and presents options available. Can't go wrong with her. Post prostatectomy 6 years this December because of prostate cancer. She used the The da Vinci? Surgical System.
KInd, caring, thorough
Dr. Zaorsky was fantastic and called me back with all of my results.
Dr. Viterbo performed my robotic-assisted prostatectomy (prostate removal) at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, nearly six years ago. She is not only a skilled surgeon; her manner is pleasant, encouraging, kind and positive. My follow-up visits with her werepleasant and she was always positive and encouraging, with helpful advice. Her advice pre and post surgery was terrific. I recommend Dr.Viterbo to anyone.
The board certified physicians of Fox Chase Cancer Center provide state of the art radiation therapy services to the patients of the Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic area. Russian
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