Unable to make a clear diagnosis, poor use of functional medicine, does not listen or make the patient comfortable.
Rushed. Abrupt. Impersonal. But that's not the worst. He MISDIAGNOSED my wife. We went to him to diagnose a rash spreading all over her body. He didn't listen to her comments. He said one area was due to moisture, another due to fungal infection, and her eyes from RUBBING THEM TOO MUCH. In other words, the rash was her own fault. Turns the ENTIRE rash (including the eyes) is due to inverse psoriasis. Dr Konheim is the worst of both worlds: arrogant and incompetent.
Dr. Lu was rude and arrogant. One of the worst bedside manners I have ever experienced and very unprofessional. I would not recommend him to anyone. Seek another provider.
Anyone who wants any spots-sun spots, age spots, etc., removed from his/her face should stay as far away as possible from Dr. Lu. I had two procedures done by Dr. Lu to clear such spots and ended up not only with many more spots, but darker permanent ones. I have tried creams and peels since Dr. Lu's procedures, but to no avail. Saying that I am disappointed is an understatement; I now loathe looking at my face and regret everyday for trusting Dr. Lu and seeing him not only once but twice.
I went to see her the 1st time. After she came into the room, I was telling her how my skin condition was and wanted to show her pictures that i took of my skin a few months ago before my current treatment. She stopped me and didn't want to look at them and said" just tell me how it is now". A few words later she stood up and walked to the door while asking me what I am doing for living and left. I was puzzled as I didn't think my visit was over but it did. she did not give me chance to ask Qs
I'm not a fan of doctors in general, but Dr Konheim was kind, respectful, knowledgeable, and professional. I'm adding him to the very short list of doctors I trust and respect.
Dr. Bordeaux did a procedure on my mother three weeks ago where he removed basal cell carcinoma from her chin. the incision ran from one corner of her mouth to the other and from her bottom lip to the tip of her chin. after only three weeks, you can't even tell she had anything done. we were at another physicians office today and she was telling him about it (she raves to everyone about her experience) and he was truly amazed. She loved that Doctor Bordeaux sang through the whole procedure too.
My biggest disappointment is in trying to get a follow up appointment! My son has been to see Dr Konheim twice for the same issue and now he needs a third appointment to try to resolve the issue finally (hopefully). The first available appointment is July---NOT Acceptable.
Dr. Korman has always been a true professional with a great bedside manner.
I just had potentially the worst experience I have ever had with a physician. I went for mole removal. I am pregnant & I told this to the scheduler when I made the appt. and was approved to have it done by my OB. Dr. Korman refused to do the procedure bc I was pregnant. I understand his position and my issue is with the way he spoke (yelled) at me. My husband is a physician and if he treated his patients like this I would be mortified. I felt like a dumb piece of garbage when I left.
Dr. Konheim removed a mole and sent it to the lab for evaluation. The little surgery was painless and Dr. Konheim explained exactly what was to take place. I was happily surprised to get the good news results within two days!
Excellent, and very thorough. Has an extremely pleasant personality and is very kind to her patients. Very good communicator of her extensive knowledge.
Dr. konheim was professional, knowledgable and courteous. He was a little too serious at first, but he warmed up and displayed an ease in answering my questions and explaining procedures. Staff was great.
I highly recommend Dr. Lu...in fact, I have done so a number of times. He is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. He is soft spoken and humble, and makes you feel comfortable during examinations. He is care to explain what he sees and answers any and all questions you might have.
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