Very professional and yet patient.
Wait times in office exceed an hour each of two visits. Good doc just sucks at scheduling. If I were an hour late they would cancel my appointment but it does not mater when it is my time wasted. Staff makes errors on the script so you have to do two visits to get it right, and have two pairs of glasses made.
I paid extra money for additional tests and services. I would not do that again. My right eye is fine but after 31/2 months my left eye is having problems. I am experiencing pain and decrease vision in my left eye. I called the office and was told the earliest I could see Dr. Hester was in 10 days. Needless to say I feel like I wasted my money.
Upon my first visit to him, Dr. Adler immediately recognized a real need for me to have the YAG procedure done on both eyes to remove the film that had formed over the lenses implanted during cataract surgery several years before. He did the procedure, and now I can see well again.
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