Dr. Boddie is a wonderful provider who takes care of his patients. He listens to my needs and does everything he can to make sure they're met. The clinic and staff are great and always try to make me feel welcome.
Dr. Boddie has done everything he can to keep me from getting the health care I need! He refused to even provide BASIC care! At 1 point he informed my BP meds need to be increased & I had to call & go through a MAJOR hassle just to get him to call it in! Right now I have a serious communicable disease, my insurance requires my PCP provide referrals, he never even provided a referral to an Infectious disease doctor! He is on the city council & heads up Bridges & is only interested in saving $
Highly recommend, if you can choose who your anesthesiologist will be. If more surgery for me was necessary, I did think that I would ask my surgical doctor to use Dr. Parton, but more surgery isn't needed. Dr. Parton has a great bed side manner, explains what he's going to do, listens...as if he cares, answered my many questions, was witty, and was just a comforting doctor. All that, and I was the last patient of the day, when he must have been tired, but didn't look/seem so.
The best experience I have ever had. I woke up from surgery happy! I can't believe it! I was happy when I woke up!! I suffer from depression and anesthesia usually makes me more depressed. Not with Dr. Becker's "cocktail". He not only knows how to make the right mix but he listened to my concerns. Then he came to my hospital room to check on me. I have never had an Anesthesiologist come check on me. I have requested him for the next surgery, his comment I'll make it happen just let me know.
Very informative and put my mind at ease before back surgery. Great experience and would definitely recommend him.
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