OK I was not finished with my last review anyway he ask me what I want and how many what doctor does that I told him and he gave me enough for two weeks I come back and he tells me I had cocaine in my system in which I will never agree it took me way to long to get the appointment for one for another I do not use I don't know whats up with this doctor but I was definitely warned about him and now I know why
I Never test positive for any illicit drugs with any of my doctors and always follow prescribing guidelines. However when called at 11 a.m. and asked to bring meds in for a count by 4;30 p.m. I was released as a patient when I wasn't able to do so. I live 10 miles away and don't drive and am in school. Be cautioned you will be dismissed as a patient if you don't come in for a count NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO DO SO. I was a patient 2yrs.
I don't know how I would get by without the help I've received here with Dr. Beresh . The whole group is very professional and listen well to your issues and the injections are a true blessing. I am able to function without being in awful pain constantly and have managed to get by with dealing with it without having surgery so far with there help.
Dismissed me from practice for taking medicine he prescribed.. Jumped up started screening at Me... Very unprofessional. I work in medical field have never seen a Dr act this way. Cut me straight off meds. Do not go here. I did nothing to violate pain agreement
We dive 45miles to be seen by Dr Beresh. While he may not have the best bedside manor, his expertise in his field certainly makes up for it. He has been the only Dr that has truly listened to me and has help so much with my issues. He is not a Dr that is an injection pusher like the other money making Dr's we have seen. His staff are kind, helpful and understanding. I highly recommend Dr Beresh!!
the staff are all lazy, do not answer the phones, make remarks about patients that are totally uncalled for. Dr Beresh talks about other doctors very unprofessional.he just has a fat lazy rude staff.you tell them off for something that is their fault and you get kicked out of the clinic. but they keep doing the same things to other patients. over all they suck
I have RSD/crps Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. There is no cure, and it's the worst pain out there. I drive an hour to see this doctor because he is the only one who seems to know the pain that I am in and tries to manage it. I have had this disease since 2003. Thank you Dr. Beresh, I'm not just another face walking in your office.
From my first appointment this clinic I was very impressed. Dr. Beresh took time to go over many of my concerns and answer my questions. I was leary before going because of bad past experiences with another doctor and thier office staff. From my very first visit the staff and Dr. Beresh have been not only kind but very professional. Until going to this clinic I have never been in a doctors office where you are treated so well. My appointments are on time, well worth the drive.
This doctor should not have a medical license he in unethical and unprofessional. My fear is that he will end up harming a patient. He is rude and unkind and cares nothing about anything but receiving his checks. He is a disgrace to the medical industry. He treats you like a child and belittles you. He also can be inappropriate in his manniorisms. Do not go to this doctor at all costs
Everyone I know that has went to this Dr. Or his office in general has had bad experiences.He is condescending.He not only lied outright,and accussed me of not taking my medication,but he asked me to lay down on a table,I laid on my stomach and he said no..roll over.I thought it was strange but complied,he then pulled my shirt up,began touching my breast and asked if I was nervous.He abused my rights,then said I was never allowed back.He put I was not allowed back in my medical records!pervert!
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