When I was admitted to Laureate Eating Disorders Program last year, I had my mind made up on leaving against medical advice as soon as possible. Dr. Youman SOMEHOW convinced me to stay. I ended up not only completing treatment, but also going to Magnolia house. I am so grateful she didn't give up on me. She usually runs a little bit late, but it is a very small price to pay--she doesn't rush through appointments, she listens closely and takes me seriously. Her office staff is amazing, too.
We were there to see him for medication from (sent over from another Laurette doctor). He was not open acted like we were crazy to talk about medication (which again we were sent to him for) and wrote something nasty in our son's file that we were just medication seekers. My son touched him (he was 5 at the time) and he basically freaked out and told my son not to touch him. I would NEVER recommend this doctor.
I strongly do NOT recommend Dr. Hall. She is condescending and hateful. She lacks the ability to show kindness, caring or encouragement in treating toward someone having a mental health crisis. How she is even in the medical field, let alone a doctor is beyond me. I have heard that shrinks are shrinks because they could not hack any other specialty. She seems to fit this. She has no personality and is cold and unhelpful.
I have been going to Dr Hasegawa for over 10 years now. He has great manners and truly helps with my health. One thing I really respect is how well he listens with the issues I have and is constantly taking notes to keep up for when I come back the next time. I recommend him to anyone that is struggling with life problems.
By far the worst Doctor that I have ever seen. She is cold. rude and uncaring. She changed my medications with little or no explanation and made me 100% worse. How she is a Doctor is beyond me!!
On the positive, he has a great bedside manner. On the negative side, he has so many patients that when you try to contact him, even on urgent needs, and of course refills as well, he and his staff are so slow that I simply would not recommend this doctor at all
I can't possibly do Dr. Wheeler justice in 500 characters other than to say I am a special needs mom and have seen a LOT of doctors. Dr. Wheeler is the only doctor I recommend in which I can say "You can trust her 100%". If you are a special needs mom you understand that finding this in a doctor is a rare unicorn. She is also caring and intelligent, I cannot recommend her highly enough!
I've been to so many drs! He makes y'all feel comfortable and really takes his patients serious and always there when y'all need him!!
Dr. Hasegawa is a good doctor and a good man. He appears to be genuinely concerned about my well-being. He listens to me and provides helpful feedback.
He is brilliant. He is efficient, yet thorough. His office staff is always pleasant and professional
I'd rather not.
Saw Dr. McLaughlin at the sleep center. They just want to do a sleep study on you, put you on some meds, and send you back to your PCP. Wouldn't re-fill one of my meds unless I repeated a sleep study with them. Not even board certified in Sleep Medicine. My last doc was board certified in Psychiatry AND Sleep Medicine. Too bad I had to move 7hrs away... Not a good fit if you actually need more than a sleep study. The staff was great though!
i was expecting someone who would just shuffle me in and out with an Rx. Not the case at all. my initial session was a full hour with the Dr. gathering info. Subsequent sessions have never been rushed. She cares about helping her patients feel better and she knows her stuff. Nothing but good has come out of my treatment with Dr. Vassar.
Dr. McClure has been a great doctor for me. He has always listened to me and worked with me to find the right combination of meds that I need to treat my anxiety/depression. His office is very good about calling back if you leave them a question. I've even gotten a call from Dr. McClure before! Great doctor! Brian H
I've been seeing Dr. Hasegawa for 7 years and he is a great doctor and friend to me. Talk to him he'll listen
She is so cold and rude. She started out fine, and then after a couple appointments, she changed her attitude toward me. I had been taking klonopin prior to seeing her; I only use it "as needed" which is generally about once a week. I guess she just decided one day I wasn't allowed to take it anymore. No explanation whatsoever, and knowing that I've tried numerous medications & it's the only thing that's helped me at all. She became very harsh and uncaring seemingly out of nowhere.
Worst doctor I have ever had to experience while dealing with chronic depressive disorder. Should have his license REVOKED. Any letters after the end of his name, such as D.O., means he only used a dictionary to look up long words to sound too intellectual because it takes him longer to say anything of substance. Please, if you have any loved ones dealing with mental health issues, do not send them to Laureate Psychiatry.
He had a blatant disregard for my wellbeing and the opinions of myself and loved ones. Came off as a "pill pusher" and wouldn't listen to symptoms or history. Shouldn't be practicing medicine. It is scary that people like Dr. Matthews are allowed in this field.
Dr. Matthews has a fundamental disregard for the well being of his patients. He refused to speak to me while I was under his supervision and I only had contact with his RN. Once I was able to see a different doctor, I learned that he had taken me off the wrong medication and that the dosage he said I was receiving was different than the actual ammount. He should not be allowed to practice medicine.
VERY knowledgeable and courteous! My daughter felt completely open and comfortable with him.
Prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable.
I'm not sure how or why Dr. Hall is working in psychiatry. She is the only mental health professional I've seen who has actually made me feel worse coming out of her office than when I went in. She is utterly unhelpful, patronizing, and flat out rude. She made no effort to understand me or my issues, and essentially just approved prescriptions for me while making snarky comments. She'd be better off working as a vet where she wouldn't need to try and act polite or caring toward her patients.
Somehow Dr. McClure manages to take his time, listen to every concern, and give the treatment needed, without making you feel rushed, but is also very timely and efficient. I would recommend being a few minutes early, because he DOES care for his appointments to start when scheduled. I feel that he is very knowledgeable, is not condescending, and I can completely trust his plan of care. Would definitely recommend him to others.
Compassionate and empathetic. Took time to verify my diagnosis and offered treatment options, taking time to explain and discuss it. Also referred me for therapy which was great. Quick response from the office with calls. Would recommend.
Doctor is empathetic, truly wanting to understand me and help me feel better. Office quickly returns calls, refills medications in timely manner. Highly recommend.
Went in for help with nightmares and night leg pain. Was ignored on those accounts and instead told that my problem was Apnea, which I showed no symptoms of. Did not listen to my actual symptoms or why I was there.
I saw Dr. Hasegawa March 25, 2013, I had asked for a referral to a marriage counselor. After I shared our history, my husband said I was ill needing treatment there was no emotional abuse or jealousy, I really needed medication & possibly in patient treatment. Art is a TCC grad AA in Math who was seeing a therapist in Tulsa at the time. I am an MD., paid Dr. Hasegawa $1500 as a subpoenaed witness to testify in case. He spoke as Art's friend or asst. No divorce help. Not objective
The office staff never answers the phone, because they say they are understaffed. Very rude. Not a professional mental health office at all. Very rude. Not helpful, and months before another available appointment!
He has preconceived ideas and judgments that are particularly out of line for a psychiatrist.
I was referred to him by my psychiatrist who retired. She left specific instructions to NOT make changes to my medication without discussing it with me first. Our first meeting lasted about 5 minutes. I left there with a refill for one of my medications. I didn't think to check if it was correct. I took it to the pharmacy he had cut my dose from 1 mg 3x's daily and 1 mg prn to 0.5mg 3x's daily with no prn. My previous doctor and I worked for almost 24yr to stabilize my condition.
He's efficient with his time, listens, intelligent. His office staff are the most empathetic, patient & kind people I've ever encountered at a doctor's office. I would feel confident referring him to friends & family.
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