Dr.Stewart is really great if your child or teen needs a psychologist I recommend him. He is patient, always has open ears to listen, gives feedback, and I have confidence into telling him anything I need to.
Dr. Shadid is caring, knowledgeable and professional. He's wonderful! His office staff, however, is consistently rude and unprofessional, aside from Cassie. She is great! The others treat patients as if they're inferior beings, sometimes by not saying hello or giving eye contact. As a mental health professional myself, I find this very disturbing. Office staff should undergo mental health sensitivity training. It's unfortunate that the office staff damper an otherwise excellent group of doctors.
After an entire year of being a patient of Dr. Hubner's, I finally met the Dr. and not her nurse. I had no problems going to the office to meet with her nurse, but an incredibly difficult time most of my time being a patient there calling in to get prescriptions refilled or reaching anyone in the office at all. The secretaries are hardly competent.
We are very happy with Dr. Shadid and his staff. The girl in the front office who was rude is gone. We get our prescriptions in a timely manner. We get appointments when needed. We have seen 3 of the psychiatrists there. I suggest that as a mediator between my child and the psychiatrist, I use video of her behavior to show the doctor how she is behaving. I like to look up her medications and their interactions and side affects to be a good advocate for my child.
I saw Dr. Forbes for about 2 years. I can say that Dr. Forbes seems knowledgeable, caring and compassionate, although having now had 7 years of taking medications, I believe she had a tendency to enjoy the "chemistry experiments" aspect, and sometimes overprescribed. She was great at phoning twice when I was sick and hazardous to myself. I'd see her again if my insurance would pay. However, her staff is utterly horrible and nasty to psychiatric patients. I'd avoid them completely if possible.
Dr. Hubner is excellent, she listens and cares. The office staff works hard and are always busy. . Thank you Dr. Hubner for helping my family get back on track.
Excellent psychiatrist and excellent staff, they are busy but always try to help.
Dr.Forbes is EXCELLENT! She truly does care about her patients and gives them the time they feel they need! I do not feel it fair to subject Dr.Forbes to review of any part of her office outside of her personal individual office door. Dr.Forbes is extremely professional and classy which I appreciate in a Dr! The best things come to those who wait! If you want quality best care, she is worth the wait!
Dr. Forbes has been a God send. She takes time to listen and work with you to find the right plan of care for your individual needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Forbes for your psychiatric needs.
I would be happy to get someone to answer my phone calls, been trying to talk to someone for the last several days...all I get is their voicemail telling me they will call me back...they should say what year.
Dr. Hubner is the best. She's friendly, thoughtful, helpful, caring, easy to talk to and my son trusts her and will tell her how he really feels. She thoroughly listens to your needs and concerns. Her office is attractive, warm and comfortable. She's perfect in every way. The problem I have is with the rest of the staff and office. Not easy to reach on the phone. Waiting room is really dirty. Noone in the office ever cracks a smile. Seem uninterested in helping. Unwelcoming.
She is the best! So nice...
He saw my 7 year old who we thought maybe had ADHD or a learning disability. He did an amazing job with her and gave us a thorough evaluation of information, results, and resources. He was honest and attentive. He felt like her scores were not significant enough to be considered with those issues or be medicated. He suggested vision therapy because her vision processing scores were very low. We went to Harrel Eye Care and have begun the process of treatment.
The office staff is horrible!! Unfriendly, basically rude & extremely disorganized!! They have messed up so many of my appointment times I can't count them. Tell me one day or time & then write me in their books on a different day & time. They don't return phone calls at all. The office is gross. Needs remodeling desperately. Horrible office environment. Dr. Forbes is a lousy dr. Acts like she really cares but she really doesn't. Don't go to her or anyone in that office. It's a nightmare.
Dr Shadid is a great doctor, the office staff are the issue!! They always mess up the scheduling, are rude, and act as if it's a burden for them to do anything!
Dr. Shadid insulted my child in front of him, instructed me to elicit a fit out of him, and then abandoned us when my son's behavior started to escalate.
She is amazing. Very knowledgeable, knows about the classic drugs as well as all the new ones, familiar with off label treatments. She listens compassionately and includes me in decisions about my treatment. She returns phone calls the same day. I have trusted her with my mental health for years and have never doubted her expertise or her care for me. Only problems are with the office staff. They are horrible, need training in not only customer service, but customer service for the ill.
She is wonderful! Kind, compassionate, patient. She is well educated and up to date on her knowledge. She was the first person in 20 years to diagnose me and medicate me properly! Life saver!
Dr. Forbes is very knowledgeable. She was also great about working with my therapist to ensure my best care, which is a VERY difficult quality to find in other psychiatrists. She is easy to get along with and easy to talk to. She answerss all of my questions and addresses my concerns. She is great about returning phone calls as well. The only drawbacks to working with her have to do with the friendliness of the office saff, scheduling appointments, and total wait time.
Dr. Shadid is a good Doctor. If you can get in to see him, and if he had time to spend with you he would be great.
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