I have been a patient of Dr. Talsania' for several years. Besides being a excellent surgeon , very caring, he always listens to your issues.. The results of the surgery have always been excellent.. I have recommended him to several friends and they are also very pleased with him. There has never been a time that I had an appointment that he never came into the room with his great smile. He is the only on in the Lehigh Vallry that I would go to for my hand surgery because I know the results.
Dr Weiss gave me complete confidence to receive surgery on my wrist that defiantly needed repair. His detailed information, with every step regarding my surgery left me feeling very safe and in good hands. He is a fantastic surgeon and person. I'm so very grateful, and can't thank him enough for getting my wrist back!
My experience with Dr. Talsania is amazing. His skill and "bedside manner" is superb. I found him incredibly easy to talk to and was completely at ease through all my visits with him, including surgery on my hand. I have had many surgical procedures in my lifetime - all quite satisfactory - but my experience with Dr. Talsania, it's OAA, and with the surgery center exceeded them all by far!
Can't say enough about Dr. Jay, opening up an appt for me after an ER visit and taking care of my medical needs was so greatly appreciated. It was so important to see a DR ASAP because I was in such pain and he did just that for me. Was my first visit to Dr. Jay and he knew exactly what was wrong and prescribed the right medication and my hand is now pain free. Thank you SO Much Dr. Jay.
I would have given Dr. Wertz 3 stars, but it seems that all orthopedic docs are fixated upon shooting cortisone into your back to solve back issues. The good doctor was very attentive and seemed moderately interested in my case. However, when the cortisone shots did nothing for he advised to to look elsewhere for help. No counseling as to a recommended specialist that he might know. Again, this seems to be the lot of most orthopedics guys these days..."Sorry the shots did not work, see you later
Very knowledgeable and personal. Instills confidence i his abilities. Recommended to friends and family.
Dr. Weiss was absolutely outstanding as was every member of his staff. He immediately diagnosed the problem with my hand that had baffled another doctor, and performed the surgical procedure flawlessly. For the first time in years, I the nagging pain in my finger is completely gone. I couldn't be happier, would highly recommend Dr. Weiss to anyone.
I had previously seen an orthopedic group in Pottstown for lower back pain. After two injections I received no relief. I decided to search for a second opinion. I read through many reviews, and decided on Dr Wertz. I drove an hour to see Dr. Wertz. Dr Wertz reviewed my history and looked at my MRI, and determined what should be done. Two days after my first visit I was in the Surgery Center Allentown. I am happy with the results so far. I would recommend Dr Wertz to family and friends.
My mother used Dr. Weiss for hand surgery - trigger finger & knew her experience was positive. No reason to do have confidence in his professionalism.
I've been a patient of Dr. Sorrento's for almost 10 years. After numerous foot surgeries and continued pain, I took a chance that Dr. Sorrento would not be like previous doctors and give up on me. He has stuck by me through foot surgeries, an ankle fracture and chronic pain. I trust his decision and he takes the time to explain when I have a question. Comforting for me to know he is there when needed.
Dr Weis is wonderful. I went to him for a second opinion on surgery and thank god I did. He had me up and walking after 5 months of chronic back pain. He looked at my MRI and said I can fix this is 1 hour and by god he did. If you have back problems this IS THE MAN TO SEE!! IIt was a miracle. I wish I knew about him earlier I would not have suffered so long. I was bed ridden for 2 months getting the run around from idiot do tors wanting to hack me up. I saw him once and 5 days later was surger
I had surgery performed by Dr. Weis 2 months ago and I am ecstatic with the results. He takes the time to explain the condition and how to rectify it. I fully recommend him and his staff for anybody who is currently dealing with back pain/injuries. Thanks again!
He is patient, gives you options and lets you decide - does not push. And he is an excellent doctor/surgeon!
Spot on diagnosis, gave me all the options for recovery and let me choose the one that works best for me. Pleasant staff, especially Lisa and Kelsey. Had an acute issue and was seen same day. Within 2 days the situation was resolving because of proper diagnosis.... many Thanks!
Very poor communication regarding my ankle issues. Barely said a word to me throughout my examination even when I asked specific questions. Find another doctor.
I have full confidence in Dr. Weiss and his surgical abilities. He had an extensive knowledge about my condition and the surgical outcomes further indicate this. Would recommend him without reservation!
Very Friendly and personable. Really listens to your concerns.
Five minute visit. Did not even offer any suggestions, ask us if we had any questions. Ask to see me walk all of three feet. Just very cold towards us maybe because of another Doctors imprint all over my back and neck. Just did not seem compassionate at all. Felt my feet through my shoes. Worst Doctor visit I ever had. Would not recommend to anyone.
Dr Seetharaman is great! My dad out of blue became practically crippled not being able to get up and down out of a chair by himself.. after being active all of his life. We went to several doctors and specialists and no one knew what was wrong with him. Within one visit, Dr Seetharaman was able to tell us what was wrong and help my dad. Within 2 days he was back to moving around now is back to his old self thanks to this wonderful doctor! She is also very nice and calming. Wonderful Choice !
This is one of the worst interactions I have had with a physician. He yawned in my face when he sat down with me and acted like he was totally bored. My issue is arthritis in my thumb joint and I don't think he was too interested in helping . He explained options but did not really point me in any direction.
I went to Dr Talsania for hand and wrist pain for several years. Was very comfortable with him and my appts. He talked with you and gave you options for now and for later. Would definitely recommend him for hand issues and would return if needed to have doctor again.
Did a fantastic job on my wrist. Removed a large bone spur and carpal tunnel surgery. Career saver for me. Thank you!
Dr. Talsania is a brilliant surgeon & physician! He's passionate about health & healing! His enthusiasm is contagious! He's respectful & kind. ALWAYS goes the extra mile for his patients to help them heal. I was in excruciating pain from falling on my wrist & fracturing it. He operated, inserted a titanium plate & because of his superior medical expertise I regained 100% functioning of my hand. I've had 3 unrelated hand surgeries & these were ALL successful! Dr. Talsania is the BEST!
Very abrupt with you doing visit. He did not take the time to listen...just moved you on. Did not review MRI, said will look at it later..
I've been a patient of his since 2005, he has done very extensive work on both my feet. And currently dealing with my ankle. He has always been everything I want in my Dr. I've probably been in his office 60 times and not one complaint...other than being thirsty and I was givin a drink..
The doctor was barely involved in the physical examination of my broken foot on all visits. He was not only extremely vague on the diagnosis, though Xrays and MRI had been done, but he also neglected to notice that the swelling and soreness had not changed in three weeks, even when I mentioned it to him. He really seemed disinterested in my condition, and did nothing to address these ongoing symptoms.I would never recommend, but would discourage anyone from choosing him. He is bad for OAA;s name
He was not careful or caring. Poor patient interaction.
Calm, reassuring, knowledgable, confident
After being checked in by a very nice person I was quickly taken to an exam room 5 minutes before my appointment time. I then waited in that exam room for 40 minutes until Dr. Sorrento came into the room, barely acknowledged me, typed a few notes in the computer, quickly took care of my problem and left. I tried to ask him a few questions because I have a lot of problems with my feet and he was very short with me and it almost seemed like I was bothering him. I will not be returning to him.
What a great Person/Dr.! He is a marvelous surgeon and individual; straight forward and always thinking about the patient. I have had the opportunity to meet many individuals in political & private life that have made an impact on my life...........add Dr. Jeff to that list. I HIGHLY recommend him; he eliminated a pain I have been living with for months. He is a keeper.
Dr Falatyn is a dedicated professional. His attention to detail in reviewing my case was stellar. He was thorough in explaining the situation, my options, the net risks and the possible outcomes. His staff at OAA are off the chart amazing. Appointments were seamless and pre-op appointments were scheduled at the speed of light. The facility and staff at Center for Orthopedic Medicine-Tilghman are PHENOMENAL. .
Dr. McConnell did a fantastic job on my cervical disks. I healed very quickly after the surgery with no complications. I am sure I chose the right team of doctors to treat my condition. THANK YOU!!
Would highly recommend anyone with back problems to see Dr. McConnell. He is very knowledgeable and will try all means to correct your health problems and will make you feel like new and be able to correct your problem. He is very friendly and explains in detail what your outcome to your recovery will be.i am very thankfull to have him for my Dr.
In my opinion he has a God complex. He may be a very good surgeon, but he is not my choice in a surgeon. His personality is very abrasive. He didn't even take the time to go over my x-rays with me. I will not be returning.
Awesome doctor, highly recommend him to my family and friends.
For 3 years I walked around with severe neck pain. Seriously, I had to flex my shoulders and neck to get relief. 2 years ago, Dr. Fayyazi operated on me, I received a fusion in my neck. I have absolutely "Zero" pain in my neck. I am very grateful for this talented surgeon. Thank you Dr. Fayyazi
Dr Corba is an excellent physician, he has a great bedside manner and answers all of my questions.
When no one else helped Dr. Corba did, I am eternally grateful for his expertise and compassionate care. He is so down to earth, actually listens and takes his time to explain all your questions & concerns, You never feel rushed!! Thank you Dr. Corba all Doctors should be like you. and truly care about your patients!!!
Dr Corba was recommended by a friend who is a nurse. My mother was in and out of the hospital since Dec. he has been the first doctor who truly listened and explained to our family what could be done to improve her quality of life with having multiple compression fractures. We are grateful to have someone like him in our community. . Recommend him highly.
I began seeing Dr Corba after an auto accident and after seeing several other doctors in the area who were unable, too busy and/or just wanted to write me a script for pain meds and send me on my way. Dr Corba took the time to listen, care, explain and find a plan so I could get back to my active life with less pain. Even going the extra mile taking time to explain tests another doctor ordered but failed to explain - if you're in pain and want help getting back to your life - he's the guy!
If he tells you that you're still gonna have pain even after he does a total knee replacement, run, don't walk to another doctor because he will make sure that's what happens just so he is right. It has been one year and had 4 months of therapy. My pain is worse than it was before the surgery and my prosthetic clicks and is very lax. So sorry I ever went to him.
Dr. McConnell has helped me to the point where my quality of life has improved 100%. He extremely friendly, very good bed side manners and he listens to you and explains everything, He will answer every question you have and give you the best and worst case scenario. I would highly recommend him.
My first time to see a pain specialist, and after thoroughly going through my history, showing me my MRI , Dr. Corba and I decided on which plan of treatment would work best for me. Before leaving the room he asked if I had any further questions or concerns. I can not say enough about his professionalism, yet comforting way of putting you at ease. I was recommended to see him through a very good friend and I will definitely be passing along his name to anyone who needs a good pain specialist!
Kind, honest, and professional doctor who is timely, listens, and doesn't rush any aspect of your medical care. He performed my surgery for 2 herniated discs and I couldn't be happier with the treatment and results.
I am a 5+year patient of Dr.Fayyazi. I have had two surgeries performed both with outstanding outcomes! Would highly recommend anyone who has back issues to see him!
Dr McConnell is one of a kind as far as surgeons go, I was a nurse for 40years and I've dealt with many Physicians ,and especially surgeons, can have a degree of difficulty with taking time and talking with their patients. Dr. McConnell always sits down to discuss your care plan and never makes you feel rushed. His skill as a Surgeon gave me back my life 8years ago when I had my first lumbar fusion , after 3 more I can say No one else will ever touch my spine , Thank you Dr. McConnell
Dr. McConnell is a highly skilled surgeon. My lumbar fusion has been a positive experience from beginning in January to now. Dr. follows you for a full year to make sure your back is healing properly. His staff and the Physician Assistants are friendly and caring. I have been singing his praises all over Northeast PA.
A six to eight week wait to get in, a bedside manner that leaves a lot to be desired and the arrogance of a pro-wrestler. Seek treatment elsewhere - he's not worth it! Years ago he was good but he has lost touch with reality in the last few years. Maybe it's the fact that OAA is losing ground in the market and he's an owner? No idea, but he's not what he used to be, which was professional!
I've been both patient & nurse for 50 yrs.& found Dr.Batista a refreshing example of WHAT a Dr. should be- competent,skillful to the max. , professional,& most of all TRULY CARING of his patients. THERE AREN'T MANY LIKE HIM AROUND TODAY.
I first met with Dr. Fayyazi last August 4th, 2016. I had sever lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain shooting down my left leg. Dr. Fayyazi was very up front with me and after looking at my x-rays he assured me that he would make me better. After all the hoopla with the insurance company going through their process with PT I finally got my surgery in October. I had total confidence in Dr. Fayyazi. He explained everything on what to expect post op (didn't leave me any questions to ask).
Trusted practitioner and surgeon. Easy to speak with
Love Dr. Hawk! Love his constant smile! He obviously loves his work, and the results! I love my 2 new knees! Thank you for a wonderful job, and for your 'congenial bedside manner'!
I hand a wrist fracture last year followed by carpal tunnel in the same hand. The fracture occurred while traveling, so the initial care was elsewhere. De Battista did my follow up care when I returned home. I liked him a lot, very knowledgeable and personable. I developed carpal tunnel, and he did surgery. I had good recovery.
I have been a patient of Dr. Pollice's since 2009, when I had my first hip replacement. I find that he is a caring individual as well as an excellent surgeon who supplied all the information I needed to make decisions on my healthcare. He was also very helpful when the manufacturer recalled the hip implanted. He kept me well informed about everything when the company recalled the hip. He took care of the revision of that hip. I would be happy to refer other people to him & his staff.
I had back surgery Monday April 24th. Prior to my surgery I had an evaluation meeting with Dr. Falatyn. He explained in detail what he saw on my MRI and what needed to be done to correct my back problem. He also touched base on what to expect post surgery. He was right on the dot with everything he said during this evaluation meeting. I consider him a top surgeon in his field and would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
Have seen Dr Corba several times and he is a great guy and has eased my pain level.
She is caring, thorough, takes the time necessary to explain the condition and treatment options and makes you feel you are like a family member. Her compassion for her patient is uplifting and it is more than half the cure.
I called to make an appointment for my knee with this dr, When I called they asked if I had surgery on the knee and I said yes over 15 yrs ago for a torn cartilage. They said they had to talk to the dr first before they would make an appointment with me. The office called back 2 days later to get more info. They said they wouldn't let me make an appointment because I'm on the heavy side. They said he wouldn't operate on me because of my weight. They told me to go somewhere else.
I went to Dr. McConnell for a herniated disc at L3. I had tried conservative treatment for 3 months and 3 epidurals with minimal improvement. I was quite impressed with the assessment performed by the APRN. However Dr. McConnell was the complete opposite. He didn't listen to what I was saying and told me that people "walk around with this all the time". He offered no solutions. I felt he dismissed my symptoms and his attitude and arrogance left no opportunity for further conversation.
I have recommended Dr.McConnell to friends and family. My brother is considering coming from New Jersey to have Dr. McConnell operate on his back - my brother, who researches everything, was very very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and impressed with my doctor. I have been in terrible pain for a number of years and now I am happy to say the pain is gone thanks to Dr. McConnell. I cannot thank him enough for what he did and I must include his wonderful staff in my praise.
Simply the best.
Having suffered for a very long time I felt I needed to see a specialist for my problem- My wife had been to Dr. McConnelll several years earlier, and had her back corrected by him- that being said along with my wife's complete recovery I said it was my turn- well what can I say- I am 7 weeks out from my surgery and 100% back- Thanks Dr. McConnell- the reason for 5 stars is not fair as he deserves many more then 5-
Argued with me about everything I said. Egomaniac is the perfect description for him. He doesnt listen to what you say but zones in on something and just starts to lecture and will not be interrupted to get back to the problem. My surgery was 5 months ago and i expected to be in great shape by now. I still have pain occasionally and difficulty on steps and rising from a seated position. When I tried to tell him I still had pain he tried to convince me it was totally unrelated to my knee.
Absolutely Awesome! Wish she was my family doctor. Caring, nice, down to earth and took time to explain everything to me and I never felt like she was rushing out to see the next patient. I wish every doctor I saw had this wonderful bedside manner. Truly a wonderful person!!
Dr Corba is an excellent medical professional and I have and will continue to recommend him to my affiliates. I have had a number of occasions to use his pain management facilities with excellent success . I have served for over 35 years on hospital trustee positions in the Philadelphia area and can recognize professional criteria and capabilities.
After meeting with several spinal surgeons (kind of a big decision) Dr. McConnell was the only one who took the time to ask about me and the kind of lifestyle I live and want to continue living. He explained the pros & cons and everything in between. After an hour of speaking with Dr. McConnell my choice was easy. And i'm glad to say 2 months after my surgery I made the correct decision.
Felt confident with Dr. Police.
Dr Battista absolutely delivered on his promise of quick and complete recovery. I'm 3 days post surgery and already want to plan other hand for carpel tunnel. Friendly, personable and thorough. Glad I took the time to research my options of where to go. Needs a Temple owls surgicap.
I researched surgeons prior to having a 2 level ACDF. Dr. McConnell specializes in this surgery and does a lot of them. I certainly asked my peers (RNs) for recommendations and Dr. McConnell's name came up consistently. My experience with him: - very courteous - took the time I needed to have my questions answered during office visits and pre-op - readily available post surgery (as was his PA, Kelly)
Both the doctor and nurse were not friendly and patient.
Dr McConnell turned my life around. I had a very serious bike accident summer of 2015 that left me in severe pain. PT did not help. He replaced a cervical disc in Feb 2016. As of now i am completely pain free and have resumed my activities with full motion of my neck. Back to biking and skiing.
Dr. Battista operated on my left hand for carpal tunnel surgery. I had great results. Would definitely recommend. I can not believe how fast my hand is healing.
After suffering a neck injury in a late 2013 car accident, I had hit rock bottom by the summer of 2016. I had failed all conservative therapy. It was time for surgery, and there was only one surgeon with the knowledge and expertise to perform my two level cervical disc replacement, Dr. Jeff McConnell. I'm nearly six months postop, and my life has changed dramatically. I'm once again pain free, active, and most importantly I am happy. I am very grateful for Dr. M. and his staff's great care.
My experience with Dr. McConnell was very positive and I was very happy to have been referred to this very compassionate and patience doctor. He thoroughly explained what he was going to do and how long my recoverey would probably take. At the time I came to Dr. M I was in constant pain and was just existing. I now have a positive outlook and I can't thank Dr. McConnell enought.
I appreciate Dr. McConnell's expertise, ability and willingness to answer all of my questions. He was confident and comforting each time I talked to him prior to my surgery, even the morning of. What sticks with me most, however, was the morning after my surgery. Dr. McConnell very humbly sat next to my bed and thoroughly explained my surgical procedure . No ego, no interns, no students, just my doctor and me, talking. You know you can trust him and the proof is in the results: NO MORE PAIN. :)
Went for herniated disc between L4 and L5 pushing on the nerve causing pain down my left leg .Dr McConnell and staff did a great job preformed out patient surgery O.A.A. did a great job with scheduling everything, would highly recommend for all medical needs
I had cervical disc replacement on 9-28-16. I had pain in my neck and arms and shoulders and tingling in my hands or i had Dr.McConnell do the surgery. It was a success. I have no pain anywhere. I would recommend Dr.Jeffrey McConnell to anyone friends or family. Thank you again Dr. McConnell.
Best in class. I needed pretty significant work on my ankle: arthroscopy for loose bodies, plus open-incision work to repair torn ligaments and a damaged tendon. The entire experience has been flawless, from pre-op diagnosis to the surgery to post-op. That kind of surgery isn't pleasant, but my recovery has been a close to textbook as you can get. My physical therapist (not affiliated with Palumbo) said it's one of the best ankle repairs he has ever seen. I recommend without reservation.
I have recommended Dr. Falatyn to many people. He correctly diagnosed my back condition, and I needed 2 very complex surgeries within a week to completely address the problems. This was only 3 months ago . For the first time in almost 20 years, I am pain free! I sleep through the night and am walking longer distances than I have ever been able to do. Dr. Falatyn is a problem solver, and he approaches the problem in many different ways. He is kind, compassionate and gave me my life back.
took time with me and answered all my questions
Dr. Falatyn combines professional long-term knowledge with excellent patient care. I highly recommend him.
Went there for 2nd opinion on workers comp case & this doctor could not have been more rude to me. Wow, he didn't believe any of my documented symptons & was practically calling me a liar. I advise anybody here go to coordinated health they will treat you like a person. This place outright sucks
After more than a year of dealing with back pain, other specialists -- both locally and in Philadelphia -- and PT, I found Dr. Corba. His efforts and treatment bought me six (6) additional years before my back finally simply gave up and surgery became the only viable option. I will be forever grateful to him for his patience, understanding and help through a very painful and frustrating time for me.
When I suddenly began experiencing severe back problems (couldn't walk) Dr. Falatyn was on-call for the emergency room. He took the time to understand my perspective on the situation and calm my fears and was extremely patient with my insistence that, before I made any decision, I wanted to check him out with my personal physician -- who gave him the highest marks. He was similarly understanding with my desire to go home, rather than to a rehab facility. His follow-up was also wonderful
Dr. Pollice was recommended to me by 4 fellow employees that had gone to him for replacements. I would high recommend him to anyone who needs to have knee replacements.
I have only good things to say about Dr. McConnell and the staff at OAA. He provided excellent explanations about the problem and how it could be fixed. The out patient, minimally invasive micro-discectomy alleviated all the pain associated with my herniated disc. I was able to return to work sooner than expected. I was pain free for two years. I think I would have continued like that had I not fallen and re-injured that same disc. He went in again, removed the herniation and I'm again pain free
I was a 59 year old, large woman. I had knee surgery in 2014.My experience was excellent. All staff was considerate, Appointments were easy to schedule. I was seen with no more than a 10 minute wait on multiple occasions.The facilities were new, clean and great parking area (valet parking available). After suffering for 15 years, i finally was able to have knee surgery. The results have been great, I have no pain except for mild discomfort with rain. I can now walk my dogs, and go back to work
My experience with Dr Pollice was exceptional. My knee replacement surgeries were both uneventful and comfortable for me. I experienced minimal discomfort and am enjoying a life without pain at every step or movement. I highly recommend Dr Pollice. Everything was explained clearly and comfortably.
I've been using Dr. Pollice for years now. He came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. His knowledge, skills and patient interaction is second to none. He also has a top notch staff to boot...He replaced both of my mother's knees also and she has been living pain free for year. Now my wife has started to see him for her knee issues and I feel confident henough will provide the same consistent care to her. I highly recommend you consider Dr. Pollice...
I had my other arm (right) with tennis elbow done by dr Mcdaid and my experience again was just as great as the 1st time with my left arm. I would recommend him to my family, friends and anyone w hand / arm issues.
I had double knee replacements done by Dr. Pollice. I went into the surgery confident with my decision and my choice of physicians. One year after the surgery, I am completely satisfied with Dr. Pollice, his staff and my outcome.
He listened to my concerns about surgery. Dr. Pollice spent a considerable amount of time explaining the alternatives to knee surgery that should be explored first. We started a program of cortisone and viscos-supplement injections. My knee feels significantly better.
How they allow this man to practice at OAA and continue to represent OAA is....INSANE! RUDE! Zero bedside manner, arrogant, and unprofessional. Asking a question is the same as asking him for a million dollars. He countless times acts as though ANY question is not only annoying but makes you feel like an idiot! If you question your own treatment he dismisses you and suggests getting another opinion. Do us all a favor Dr. Corba- either remember your supposed to be a Dr or RETIRE!
I had double knee replacements a year ago and I have had knee pain ever since. On follow up visits Dr Pollice tells me my knees are fine and he doesn't even want to hear any complaints. On my recent visit I tried to explain my pain and he immediately got defensive and verbally accosted me for interrupting him. He promptly told me if I didn't like his diagnosis to see another doctor, which I will do and never recommend Dr Pollice to anyone.
It's been 4 yrs since I had a double knee replacement with doctor Pollice. I have not spent a day without knee pain since the surgery. I have difficulty walking, climbing steps and sitting down on the toilet. I lay in bed with knee pain at night. He did not take the time to explain what the procedure was going to entail before surgery. After the surgery, he has no explanation for why my results have turned out so poorly. I was fit before the surgery and still exercise for my limited mobility.
Great Doctor! All around great experience.
Very knowledgeable Doctor. Explains everything he is going to do prior to surgery. At the follow up visit took the time to explain and show me everything he did. I already recommended two of my friends to him. Fantastic Dictor with a great staff.
She's great!!! She listens and treats you as a whole person.
I was impressed with how quickly he put me at ease. I would recommend him to my friends!
I would tell anyone family and friends that Dr. Brislin is first class he was very helpful in listening to my shoulder problems and giving me every option to operate now or down the road explaining there is a chance I might need it done later in my lifetime again he first class
Dr. Falatyn is more concerned with his expertise (scoliosis ) than with patients symptoms. My back fusion (T12-L4) from 4 years ago is a total failure and has left me with more issues than before surgery. He was proud of straightening the curve but failed to address the issues at L4 L5. I am now disabled with permanent nerve damage in my feet, constant pain when standing and walking. My opinion is to see a neuro surgeon if you need spine surgery.
Dr. Pollice came highly recommended to me and after my initial visit I better understand why. Dr. P did a thorough evaluation, and carefully (and kindly) explained to me appropriate surgical options, answering most of my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. I feel I am in very good hands with Dr. P., which adds greatly to my peace of mind and gives me an optimistic outlook.
I had neck fusion performed by Dr Fayyazi it never felt right. I went back to Dr Fayyazi numerous times they would do an xray and he said it was fine. I had gotten a second opinion they did an mri and a catscan turns out my one disc never fused correctly. I am not happy at all with Dr Fayyazi.
I was 24 when I had my back injury I tried a lot of doctors no one could help me then DR. MCCONNELL took a MIR and found my problem he did surgery on my back and I am 42 today and still my back is great although as I get older arthritis makes it hurt some but I went from not being able to work for a year to working! I am now a nurse and I will never be able to thank u enough Dr. McConnell for what u did!!! I wish he was around Brostol TN still for my husband that has back problems!!
Amazing results from my total hip replacement by Dr. Anbari. Discharged from hospital next day, pain free. Dr. Anbari explains all aspects of procedure as well as recovery time. Was well cared for by Dr. Anbari. Felt very comfortable and confident that I was getting the best care. Highly recommend Dr. Anbari for joint replacement.
Dr McDaid is very friendly and knowledgeable. The office was well run and efficient.
I had a very complicated knee injury. Dr. Hawkins did a great job of repairing my fractured patella and torn tendon. His bedside manner was the best I have ever seen. His staff is wonderful if you have questions they give you all the time and attention you need. I highly recommend Dr Hawkins and OAA
OAA Orthopaedic Specialists is a team of 24 orthopaedic surgeons and physicians specializing in: total joint reconstruction, spine & scoliosis; sports medicine; physiatry and physical medicine; hand and upper extremities; trauma and reconstructive surgery; rhuematology; general orthopaedics and work injuries. Spanish
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Revision Of Shoulder Or Elbow Replacement
Shoulder Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Spinal Compression Fracture Repair
Synovial Biopsy
Wrist Fusion
Ankle Replacement
Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery
Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, Open
Complex Spinal Deformity Correction
Elbow Arthroscopy
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Emg (Electromyography)
Excision Of Femur Or Knee
Excision Of Scapula, Clavicle, Rib, Or Sternum
Foot And Ankle Dislocationtreatment, Open
Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment
Hip Replacement Revision
Nerve Destruction By Neurolytic Agent
Shoulder Fracture Treatment
Wrist Ligament Reconstruction
Wrist Reconstruction
Wrist Surgery
Achilles Tendon Reconstruction
Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair
Achilles Tenotomy
Ankle Fracture Repair
Ankle Fusion
Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement
Anterior Cervical Microdiscectomy With Fusion
Arthroscopic Joint Surgery
Arthroscopic Labrum Repair
Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Arthroscopic Shoulder Reconstruction
Arthroscopic Surgery
Artificial Disc Replacement
Brain Surgery
Bunion Surgery
Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, Endoscopic
Cerebrospinal Fluid (Csf) Shunt - Insertion, Repair Or Removal
Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement
Cervical Disc Replacement
Cervical Herniated Disc Surgery
Cervical Spine Reconstruction
Cervical Spine Surgery
Complex Spinal Reconstruction
Complex Spine Surgery
Craniectomy, Craniotomy, Surgery Of Skull Base, Neuroendoscopy
Disc Arthroplasty
Disc Replacement
Endoscopic Hand Surgery
Endoscopic Spinal Surgery
Endoscopic Wrist Surgery
Epidural Steroid Injections
Excision Of Radius Or Ulna
Excision Of Tarsal Or Metatarsal
Facet Joint Injection
Flatfoot Correction
Foot And Ankle Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Foot And Ankle Reconstruction
Fracture Open Reduction And Internal Fixation (Orif)
Hand And Wrist Fusion
Hand Reconstruction
Hand Surgery
Hand Tendon Repair
Herniated Disc Procedure
Hip Arthroscopy
Image-Guided Spine Surgery
Knee Cartilage Repair
Knee Ligament Reconstruction
Knee Resurfacing
Knee Tendon Repair
Kyphosis Surgery
Lower Spine Surgery
Lumbar Disc Replacement
Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery
Lumbar Spine Surgery
Microsurgical Procedure
Microsurgical Spine Surgery
Minimally Invasive Rotator Cuff Repair
Nail Avulsion And Excision
Nerve Block, Sympathetic
Orthopedic Spine Surgery
Pediatric Spine Surgery
Posterior Tibial Tendon Reconstruction
Radial Styloidectomy
Reconstructive Ankle Surgery
Reconstructive Foot Surgery
Rotator Cuff And Labral Repair
Sacroiliac Joint Injection
Shoulder Cartilage Treatment
Shoulder Dislocation Treatment
Shoulder Reconstruction
Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder Resurfacing
Shoulder Stabilizations
Shoulder Surgery
Spinal Decompression
Spinal Discectomy
Spinal Internal Fixation
Spinal Reconstruction
Spinal Tumor Surgery
Spine Fracture Treatment
Spine Surgery
Total Disc Replacement
Total Wrist Replacement
Triple Arthrodesis
Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement
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