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May 10 2020

Review for Dr. Wang

Dr Guempel is a compassionate, caring and intelligent doctor.

Mar 29 2020

Review for Dr. Guempel

Excellent rapport and clear instructions

Michael ingram Mar 14 2020

Review for Dr. Weber

When she was first starting in Connecticut she was the most caring smart & a real benefit to the medical community. I have never seen a more concerned doctor in my life. When she left all the patients asked about her no other doctors. Peter Hibyan Trumbull, Ct February 20 2020

Peter Hibyan Feb 21 2020

Review for Dr. Cho

Dr. Fusek is a doctor who cares tremendously about her patients. I’ve had a really great experience with her and will definitely go back! She is so warm and caring.

Feb 15 2020

Review for Dr. Fusek

Love Dr Wang. She is thorough and efficient. Explains everything to me in detail as much as I would like. She will also take copies of my notes and questions to put in her file. Patient portal is wonderful too.

Feb 10 2020

Review for Dr. Wang

She is a very thorough doctor. No matter what the problem, she will find an answer for it. Really enjoy going to her. Wished I could have her for a family physician.

Carol Cottrell Jan 23 2020

Review for Dr. Cho

Dr Bombeck was very careful to listen to me, examine me, and then give me a non surgical solution to my problem. His solution is working. I would go see him again for sure and follow his recommendations

Joyce W Dec 27 2019

Review for Dr. Bombeck

Marcia Dec 21 2019

Review for Dr. Morcos

Nov 28 2019

Review for Dr. Lee

Dr Wang 1) listens, 2) explains, 3) follows up. I have been her patient for 14 years and I am confident in her every time I see her.

Mary Nov 21 2019

Review for Dr. Wang

Dr Cleary took very good care of my parents. I went to a lot of their appointments and was happy with their care.

Oct 24 2019

Review for Dr. Cleary

This Doctor is quick to prescribe but when you help from drug side effects he can not help you instead he kicks upu out of his clinic leaving you holding the bottle of drugs and no help. Get referrals do Let him perscribe you medication get a referral.

Oct 16 2019

Review for Dr. Cleary

May 17 2019

Review for Dr. Barrett

It was disastrous. She is all sweet and nice but with no knowledge at all. She wasted our precious time and never bothered about it. She made sure to mint money and did nothing to improve my chances to get pregnant. I don’t want anyone else to get fooled by her.

Corvallis , OR - Feb 04 2019

Review for Dr. Curtis

Feb 02 2019

Review for Dr. Lee

Dr. Curtis spent time really listening to me and my concerns. She also took a very thorough medical history and family medical history in order to really understand what tests I might need and what things I might need to watch out for. Best doctor I've had in a long time.

Feb 01 2019

Review for Dr. Curtis

This is the only Dr I would recommend. She really cares and is exceptional .

Cherylin Tangent, OR - Nov 21 2018

Review for Dr. Cho

Corvallis, OR - Nov 20 2018

Review for Dr. Wang

She is sooooooo great!!!! I adore her!! She has been so sweet and funny and SUPER patient with my bazillions of questions!! She's seriously wonderful!

Shelley Merrillin Corvallis, OR - Jul 18 2018

Review for Dr. Morcos

No, he was rude. Doesn't listen and very arrrogant. Would never go back!

Jul 10 2018

Review for Dr. Bombeck

Davidin Corvallis - Jun 27 2018

Review for Dr. Ferguson

Winifred Kovacikin OR - May 17 2018

Review for Dr. Wolf

No. Completely unacceptable as a doctor. Uncaring. Horribly rude. He blamed me for the injury and then spent the rest of the consult degrading me. I would definitely recommend if you love being belittled.

May 08 2018

Review for Dr. Bombeck

I loved her! I would never see another OB GYN!

Apr 08 2018

Review for Dr. Morcos

J. C. Moorefield Mar 01 2018

Review for Dr. Cleary

Feb 24 2018

Review for Dr. Lee

Very glad I chose Dr Barrett as our family Doctor.

Jonathon Boundyin Corvallis, OR - Nov 20 2017

Review for Dr. Barrett

Lebanon, OR - Oct 21 2017

Review for Dr. Wang

Excellent primary care doc, she listens, takes time with me, discusses treatments with me, treats me like an intelligent person!

Lebanon, OR - Oct 05 2017

Review for Dr. Lawrence

Excellent Doctor. Extremely sincere and attentive. Actually paid close attention and followed up. One of the best doctors I've ever encountered. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Corvallis, OR - Aug 24 2017

Review for Dr. Goldner

Excellent, knowledgeable, thorough. Everything you could ask for in a doctor.Everyone made me feel valued and gave me all the time I needed to reassure me.

Jun 14 2017

Review for Dr. Gotchall

Very considerate and knowledgeable. Spent way more time in the appointment than the average Dr talking through all concerns.

Corvallis, OR - Jun 14 2017

Review for Dr. Gotchall

Wasn't caring whatsoever and seemed like it was a chore to see me. Felt as though he wasn't taking my medical needs seriously, and was generally unpleasant the day I visited him.

Albany, OR - Apr 18 2017

Review for Dr. Benton

Apr 18 2017

Review for Dr. Murphy

Jeff Lesmeisterin Corvallis, OR - Apr 01 2017

Review for Dr. Cleary

I love Dr. Morcos She is the best!

LeAnnain Albany, OR - Mar 29 2017

Review for Dr. Morcos

Dr. Bombeck is awesome. His office staff is very accommodating & great to work with. I found it very easy to get into see him for a consultation & scheduling my surgery was a breeze. I did not have to wait long at all! I would send all my friends to see Dr. Bombeck!!!

Corvallis, OR - Mar 22 2017

Review for Dr. Bombeck

Dr. Huang is competent, efficient, knowledgeable, informative and polite.

Corvallis, OR - Mar 09 2017

Review for Dr. Huang

Albany, OR - Jan 25 2017

Review for Dr. Wirth

Corvallis, OR - Jan 14 2017

Review for Dr. Morcos

Nancyin Albany, OR - Dec 30 2016

Review for Dr. Benton

My primary doctor sent me to her because I suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and anxiety issues. She is very knowledgeable and listens better than any doctor I have visited. My primary doctor has left the area so I am going to try to make Dr Rung my primary doctor

Julia Ingramin Albany, OR - Dec 25 2016

Review for Dr. Rung

Leslie H in Albany, OR - Nov 24 2016

Review for Dr. Hogansen

I was very sorry to lose doctor Chow in Portland. He is so compassionate and professional. He even called me on a Sunday to give me good test results. He seems to really care. Portland's loss Corvalis's gain :)

Portland, OR - Nov 14 2016

Review for Dr. Chow

Not only is Dr. Cho and excellent physician, she takes time and care with her patients to connect on a personal level. She is curious and resourceful. She follows up quickly.

Corvallis, OR - Sep 06 2016

Review for Dr. Cho

I have seen Dr Wang for several years. She like a generally competent doctor, but not great listener and does not really seem to care about me as a person. Very little follow up or compassion. Wouldn't recommend for older patients.

woman in Corvallisin Corvallis, OR - Aug 27 2016

Review for Dr. Wang

Overcomerin Oregon - Aug 11 2016

Review for Dr. Stanley

I have been under Dr. Michael Chen's care since he first came to Corvallis. I have never had such a wonderful doctor. Kind, caring and sincere. He really listens!

Linda Battenin Alsea, OR - Aug 09 2016

Review for Dr. Chen

Friendly, Informative, and knowledgeable.

Craig Bin Corvallis, OR - Aug 09 2016

Review for Dr. Huang

Dr. Federluk appears extraordinarily competent, but lacks interpersonal warmth. She is precise, thorough, clinical and quick, but seems to be in a hurry to get to her next patient.

Atlanta, GA - Aug 03 2016

Review for Dr. Federiuk

Sofie Buschmanin Corvallis, OR - Jul 29 2016

Review for Dr. Chun

I have had to see a lot of different OBGYN doctors and Dr. Amy Card has been the only one I have felt so comfortable with. She made me feel cared for and I knew I had her undivided attention. I never felt rushed or overlooked. She is definitely an amazing and genuine care provider.

Corvallis, OR - Jul 26 2016

Review for Dr. Card

I have been seeing Dr. Wang for several years. She gives clear information and instructions, but I don't feel she takes a personal interest in me. I have found also that she can be overconfident and doesn't refer me to a specialist when she should.

A Senior Ladyin Corvallis, OR - Jul 04 2016

Review for Dr. Wang

Corvallis, OR - Jun 15 2016

Review for Dr. Metzler

JULIA E NEUHAUSin Albany, OR - Jun 07 2016

Review for Dr. Wolf

Edla Sin Corvallis, OR - Jun 04 2016

Review for Dr. Athay

Very knowledgeable and courteous. She takes her time to get to know her patients andlistens to their thoughts regarding treatment

missiin Brownsville Oregon - May 11 2016

Review for Dr. Keller

Dr. Stanley repaired my dislocated shoulder and torn rotator cuff. It was a long, extensive surgery and he was able to do the surgery using an arthroscope. He took his time listening to my questions and concerns. I recommend him highly.

Barbara Corvallis, OR - May 06 2016

Review for Dr. Stanley

Very thorough, listens and if needed refers you to specialist.

Chuck Gentryin Corvallis, OR - Apr 16 2016

Review for Dr. Curtis

Lincoln City, OR - Apr 07 2016

Review for Dr. Lannan

I have been seeing Dr. Athay for more than 30 years, and I have great faith in his decisions and recommendations. He is very practical and down-to-earth. He always makes time to address the several questions I always have when I go see him. I think he's a fine man and a great doctor.

Curtis McCannin Corvallis, OR - Apr 02 2016

Review for Dr. Athay

I am never upset about her being late for my appointment because I know that means she is taking the time to listen to the patient before me. She takes the time to listen and talk to you about your concerns. i really appreciate her!

Carol Carsonin Albany, OR - Mar 15 2016

Review for Dr. Lawrence

seems pleasant at first but told me i've never had children when i clearly have FIVE . I would never recommend this doctor !

Cheyenain Corvallis, OR - Feb 28 2016

Review for Dr. Lawrence

She is calming and projects a sense of competence

New York, NY - Feb 04 2016

Review for Dr. Chun

Very professional and friendly. Takes time to listen to and address my concerns. Staff is also very friendly and welcoming. They make me feel very comfortable.

Christine Ruizin Corvallis, OR - Feb 03 2016

Review for Dr. Barrett

The office fit me into the schedule in one day after an ER visit. Dr Benton was kind, thorough, patient, and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Chris Beattyin Corvallis, OR - Jan 12 2016

Review for Dr. Benton