I loved dr eicher, but her staff is pretty hateful.
I was referred to Dr. Torres and he has been very helpful. He explains thing, is very personable and on time. He listens and thoroughly explains things. Having been to a number of doctors I was skeptical but am very please with Dr. Torres being my neurosurgeon.
did not have any knowledge of RLS and provided no help. wasted time and trip. .
Does not listen or answer any important questions you may have, I say stay away!
I have only met with Dr. Tuttle one time and he seemed distant and not interested, but maybe he was having a bad day. I do not need a neurosurgeon yet and am getting other remedies for my pain. I'm not sure if I would go to Dr. Tuttle for neurosurgery.
Dr Bryan Ludwig is an amazing doctor. You are the most important patient when you are with him. He explains your problem in easy to understand terms, gives you options and most importantly, listens closely and then answers all your questions. He is an very gifted doctor who cares about his patients. If you ask he will give you valuable information to assist with your recovery. Things to consider is change in diet, water hydration, activity level and things to NOT DO!
Only left one star because I cannot leave lower. He was rude, argumentative, condescending, and obnoxious.I had been in the hospital 4 days and they kept me waiting on a neuro to evaluate me to plan future treatment. After being so unbelievably rude to me (to the point if tears) he left the room with NO VOURSE OF ACTION WHATSOEVER and left NO NOTES FOR OTHER DOCTORS TO USE THAT DAY to prepare for my discharge. I would never use this man for anything
Dr. Ludwig has a wonderful personality and is always pleasant. He talks to me like a friend and is genuinely interested in me. He is never in a hurry and acts as if I am his only patient for the day. He makes an office visit fun. He's absolutely the best!
would NOT recommend this doctor. Have fainting spells and she scheduled my next appt for 6 weeks later!!!! Her nurse practitioner called me from a number that showed up as PRIVATE NUMBER. Left me a message saying THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY!!! I tried to call her back the next day and got switched around so much and told she was here, to call this number, shes there, call that number. I was finally told to leave a message for the nurse manager!!! Horrible!!!
Dr. Moncrief saved my life!! I was in horrific pain from surgical nerve damage; former surgeon*. My pain was so intense I felt like I was dying. It took over a month to get appt (phys. consult). When he saw the MRI, he was horrified and immediately scheduled corrective surgery. 1st time in 7 months I was able to function without narcotics. *Dr Cynthia Africk 0=POOR, didn't listen to my complaints, pains much worse since her surgery/intense, crippling. She had Left Nerve Between Discs!
Outstanding bed side manner. Thorough. Well informed. Persistent in care. If I could give 20 stars, I would.
Outstanding bed side manner. Thorough. Well informed. Persistent in care. If I could give 20 stars, I would.
I highly recommend Dr. Scheiner! He was thorough, smart, and good at communicating and explaining my condition. I've have been to several neurologists and he was by far the best.
Compared to my other doctors this one is just not on top of her game.
I have neuropathy and saw Dr Scheiner. He looked into the cause of it, and found I was borderline diabetic. He was able to prescribe medication that helped the pain and now I treat my diabetes. He's very thorough, and a nice guy. My only quibble is that sometimes his office was late in giving him phone messages. Would recommend to family/friends.
Best so far. Genuinely interested in obtaining the best possible care for patients.
I went to Dr. Scheiner for just an Emg, And I found him very pleasant, caring in all aspects of the procedure( very pleasing bedside manor) and was very thorough, which I found to be very impressive due to all the other doctors I had been to (3 others for 7 surgeries to my leg) at before acted as tho as they did not have time for and I was just another number, Did not feel this way at all with him. I would recommend him to all my family and friends! He is now my Neurologist
Was rude, curt and abusive. Kept saying the only reason he was consulting with me was because he was doing a favor for a friend. He didn't answer questions I had and was very dismissive about my concerns. Showed no emotion other than disgust over having to talk to me and almost seemed to delight in directing his anger toward me. Dr. Scheiner seemed to have no understanding or regard for my background as a patient or of my neurological impairment.
Would recommend Dr. R. VERY CARING! Conscientious and careful. Successful surgery for aneurism bleed. 10/2013 and home since 4/2014. Already exceeded medical professionals' recovery expectations.
He is a great doctor and surgeon. He did what so many other Dr's said wasn't doable. I am very blessed to have had him. My case was extremely complicated and he was unfailing in his expertise.
one of the best

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