She left for another Primary Health office. I was never informed of this until I called to get a refill for a medication I take for mental health issues. She would not call in the refill unless I made a follow up appointment with her at the new location. I have taken this medication for a year and had last seen her just under 3 months ago. At the time she said to return for follow up in 6 months. I rescheduled with another doctor. My supply of meds is now gone and she refuses to refill. Bad!
I'm sure Lori was a good practitioner when she first started. But i feel that she has lost her passion and her drive to treat patients with the care they deserve. Weather or not its the Primary Health Network that caused this or not I can not say. But I felt like I was just another number on a paper. I was not able to talk to her about any health concerns i had. And when i questioned a medication change she got defensive and walked out.
Dr Multari treated me like crap!!!! Every partner he took on, he will refer you to tests in their specialty!! He prescribes only what he wants and only cares about what the DEA says! If you don't do as he says, he'll cut u off cold turkey!! Miserable experience!! The staff is great, him, not so much!!
Very easy to talk to staff very attentive.i would recommend this office with no doubt whatsoever
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Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
Nerve Block, Somatic
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