Dr. Herbert LISTENS! His bedside manner is outstanding. He gave me hope and was very informative at the same time . He is personable with the right mix of professionality. I would recommend this doctor to anyone!
I'm very picky about doctors and bedside manners. I'm sorry to say this doctor was condescending and not comforting at all. I felt stupid when I left my appointment. I highly DO NOT recommend him!
I had to wait more than 3 months for an urgent appointment. He was rude, uncaring and arrogant. I did not go back. My husband was with me and was surprised by this doctors abrupt and unfriendly behavior. There are many other good endocrinologists in Cleveland. I do not recommend this guy at all
Dr. Franko has been my primary doctor for over 3 years following a bone marrow transplant and a myriad of health issues. He is knowledgeable, caring, patient and an all-around gentlemen in whom I have complete trust.
More interested in where I was going to be using future services and with whom, instead of what my history was. I have lived out of town, but worked in Cleveland for a long time, so I used many different areas, depending on what the situation was. He did not seem interested unless I was going to use all of the Clinics services.
I'd give zero starts if I could. He made assumptions of both my medical history and my knowledge, treats based on future possibilities instead of facts in front of him, and overall has a bad beside manner. Do not see him if you are overweight or obese. Despite high glucose numbers, he insists on the lowest possible medications along with diet and exercise, even though my diet is great and I exercise daily.
He was quick, abrupt, dismissive attitude. I received below average care and paid out of pocket for this appointment. Seeking out of network services to receive exceptional care and help, only to have gotten worse than, and the same of what I had been getting in another healthcare system. He didn't even do a hands on exam!!!
Pleasant and honest, very knowledgeable and experienced in clinic and surgery, personal hands on teaching and wound management, great staff, quick problem free recovery, no more pain, I'm so lucky thank you Dr Herbert
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