Dr shanaah is a skilled and very disciplined medical professional. I have followed her to several different locations because I didn't want to lose such a wonderful doctor . She takes the time to listen and will sit you as she discusses all aspects of your medical care and concerns. She knows her field and she's always cheerful and always take the time to listen to me when I have questions. I'll continue to go to her office because I know she will follow through and make my needs her priority.
Shes rude and condescending. Her nurses do everything for her. Horrible and untrustworthy.
I have been going to her for years. Used to love her. Now I feel shes all about that dollar. Doesnt lusten, seems flippant about your concerns. Dont wadte your time. Im sorry that I did.
Dr. Thompson has been my doctor for one ten years and he is very knowledgeable about my health and illness. He is very friendly and personable. He is very competent and is very eager to try something different than putting you on an unnecessary medication. I highly recommend this doctor. I have been with this practice since 1995 when it was called the Millhon Clinic.
She is very rude! She want you to make unnecessary appointments and get defensive if you question her about medicine she prescribes you.
Excellent doctor! Took the time and explained so many things to me that I didn't know about medicines I was taking, prescribed by a previous Dr.
She was unable to handle a discussion of a non-pharmalogical approach, taking it as an offense to her own validity of her "superiority" as a physician. Her comments were condescending, i.e. "goggle searches" are not useful. First off, I was using a medical application that all doctor's use (UpToDate) and even if I wasn't, why does she take such offense at a patient trying to participate in their own care? And, secondly, she disregarded my my 25+ years of experience in the medical environment..
She's a wonderful personable doctor!!! Strongly recommend her as your physician.
Dr. Thompson has been my primary care doctor for about 6 years. He is knowledgeable, personable and in my experience has gone out of his way to fully answer all my questions. I highly recommend him.
Had my first appointment with Dr. Lee and she was fantastic. I normally dislike going to the doctor and she made it very comfortable for me as a new patient. She even called me an hour later to update me on some stuff. I am from California and am not use to doctors calling me...unless it is an emergency. So far I am very please with her and most of the staff this location.
Dr. Shanaah is a horrible doctor. She says she will do something then doesn't do it. I've been going to the Milhon clinic for 15 years and somehow got stuck with her. She won't prescribe me the anti depressants I have been taking for years and obviously doesn't know much about it because if she did then she would know what a horrible affect it can have to just stop taking an antidepressant. Do not go see her! I'm disappointed with the Milhon clinic!
She was very nice and listens to what is going on. I have referred several people to her. She stays on me about my weight and managing my blood pressure
I like Dr. Shanaah. She has a great personality, easy to talk to. She was the only doctor (even after I complained to my previous physician) who didn't understand why I took the dose of bp meds that I was. Thankfully she changed the dose (lowered) and I've been perfectly fine! That immediately told me that she cares about her patients. I feel that we will have a good relationship going forward.
Dr. Mains is amazing. I have been his patient for 18 years. While I no longer work downtown, going to his office is not convenient, I refuse to find another doctor. He is one in a million. When he is away, his other colleagues fill in for him perfectly. His nurse assistant, Debra, is a gem. She always returns calls, gets messages get to Dr. Mains quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Mains. Service is fast, yet he takes as much time as he necessary to hear your concerns. *****
Dr. Melmed is one of the most caring physicians I have ever visited. He has seen my husband and myself through some rough times and he shows so much compassion. His office staff are wonderful. They keep my husband and I well informed and if there's a problem Dr. Melmed won't stop until he finds out the reason for the problem. I have NEVER waited more than 30 minutes and most of the time it's under 15 mins. I wish there were more physicians like Dr. Melmed.
Dr. Seidt is the best doctor I have ever been to! He truly cares about his patients and he is very easy to get a hold of when you are dealing with a health issue. When you go to his office for a visit he is sure to spend time with you. He listens to all of your concerns and figures out the best plan for your health.
I went to go to Dr. Mains for several years, until I moved to San Diego 11 years ago. Dr. Mains is the (gold standard) in doctors. In 11 yrs. living here, I've yet to find a doctor like him, who has the qualities he has! If you want a doctor who is: - Caring - Compassionate - Cares about his patients - Kind - Comforting when you feel worried - And an amaziing human being... ...he is your doctor. I love this man, and I'm still searching to find one here, just like him. Highly Recommend!
Dr. Seidt is absolutely wonderful! I am very picky about the doctors I choose and really want to be sure that person is some one whom I am comfortable with, with a great demeanor, and good bedside manner. He is all of these. He takes care of you as a person and really works with you. For example, I went through a loss of insurance, he worked with me to ensure that I got the care and tests I needed while working to ensure I could afford things. Highly recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Lee is a very caring and lovely dr. Ron was very impressed with her and so was I as his spouse. She took a great deal of time with Ron showing that she really cared. She also noticed something else that she wanted to have Ron have checked which he has done. As a result he had a biopsy and is waiting for results. Best wishes to her although we won't see her again as we have moved to Fla.
Excellent Doctor. Takes extra time to explain her findings. Very smart lady !
Only checked briefly ears and heart. I have various issues and requested referrals for Specialists Her response was they don't take patients easily because there are a lot of patients, few doctors and my conditions are not so urgent. Need to be checked little by little by Family Doctor and if needed, I get a referal. In the meantime, I have to deal with bad hernia and reflux, bad muscle pain and fatigue, anemia and hormonal imbalance.
I feel like Dr Lee is a partner in my health care. She listens well, then will go over a game plan with me. She is ALWAYS open to my input and suggestions. I travel almost 2 hours to see her. She is that good!
After becoming his patient, it was 6-months before ever meeting him. Visits were always 2-3 hours just waiting. Constantly hh. Too many pills and tests. No refills on medications. No consultation. Schedules you needlessly. Training staff on equipment during my appointment in my treatment room--paying no attention to me. Most of my visits were with the doctor's assistant.
I took my 83 year old mother to see him. Granted she does have some medical issues and was recovering from a very traumatic injury but he pretty much told her to go home and sit in her rocking chair and wait to die. He is the most uncaring doctor (if you want to call him that) I ever met. My mom is 84 and about to turn 85 and still chugging along but no thanks to this doctor but to another doctor at the Milhon Clinic clear on the other side of town.
Dr. Seidt is the first physician that I have ever had that I felt completely comfortable with who had an interest in my total well being, too. He is very attentive and concerned about my health as a long term patient. He offers encouraging remarks when warranted and explains medical issues in a manner that is easy to understand. I have never felt rushed or embarrassed to ask or tell him about a health issue that I am experiencing. I have recommended him to many of my friends and co-workers.
Extremely below my expectations. I was taken by surprise as I had heard such accolades regarding him as a physician. No eye contact, not feeling, more concerned with medications than listening to what I was saying. Coming from a family of Dr.'s, I was devastated as our Family physician had relocated out of the area and Dr. Thompson came highly recommended. I believe he is overwhelmed with having to take on those patients who chose to move to him after our Physician left.Not Professional
this dr replaced my dr. So it would be unfair to judge him off of one visit however I would repeat if I ever needed to my only issue with this dr's practice are the girls who work the front desk/ billing and will come off with an attitude because they are to naive to know they're wrong and then when they realize they are wrong they try and cover it up with a bad lie which just translates to a slap in the face because it's so over the top obvious still trying to get $ they owe me back!
Dr. Silver has been my doctor for 5 years. I've found her intelligent, caring and a great listener. My husband is also her patient and we've referred several friends to her practice as well. I recommend her highly.
Dr. Maturu is excellent to work. She has a true concern for your health. Works very hard figure out the best possible solution to control your diabetes. Very pleased with over all commitment to my health.
When is comes to doctors i am a very nervous person. Dr. Tahboub put me at ease on my very first visit. She is very easy to talk to and answers question in a way that I can understand. She is not at all judge mental in fact she is extremely encouraging.
I found her to be arrogant and rude. She didn't help me much because I couldn't get her to listen to my health issues.
Dr. Marques is the best doctor I have had. She takes her time with you to make sure that whatever you are there for is taken care of. You will not leave her office wondering about anything. You are just more than a patient, she cares about you and your health. She will make sure that all your questions are answered to your satisfaction. You will get this best care from her.She is an excellent doctor.
Male scheduler (C.) Was unprofessional,short unfriendly, ,and lacked concern and listening skills. for an emergent case C. could only offer a 3 month wait for visit!! which was absolutely unacceptable! C. also failed to consider or mention placing me on wait list. All unacceptable since reason for visit was injury and I am prior pt of practice, seeing a physician who left the practice and turned files over to another unavailable physician in this practice. have known of Dr. Mains for 20+
Dr Sharma takes his time to listen to hear more than what you are actually saying. Very attentive to my concerns. Helps me to understand what is going on, and why I need to address it early in the game.
He makes you feel as though anything that is going on with you is not important to him at all and does everything outside of physically rolling his eyes at you. He rushes you in and out and if you ask questions he snaps an answer at you so as to rush you out. I will be seeing a new doctor from now on.
Always a thorough examination with ample opportunity and time to ask any questions and receive thoughtful responses. Never hurried. Clear and empathetic discussions concerning any problems or concerns I have. The nurses and office staff are great, too!
I have had Dr. Mains as my personal physician since the early 1980s and my experience with him has been excellent. He is personable and professional. Dr. Mains is so competent and thorough. On two occasions, he sent me to the hospital ER right from his office. He knows what is medically important and follows through. I am very satisfied.
Extremely proficient, professional and personally caring. There can be an awkwardness when you reach the age where your doctor is younger than yourself. Harrigal's manner and personal attention allow for a comfortable and caring relationship.
Patient over 15 years,would recommend Dr Chernick highly Very relaxed and professional..
The only problem I have with this office is that Dr. Harris III sends out Rx requests for everything you're taking instead of just what you need refilled. Got a call from my Rx carrier wanting to know why they were getting these when I already had refills. Have also had problems getting paperwork back from Doctor's office when I need forms filled out for various Patient Assistance Programs.
I mess up my shoulder and need to see an orthopedic surgeon, I call Dr Fusco office to get an referral, the person on the phone said she will tell the Dr Fusco and will get back with me. That was in the late morning, I never got the call or the referral from Dr Fusco, The next day I call the office to find out about the referral and then was told I need to come in and see him first, Its been over an year I haven't seen him, customer service bad when need of help they cant help me
I find the negative reviews quite surprising as I had a wonderful experience with her recently in urgent care. She saw me immediately, took the time to explain my pneumonia diagnosis and the medications she prescribed. To the extent, she even called the pharmacy for me to better understand the appropriate inhaler to prescribe that my insurance would cover to ensure I would not incur a large out of pocket cost. I felt she was friendly, patient and thorough that put me at ease.
I've had a terrible experience with her. I shared that I have back pain and she told me that I have to live with it. Seriously?
I have been going to Dr.Cocumelli since I have been born. I have always liked him and so has my family. We are big fans. He is so nice and personable. While I don't like that he has a shared office now, he is still the same kind guy he has always been.
Great Dr.-- Friendly listens and spends time with you. Acts like you are an individual and not just patient no. 20 he has seen that day. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
This is a caring doctor. She's honest , smart and she has excellent listening skills and she studies you, because she is trying hard to hear what you left out or couldn't verablize. I love that ability because it's a gift that many people don't have . She needs to be cloned. I really like and truly appreciate her efforts in my behalf. This is my first time writing a review and I'm 70 But I had to express my thankfulness.
Caring, professional, courteous, friendly.
Do not go to this doctor. Gave her a chance because she was taking new patients and had some decent reviews but wish I hadn't. Dismissive, uncaring, bad overall experience. Wish her management staff would take note. Such negative experience, feel need to warn others as heath care is too important and expensive to not be away. As for the positive reviews, interesting they are all within the same few days..."Doctor of the Year" she is NOT.
She at best listened to half the words I said. I suppose that's what you get when it takes 3+ months to get an appointment and 3 others are in the waiting room to see her at the same time.
Treated me terrible made fun of my disability rushes you in never have I left a doctor's office in tears he made me feel terrible
I have had Obstructive Sleep Apnea since the mid 90's. I have also had many Sleep Doctors over the same time. I think I have finally found one that will be around long enough to take care of me for many years.
I didn't have insurance so needed to wait until March when I would be covered by Medicare. She would not refill my rx. That's fine, but when I told her I couldn't afford another visit and blood work up until March she discharged me. I think she needs to work on her bedside manner if she wants to keep her patients. She hasn't any compassion she suggested I get insurance. I couldn't afford Obama care (I have asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia so they wanted $350 a month) which I couldn't afford.
Dr. Alghothani is very thorough and answers all of my questions in depth. She explains my options and makes suggestions; together we come up with the right plan for me. Before seeing any doctor, I research that doctor thoroughly. I have researched Dr Alghothani and found her to be one of the best. Her knowledge is superb and her bed side manners are above and beyond. She treats her patients with respect and isn't in a hurry to get you out the door. She is a very caring doctor and person.
I had a good doctor at this office that moved away. I was rather apprehensive. But I was so wrong. He is great! He really is concerned about your health and what is best for you. He listens and tells you what is possible and what he would suggest. He actually spends time talking to you about your concerns. We don't see that happening much...lol. I really look forward to seeing him on my check-ups. Smart young man.
I admit i was skeptical of Dr. Kauffmann at first because she looks so young. After talking with her I saw that she knows what she is talking about and gave me good info about my condition. I went to her because my friend recommended her. She explained how she wants to treat my condition and I agreed. So far, so good.
Dr. Codispoti (Kauffmann) is great! After listening to my rather strange arthritis symptoms (I'm in my 20's) she explained possible causes and what she suspected it might be. After having bloodwork done, turns out she was right! I had a weird virus and finally had answers as to the cause of my pain! I also appreciate her not just prescribing pain pills and being done. She truly cares which is evident in her desire to determine the cause rather than masking it with medication.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Codispoti (formerly Kauffmann) to others. She is very professional, honest, and caring. I completely disagree with the poor reviews on this site, perhaps some people are overly sensitive and needy. I don't expect my doctor to be my best friend, but I do expect my doctor to provide me with the best health care possible, and Dr. Codispoti does exactly that.
I think the provider was really nice and very considerate of my medical situation. Dr. Codispoti I think that you deserve Dr. of the year award. Thanks so much for the care. Also wonderful staff in the office as well.
I would recommend Dr. Fusco (Casper) to anyone looking for a great Doctor. He is very responsible and knowledgeable and listens to all of your troubles. I know we all have a lot of troubles. If he don't know something he will get back with you. He sets down and goes over all of the results with you and explains everything in layman's terms. I have been with him for the last 10 or so years. I would like to thank him and his staff especially his nurse Misty. Great great nurse. Thanks to all.
Improper diagnosis and tests provided for a final diagnosis of Kidney Stone blockage. She believed it was my gallbladder and sent me home with no relief or testing for the pain. She stated: "go home and eat a greasy hamburger to verify it is your gallbladder". I was in the Emergency Room the next night and in surgery for removal of a kidney stone lodged in my ureter. Poor diagnosis and poor patient relations.
very important Dr. Shannon Kaufman is now going by Dr. Shannon Kosidpoti!! She must have realized that people don't like her as a doctor and changed her name. I would listen to the reviews. just wanted to warn people so they got real information Dr. Shannon Kaufman is the same as Dr. Kodispoti!!!!!
I found Dr. Kauffmann to be very efficient and nice. I had moved from out of state and had to get monthly prescriptions filled and Dr. Kaffmann made the transition seamless!
Dr. Henriques cares about her patients. She listens and never rushes me when I see her. She is easy to talk to and inspires my complete trust. I would recommend her to anyone needing a great doctor!
Dr. Fusco and his staff are fantastic. He has a happy peaceful and personality, he looks at you when you speak, he truely cares, doesnt make a mountain out of a molehill, and he's a smart cookie! The front desk ladies are helpful, friendly and are excellent at what the do. The nurse is a sweatheart, very personable and very knowledgeable. I have had tons of doctors but i've never been to a doctor's office this efficient and wonderful. I am so grateful to be their patient. 5 stars!
Clear and honest about his recommendations.
he is a very rude man.he does not spend no time with u.he always thinks someone is a drug addict when he really just does not like you.he test you and knows you are a clean person but he himself is in denial.i would not let my dog see him.his famous words are i will fire you from my office.he needs to get out of the business.
Professional, informative and cariing manner! Immediately felt at ease and was treated with compassion! Would highly recommend Dr. ALghothani to others!
Inexperienced with terrible bedside manner. Missed critical diagnosis. Found her to be rude, uncaring, and untrustworthy. Came down with horrible pain in my side. She brushed off my symptoms and spent less than 5 minutes with me, telling me nothing was wrong and dismissed my symptoms as illegitimate. Ended up in ER with severe appendicitis requiring immediate surgery. Followed up with her post surgery and she could have cared less and offered no compassion or treatment plan.
Agreed with the other reviews. Very uncaring and inexperience Doctor. Came in with some items to discuss and was told I would need to make a second appointment for a well visit to address any of the medical concerns I had. Also unethical and lied about treatment plan and requested another follow up. Would not reccomended this doctor to anyone. Less than one star is possible.
Ridiculous wait time to see her. Rude staff. Lack of info given to patients. Ned a hose and mask for my bi-pap. Was told my prescription expired. No one ever told me that. I have been purchasing replacement supplies for three years. Then I was told it would be two months to get in to see her. What am I supposed to do in the meantime, duct tape my hose and mask??????
been a pat. for almost a year this doctor i give 5 stars she will listen and she doesn't treat you like a number. she and her staff treat all with respect. dr. Chambers cares
Very kind and caring. Very helpful and always ensures you understand the treatment plan.
I had to see her because Dr.Seidt, was not in, which he is wonderful caring dr. She got in said hello, went straight to the computer, checked me in 30 seconds told me what I had, put the meds she was going to give me in the computer, told me it was fine to go back to work next day. Walked out. 2 minute visit. I'm still sick in bed with a fever. She was not rude but not nice. No connection whatsoever with the patient, Glad she is not my dr. I would never recommend her to anyone!
The wait time is often way too long. I've been the 2nd patient of the day before and had to wait close to 20 minutes after my appointment time before seeing the doctor. As with all Ohio Health medical facilities, far too many appointments are scheduled in the same block of time.
Very personable, very nice, and is very knowledgeable.
She is a very fine Doctor. Spends time and listens to patient and recommends proper. Her manner is calm,pleasant and very competant.Very fine doctor!
He was vary kind. Never had a pap smear before him, he explained it all to me before he did it. He let my boyfriend stay with me the whole time. I am thankful to have such a nice doctor as mine.
Listens and is clear in his advice.
I went to Dr Kauffman because Dr Henriques was not available. She is very unversed in knowledge with my situation and she doesnt care. I went in for a visit for an extremely large and painful absess under my arm and she held my arm and pressed as hard as she could in thee most tender spot of the area. It knocked tears out of my eyes. She offered no tissue or explanation. She snickered at my questions about my health. A specialist scheduled surgery. There isn't space for all detailed encounters.
I loved Dr. Barnes, but his staff consists of very rude and a few inexperienced women. DO NOT ask questions about wait times. DO expect them to reschedule your appointment if THEY are running behind. DO expect childish attitudes from the office staff. They do not like children in their waiting room. Again, Dr. Barnes was wonderful; his staff was horrible and made for an awful experience.
I found her to be rude, judgmental and uncaring. The first thing she said to me was that she wouldn't prescribe a medicine for flight anxiety because it is a controlled substance. I take maybe 20 of these pills a year. I'm not a junky. Flat out denying a patient a course of FDA approved treatment because of YOUR personal values w/o regard to their needs is unprofessional. Beyond that her bedside manner leaves loads to be desired. I don't trust her. I don't like her. I won't be going back.

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