Never touches you to even check your condition just types irrelevant information into a tablet. Knows nothing about your health even when you transfer all your medical records. Knows nothing about surgeries you've had when they referred you to the surgeon. Inappropriate comments made about his genital in front of children. He cares nothing about your health and does nothing to treat you even when other physicians do the diagnosing for him. There 3 to 4 hours each visit.Please stearate clear
Love Dr Carpenter! He is always concerned with helping his patients, and always funny! He's a wonderful Healthcare provider for our community!
Dr Carpenter is a wonderful Doctor!! He's so caring, and always funny!! We love him! He is a great provider for our community!
Absolutely love Dr. Carpenter! he always makes me feel so welcome. I absolutely love there staff, always so nice.
This was my first time seeing Dr Carpenter and I was very impressed with him. He was very friendly and took the time to answer any questions I had. I definitely will make him my main doctor.
I like him! He is very direct and to the point. Doc is also kind about your situation. I would recommend him.
My experience was awful he was very rude and not helpful at all he made me feel belittled and dumb I was very unhappy with him. He has this God complex. WILL NOT BE BACK
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Oklahoma Office
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Oklahoma Office
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