My children and I have seen various Psychiatrists in Lane County over the past fifteen years. Par for the course, we quickly became another patient over medicated and under heard. We feel honored to have Dr. Strgar on our treatment team! Not only does Strgar listen, he works with you on your treatment plan rather than pushing a pharmaceutical agenda. He is cautious with his words and treatment. Our community needs more Franc's and less run of the mill canned diagnosis,prognosis and treatment Dr
This guy is, I believe, clearly dealing with early dementia. Be careful, what he scribbles in your chart can follow you forever. It's best to keep your mouth shut and pray for his 'assessment' to be over.
This doctor is late, burned out, dismissive, judgmental and unprofessional. The office enivronment is stagnant. This is not a place that you will be heard or helped.
1/6 apts were on time (min: 25m wait) my last appointment I had to wait 1.25hrs because he put the person ahead of me. Loves to mention how he has been doing this for 30 years; My last appointment he told me that I was likely never going to get better and suggested not to assess any of my physical symptoms with a GP. He almost forced me take Lithium after explaining I got an ulcer from it, I had to sternly tell him to change it. Condescending, disorganized & unprofessional.
Dr. Telew spends very little time with his patients, seems disinterested and disengaged and does not feel like a partner in finding healthcare solutions. He is more often than not late in his appointments. He has to be prompted frequently to provide side-effects and other things that can be expected from a medication or dosage change. His frequent comments having nothing to do with treatment are also not appreciated.
He has always exuberated such gentle compassion and understanding it puts one to ease.
He is ok. Better then Dr. Telow.
He strolled in 35 minutes late to the appt, little conversation, sat in awkward silence while he thumbed through papers. Not really willing to listen to what treatments have been successful in the past. Speaks down to people, clearly he is full of himself. Poor doctor. Will never recommend him to anyone. In fact, I will be quite vocal about encouraging people to seek help elsewhere. Pompous, self centered, mad scientist. I will not be his lab rat.

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