listened and answered my questions, made me feel comfortable...very likeable
He was not informative at all during the visit. He just started burning a spot on my nose near my eye without even saying what he was going to do. I barely had time to shut my eye and he used no protection for my eye. My eye was tearing for days afterward. I did inform my doctor about his behavior and what happened. He never asked if I wanted him to burn spots on my face at this time, he just did it. I had a blistery sore for over a week. Luckily I had no events that week.
Dr. Hanson is not your warm and fuzzy personality, but he has a nice no-nonsense bedside manner and truly cares for his patients.
I have been to 2 other Dermatologist with a nose problem. They both said it was okay and there is nothing wrong with it. This time it was hurting me for 3-4 days and I decided to seek another dermatologist to see. I was able to get in to the office the very next day. Dr. Currie took one look at my nose problem and did a biopsy. He told me it was the start of cancer and I will know shortly what I have to do. Dr. Currie & his staff were very friendly & nice. I recommend them.
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