Silverton Hospital Emergency

He took excellent care of our son (4 years old), and stitched up a tricky area (lip and cheek) with great care and precision.
It is very disturbing that a person can be smart enough to complete a medical program and become a doctor that people come to in an emergency. Dr. Chisholm is their only choice. In school this doctor learned early on how to set a broken arm, ALWAYS checking the joint above and below to make sure he can pull and rotate the arm to set it. This family was very fortunate, the child could have died, but didn't. Would you want to go to the emergency room to find this doctor?
Sent me home with a sprain ankle, two and half hours later called to say my foot was broken and shattered, said looked at the xrays.... sent me home in a walking boot only seen him maybe 5 minutes total, the nurses was wonderful, my daughter talk to her dr, he got me all set up with a specialist in Portland, I still am not walking yet, This happen on may 8th, I'm really considering taking legal action in this matter.only thing he got right was a fracture tail bone

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Silverton Hospital Emergency
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Silverton Hospital Emergency
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