Dr. Shah has been very helpful in finding out what medications can help my depression/anxiety. She spends her time with me and answers all my questions. She is very thorough.
he is one wonderful caring doctors, he truly takes care of his patients, hope we never loose him as a doctor, he makes you feel like family,
I will give my name , Brenda BEATTY..I started seeing him when I lost my 19 year old little girl and then two and half later lost my husband then my house... so then my dad got paralyzed from a blotch operation...so was of course here for him...but because I was being kicked outta was worried about DNA.DNA...wanted me to pee at hosp,when I had crew waiting,so he is the one that has something to worry about, I have gotten what I needed, don't want nothing to do with him, to paranoid
Best doctor I've seen, actually cares and follows through
Always listens, works with the patient and his overall Pleasant one of the first doctors I like
Considerate, kind, thorough, and genuinely committed to his patient's care - the kind of doctor usually found only in television medical dramas.
Today, I had my initial visit with Dr Shivani, and u can honestly say, that I walked out of his office feeling better than I have in a long time.

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