Awful. Do not go to this doctor if you are a woman and would like your reported symptoms to be taken seriously at all. I have never felt so dismissed by a healthcare professional (for issues I have been seeing doctors regularly for for years).
Dr. Cleven does not seem to empathize or care about at least this patient.His staff is great. I really like his med assistant. However every apt I've had with Dr. Cleven ends in a quick referral to another specialist in the clinic. So much so that I am inclined to think the Dr. is concerned about making The Portland Clinic more money, or is somehow himself getting bonuses for referrals. He won't prescribe any medications either, and Im talking about very appropriate non-narcotic meds.
My app't for an annual medical eye exam with Dr. Allen was very thorough. His manner is reassuring and he performed tests that I hadn't had before with previous ophthalmologists. He took time to answer my questions and I'm confident in his assessments and recommendations.
Dr. Naito saw my wife after a mva. This man has the worst bedside manner of any doctor I have ever seen in my life. She was extremely concussion, and his response to her inability to respond was to be exceeding impatient. Once he realizes she wasn't able to answer his questions, he started to ask me, but was still rude and short. He also didn't even put concussion on the chart...I could not dissuade you enough for how shockingly terrible this experience was.
I have been a patient of Dr. Trafficante's for over ten years. I always felt that he would listen to my symptoms, and was open and honest with me. His diagnoses were always accurate, and his treatment has helped me on many occasions. Thank you Dr. Trafficante.
Dr. Uppal is very knowledgeable about holistic treatment solutions. She brings with knowledge, suggestions, and is upbeat and personable. She is very encouraging through the course of lifestyle changes needed to effectively manage chronic disease. She listens to my suggestions and is open to my ideas for treatment although she likes to review the science for herself. I have recommended her to a number of others. She's a great doc.
Dr. Zusman was very professional and patient with me. I had some nervousness before my initial appointment but he didn't rush me and made sure all my questions were answered. Both he and his nurse were excellent and I would recommend Dr. Zusman to anyone.
Came to Portland as a retired faculty member from the UW-Madison and had a difficult time finding health care. Dr. Christ saved me and booked me into seeing Dr. Crouse who actually went out of his way to make sure that I would have health coverage. Now I have two outstanding medical professionals who listened to my concerns after working in the medical profession for 35 years and not being able to find anyone who would take me on as a client. I couldn't ask for any better doctors.
Dr cooper should retire already. I went to see him as a new patient because I was sick. Without ANY kind of physical examination, he told me I must have anxiety and to see him in a few weeks for a physical!! After suffering another couple weeks to get into see another MD, turns out I have severe thyroid problems!! Thanks buddy!
Shout out to Dr. Allen (ophthalmology). My husband and I go to him annually to monitor our eye health due to risks associated with diabetes. Dr. Allen has a caring confident manner which puts us at ease. He takes his time during the examination and is good at explaining things in simple layman terms. We highly recommend Dr. Allen! Since we have had such positive experiences with Dr. Allen, we are looking at other docs at the Portland Clinic to be our primary care physicians.
He's great! Honest, knowledgeable & caring.
I really enjoy my visits with Dr. Uppal. She is the first physician I've had who approaches issues in a holistic way. She asks about your diet, your social support, chronic issues, mental health, and more. She's just more thorough than most doctors and doesn't immediately try to give you a pill to solve everything and rush you out the door. If you need medication, she will, of course, give you a prescription. But she is more than happy to refer you for massage, other body work, psych care, etc.
First appointment with a urologist, and I am very glad I ended up with Dr. Zusman. Didn't scare me away from taking care of my health, but rather made me feel comfortable enough to make the visits part of my future.
The best way to describe Dr. Hyun is that he is a compassionate professional. During my recent procedure, his manner was exactly what I needed in terms of information, approach, and demeanor.
Great GP! Excellent bedside manner.
Dr. Cooper tends to go slow which I like.
Went in for new doctor for asthma and Gerd was told he would not treat my asthma or Gerd .asthma because I smoke even though I am cutting down trying to quit and was told I was on way to much prilosec I'm only on 40 MG twice a day.he did not perscride anything for me .
Dr. Allen was unable to discern hsv1 on my eyelid from a common sty! I have experienced several hsv1 leisons on my eye lids in the recent past, as well as a sty. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! l will not go back to this doctor and now I am doubting The Portland Clinic in general. Seriously, I am expected to pay a hefty bill for an incorrect diagnosis, as well as home care that is inapproprite for hsv1??? Probably not going to happen, as I will now need to see another opthomologist.
Dr Allen failed to identify an emergency retinal detachment until a whole week after symptoms began. I as a patient was in panic about sudden vision loss and was told that my eyes were completely healthy until I pushed to move up some screening tests where he then was able to identify something was wrong, but even then the diagnosis was off.
Too quick to start poking and cutting!
My mother is in her 90s. For several years I have attended mother's medical appointments with Dr. Naito. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, patient - everything you would want in a physician.
Dr. Zusman is a wonderful, highly skilled physician and surgeon. His care, compassion and concern, his knowledge of latest information, and his surgical expertise saved my life when I was suffering from prostate cancer. I cannot say enough good things about him.

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