Dr. Newberry is awesome and I cannot fathom how anyone on here could think any differently - but t each their own! He cares for me like I am a member of the family. He takes time with me, cares about making me feel better AND my overall health, and even nags me when I need to be nagged. He is everything I could ever want in a primary care doc. Sometimes I need to wait when he is running late, but i don't care. He is taking good care of people before me and I will wait happily for that!
I have seen many doctors at this same clinic and none have been half as helpful as Dr. Young. He listens attentively, takes extensive notes, and is very easy to talk to. I couldn't recommend him enough.
I am 65 years old and feel lucky to have Dr. Clack as my primary care doctor. She is responsive, understanding and great at her job.
Dr. Hortsch has been my heath care provider since 1990. He has listened to the explanation of my health issues and has provided me with what was needed to confront the health problem. Doctor Hortsch is a very compassionate man, highly competent physician and I recommend him without reservation.
I saw her when I was a teenager and in my early 20's a couple times. She never made me feel comfortable. I quit seeing her. My mom sees her. She is in her early 70's and very healthy for her age but does have arrhythmia. Every, single, time she needs an RX refill, there is some sort of confusion on the staff's end regarding the fill. Also Dr Rember gave my mom some "end of life" literature, which we found offensive. Mom says she's never felt cared about by her. I've convinced her to go elsewhere
She is an excellent diagnostician; however, she is also quite willing to refer to a specialist. She has helped me through tough times, and I'm feeling healthier in spite of getting older. Explains things well, gives me options, and encourages healthy lifestyle choices.
I am patient of Dr. Young for over 5 years. Great Doctor! Does great job! Simply excellent! Peter P.
I went to my annual physical this year and mentioned my arm was sore. She looked at it for about 5 minutes. Now she has charged my insurance company $214 for that 5 minutes. My insurance covered $119 for this 5 minutes. She has the audacity to charge me for the $95 difference. I cannot charge her for the 2 times she left the exam room for 5 minutes each to get some water and chat with a nurse. This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!

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