Dr. Briggeman tried to help. He really did. But when I had a very adverse reaction to a medication he put me on that continues to leave me completely disabled to this day, he left me COMPLETELY hanging. I could not get him nor anyone on his staff to communicate with me or to take my very serious anaphylactic reactions seriously. Despite being in the ER every 2-3 days with very serious reactions, he couldn't be bothered. I have now lost my career and life due to this adverse drug reaction.
This shows he is still doing pain management when I was a patient for over 9 years and was dropped like a hot potato last April of 2015 I am still suffering and unable to find a good pain doctor I trusted Dr. Briggeman very much but to be lied to and left without a pain management doctor is so very sorry for any doctor to do to a patient living in chronic pain 24/7 and the list of replacement doctors he gave me was awful I would not even treat a dog as bad as I was treated and they would not see
Dr. Briggeman is the one of Tulsa's finest physicians. He uses a variety of methods and not the current "one size fits all" mentality seen in this city. This doctor is genuinely caring and empathetic. He takes his time to listen to the patient's concerns. Also, he doesn't prejudge people. I only have good things to say about this physician.
Dr. Briggerman has been treating me for pain at Tulsa Nursing Center. He has given lip service but done nothing to relieve my pain after more than one visit where I pleaded and asked nurses for better medications. I have recently lost ability to walk and can not move my legs - am stuck in bed, have chronic back pain and two broken ribs and have been set up for hospice (less than 6 months to live) and he still will not help me.
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