Lauren is particularly kind, thoughtful, calm, and professional. She listens well and considers all information in making a diagnosis and discussing options with patients.
When I first went to see her I could hardly walk seven blocks without stopping 3-4 times. I've had 4 heart attacks and cold, since having her as my doctor-p.c.p. i've made a 360 degree turn about for the better. I couldn't get the meds I needed in Arkansas so I came to Portland, and i'm able to get everything that I need. Now I have two blown knees and here we go again , but I wouldn't change anything at all. But I would and do tell people about my doctor, coming back to Portland saved my life.
Very ERRATIC, poor assessment while she JUDGES you, just reliving, you... Like the REST of the HELL-world SHE feels are ALL THE SAME, for (X) medication, you MUST be *SEEKING this Psychotropic med for (DRUG) vs Pharmaceutical Medicinal purpose, where in HER world, MOST (use, abuse, sell, dr. shop, etc) without PROPER evaluation if this is what YOU are, or if that X medication is what WORKS for your world in making it a more BALANCED experience, more Capable in what you THINK and ARE. Not HER!!!
She has always been patient with me and takes the time to try to understand how to help with my issues. Kind Heart. Respectful. Knowledgeable. Patient. Non-Judging. Positive Demeanor.
Psychotherapy And Psychophysiological Therapy (Incl. Biofeedback)
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