Awful Perfectly healthy 70 year old visits her with severe abdominal pain -sends her home with instructions to take a Tylenol and use heating pad.... after 3 days of horrible pain- and 3 total visits to the clinic---- results of Ct scan=she had a bad gallbladder- when someone that never complains or sees MD visits you in awful pain for 3 straight days- you don't give them Tylenol and a heating pad! Pour medical practice.
I was referred to Dr. Laro for a breast irregularity. At my Initial visit a surgical solution was indicated. Dr. Laro's knowledge, confidence , and personable bedside manner made my decision to move forward easy. Two weeks later I can honestly say it was an excellent decision. I was scheduled for my surgery within 9 days and am healing beautifully. The option to have the procedure done at The Willamette Surgery Center was a real bonus. I appreciate Dr. Laro's skill and care. XLNT support staff
Dr. Fletemier has zero bedside manner and zero tact. My sister and I are both young women who have seen her as our primary care physician and had uniformly awful experiences. Don't see Dr. Fletemier unless you're in perfect shape and have extremely thick skin.
Dr. Brown is thorough, encourages and answers my questions, is professional but also friendly and personable. I have been under her care for nearly 4 years, and I trust her.
Dr. Brown hasn't been my doctor for very long yet, but I've seen her several times and have been really impressed by her manner and the fact that she really listened to me. She made excellent suggestions, reviewed my meds and "tweaked" them a bit, and made me feel she cared about me - and respected me - as a person and a patient. I am very glad she's my doc, and feel confident in her judgment and competence.
Patient, kind, knowledgeable. Considering switching doctors!
Very rude, didn't take patient concerns into account. Talks down to her patients and is very curt.
I recently relocated to the Bois and was in need of a health screening for my insurance immediately. The only doctor that could see me at Primary Health was Dr. T. I live in the downtown area so everyone knows the drive can be annoying out to Chinden and Linden around 3pm. Dr T is great, he is attentive when he and will not leave until done. I choose to drive out there instead of a closer place because he is a great doctor, I will use him for years to come. His staff is amazing n professional!!
Not a good doctor. He only cares about getting paid for the amount of appointments he makes you schedule. Wouldn't even extend a birth control prescription for a month after I found out he only wrote me a 6 month prescription for it.
My doctor of 27 years retired in April 2015. He referred my records to Dr. Fletemier. Made an appt. to do a new patient Doctor meeting to meet her personally and to see if I was going to like her. I ended up making a follow up with her to talk to Dr. Fletemier about an issue with my tonsils and the nodes on the side of my neck next to my ear. She listened to what I had to say, gave me the referral I asked for. I just wished I could get in more to see her, always booked.
I have been seeing Dr. Brown for several years. She is not always on time but she takes time to listen thoughtfully to what your concerns are, she is personable, she gives appropriate feedback. I am very comfortable with her.

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