What a bunch of idiots. I wouldn't let them treat my wife's cat and I don't even like cats.
Jennifer is one of the kindest and most patient care providers I've ever worked with. She always has time for that extra question or a more detailed explanation. She is never condescending or dismissive. She is great will all ages. I just don't know what our family would do if she ever left the practice.
After the Palmerton Hospital ER Dr. told me go home and take Tylenol for headaches following a serious concussion, I was unsure if I should follow up with my family physician. Kudos to the receptionist, Brenda, for urging me to definitely see the doctor as I listed my symptoms. Thank you Dr. Panik for immediately getting me into the Concussion Trauma Center. With damage to the balance & memory areas of the brain, and a few months of therapy, my life should return to normal.
Always a good experience with Dr. Fluke. Good listener. i trust in what she says.
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