I am happy to have Dr.Akbari as my GP. He has been thoughtful, knowledgeable, kind and caring. He listens to me and gives clear and informed responses. He performed a biopsy and was gentle, careful and skillful. I have not known him all that long, and I already trust his judgment.
I have been dealing with chronic pain from a spinal cord injury for the last 25 years. When my former doctor retired, I chose Dr. Devaux as my new PCP. Dr. Devaux refused to prescribe the only non-narcotic medication that has ever allowed me to get a good night's sleep and made comments that led me to believe that he didn't think anything was really wrong with me. Obviously he didn't read my medical records from OHSU. I would not recommend him to anyone who wants a caring, competent doctor.
Dr. Akbari is a skilled physician whose skills are above most family practice doctors. He is gentle and kind and shows honest concern for his patients. He takes an interest in your health. We feel so grateful to have him as our physician. I give him a 10 star rating on a scale of 5.
My mother was telling her for 4 months she had a sore throat and heartburn, Dr Chandler perscribed her antiacids, after my mother lost 40 pounds and could no longer swallow I took her to the hospital and they gave her an IV and rehydrated her, she had throat cancer ...... she started chemo and radiation but died 6 weeks later, it was too late to help her.
I've seen many physicians over the years and I really appreciate Mario. His knowledge base is great, he shows actual concern and never made me feel rushed. I am very glad I found him and he is my go to guy now.
I was looking for a new family doctor because the one I had should have his license taken away. After dealing with dr Devaux for a swollen leg and some ongoing COPD problems and severe arthritis, I question my decision. I've suffered from COPD for many years and his diagnosis over to pulmonologist three other doctors was it I do not have COPD. I finally got rid of the swelling in my leg and 10 days with another doctor. They are treating my COPD. And my arthritis which dr. Devaux did nothing for.
The best doctor you could ask for. Funny, compassionate, caring and fantastic at his profession. Need to call early to schedule your yearly but only because he's so popular. Would recommend 100%!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Devaux is one of the best doctors I have ever had. Spends time with patients; is genuinely concerned and caring. Highly recommend him.
If I could do negative stars I would. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to see this guy. He is consistently at least a month booked out. You can't get in to see him even if your sick. If you send a message to him or his nurse Amanda good luck on ever getting an answer. I sent a message well over a week ago and have yet to hear back, when I call they say let me see if the nurse is available to talk. Of course she is ALWAYS with a patient. The avoid you like the plague.
Dr. Byrkit is very thorough, takes time with his patients, and listens to all concerns. A very good doctor.
Dr. Devaux is one of the best doctors I have ever had. He spends a lot of time with me at every visit and discusses everything I want to talk about. He is supportive and genuinely cares about my health and well-being!
My first appointment with him to establish him as my Primary Care Doctor he saved my life. I couldn't swallow and was having a hard time breathing and he called what it was sent me by ambulance to the hospital and into emergency surgery. What I had was rare and he knew what it was. After being released from the hospital I saw him and he was very knowledgeable and thorough on requesting tests and not wanting to just prescribe meds to mask everything. He was easy to talk to and I trusted him.
Clearly anyone who has the privilege of meeting this Dr. is off to a great start. He is a rare breed, I never felt rushed, he addressed all my insecurities as pregnant mom with love and assurance. He was not a robot but a human. This guy deserves all the recognition he can get.
Dr Gillespie has been our family Dr for many years caring for my wife and I and also my wife's parents He is extremely smart kind and a good communicator Dr G is a 6 star Dr in our estimation
I saw Dr Kohler for the first time tonight for an infected spider bite. What a great guy very professional and informative. Listens very we. Explains things thoroughly !
Dr Gillespie has been a gem of a doctor...been seeing him for years. Down to earth....and listens. Thanks Doc!
Doctor Graven has been my doctor for over ten years. He listens to my issues and considers carefully what approach best fits my needs. When needed he refers to specialist care. Scheduling appointments are generally easy. Wait time in the lobby can sometimes go long, but hey...doctors are trying to heal people. I get it. Also...Alicia has always been kind, helpful, professional, and respectful. Great bedside manner to both. When Graven isn't available, someone else is usually there to help.
I came to Dr.Harder late in my pregnancy. He treated me like i was a patient prepregnancy. He treated my daughter very well, and explained everything to me and didnt mind answering questions when i haf them. Honestly the best OB i habe been to!
Dr McLaughlin was very friendly and knowledgeable. He is taking over the care of our 82 year old mother so this was our first experience with him. He answered all our questions and must have reviewed her chart before seeing her because he knew what was going on with her. I would highly recommend this Dr. So very refreshing to have a Dr who cares, listens and advises wisely.
Great Doctor! Treats each person as an individual. Spends the time you need.
I've found Dr Weeks to be very professional, knowledgeable and proficient. She has been our family doctor for at least 15 years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. She has always listened to me and my concerns and has answered questions I have. I've never felt rushed.
She took time to clarify my health problems. Inquired about medical history. Clearly explained what was wrong, what I needed to do, and what I needed to be watchful. Very pleased with her professional approach and really appreciated her friendly and clear manner. The long wait period I experienced was due to urgent unscheduled appointment.
Quack! Did NOT listen to what I thought my problems were. He just dismissed it and claimed some other thing was causing the pain that did not make sense. He just wanted to prescribe me pain killers instead of addressing the REAL issue. Unsatisfied with his answers I went to another doctor that cared who confirmed with proper testing that I was right in my assumption of the problem. I will NEVER go to him again. If I could leave zero stars I would.
Dr. Nanduri not only was the first doctor to finally help me with my allergies and create a solution, but he is the first doctor to not make me feel "fat shamed." I have fantastic vitals and great blood work that make me appear to be healthy. Dr. Nanduri only said, " you seem healthy, but if you want to loose any weight that is your choice." I like that he made it up to me and that he didn't address my weight to my ailments. A previous Dr. tried to make my allergies about my weight.
Zero out of 5. This Dr. Is very disrespectful, condescending, and Ina hurry. Refuses to discuss a referral for a sciatica injection, would rather keep me on pain pills. Has a drug for everything and no time to discuss the problem, need to make an appointment for each individual problem. Doesn't take my history, seriously has his own idea of what I am feeling or did despite what I tell him. Don't send anyone but your enemies here
Stay far away from this physician!!! She is unprofessional and has a horrible bedside manner. She doesn't listen to your symptoms then orders expensive unnecessary test and prescribes medications that you don't need.
he answered all my questions, and gave me all the time I needed and was soooo patient !!
My initial review of Dr. Nanduri wasn't great. Since that time he has gone above and beyond in proving that he not only has a very good command of internal medicine, but his bedside manner has much improved since my first visit. After having seen him 1/2 dozen times, I feel much more qualified and comfortable leaving this review than after only one visit. He has been proactive in running applicable tests, and takes time to give me information I request. I am happy with him as my PCP.
She lacks authority in her profession. She postures that she is unsure and has needed direction from me, the patient.
(1) KNOWLEDGE: This 'doctor' is not confident in his assessments, recommendations nor ability to answer any questions. He actually tries to make his appointments quick without giving his patients the ability and freedom to address their concerns and answer questions. (2) BEDSIDE MANNERS: In regards to bedside manners, he has none. No smile, no courtesy and no small talk. To him, we're probably just lab numbers on a page or just a patient. I'm a person! (3) PERSONAL APPEARANCE: No comment.

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