Most condescending doctor I have been to. She did not listen to my full questions. Instead she cut me off once she jumped to the conclusion that she thought I was asking for. Dismissed serious heath concerns without doing any tests. Don't waste your time with this non-provider.
Initially seemed to provide decent care but quickly started blaming all my health concerns on my weight. When requesting to see a specialist she refused, stating they didn't see people for my issue. Which I found out later was incorrect, when I saw them in the same clinic as hers--two doors down from the exam room she uses. She knew they did and was on a total power trip denying me. She formed an opinion about me and refused to listen or respect my concerns. Simply awful.
If I could give her a zero star, I would. I have never seen such a disrespectful, rude, accusatory (with ZERO reason) Doctor. She seemed to form an opinion about me, before meeting me, and treated me in the same manner. I wouldn't take a trapped New York rat to see her.
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Chemawa Indian Health Center
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Chemawa Indian Health Center
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