Dr. SHARP, Dr. SHARP is fantastic. He and his team are the best. The James Hospital Staff are outstanding,caring, friendly and concerned. Thanks to everyone with my care. Ron Yeazell
I took my father to see Dr. Jenkins, he is very compassionate and very kind and seems to be extremely knowledgeable. What surprised me the most, was that , I sent a message through OSU's system, and he actually replied, not only that, he kept on answering my questions. It was so nice to be able to have a little guidance as to what steps to take that might help my elderly father without going overboard.
I went to the ER this month for testicular pain and was told to see him for a follow up visit in two days. On the same day of the ER visit, I called to make an appointment and was seen 5 days later despite my advisement of the ER doctor's recommendation. He did not diagnose me with anything when I saw him. He told me to wait out my pain.He was in such a rush to get me out of his office. Today, I was diagnosed by a different urologist that I have prostatitis. Don't waste your time or money on him
Very nice doctors who knows his stuff. I have only one kidney and would not let too many doctor do that kind of surgery on me . He came highly recommend from another Urologist.
Very good doctor. Knowledgeable
Dr Jenkins explained some of the more technical aspects of my condition and explained both the pros and cons of various treatment methods. A Dr. who not only explains the benefits but drawbacks to a specific drug treatment is a Dr. who cares about his patients in my book.
Very satisfied w/ my experience.
Doctor was very nice. Detailed in terms of what he thought that my medical issue was. Gave me a short term and long term plan that I felt comfortable with. Feel easy to talk to and feel as if I am right on track.
the team presented options that I needed to know.
Elizabeth was so helpful fitting me in quickly. She has always been awesome. My first visit with Dr. Jenkins was very good. He was though and understood my situation.
Dr. Jenkins was very courteous and thorough in my appointment. Good explanation of medical procedures was provided.
This my first time for this treatment. and Dr. Jenkins his associate work together well and helped t better understand my condition and offer a simple solution to it, and made some recommendations to get some more results.
Dr. Jenkins is very nice and answered all my questions. He made sure I understood all my medicines and how to use them. Very cool guy!
Dr Jenkins was very personable and thorough. All my questions were answered before they were asked and I have no reservations after the consult.
I have had 3 surgeries by Dr.Begun. they all went well. His staff is so helpful and kind. Dr. Begun is always very informative. I had stones for years and no insurance and no one would help me until I saw Dr. Begun he helped me without any hesitation.
Very comfortable with him as my physician. Resident was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The best part of the experience was dealing with his assistant, who was incredibly nice and was such a pleasure to deal with.
i would recommend him to family and friends
Outstanding professional services. Explore and ask in-depth questions about areas that one-self usually, even thinks of, resulting in VERY PRECISE treatment, medication and handling. We're so blessed to have him available locally.
Dr. Jenkins was nice friendly and kept me at ease during the visit.
Dr. Pohar is a class act in every way. So thankful for having had him as my doctor and my fathers' doctor. His knowledge, mannerism , bedside manners, patience ecc ecc are top notch. Thank you Dr. Pohar for everything you do!!!! One of the greatest surgeons of our times!
Dr. Jenkins is a very personable, warm, down-to-earth provider who cares about the health and well-being of his patients. He takes the time to understand patient needs by listening intently to their questions and concerns. Dr. Jenkins is thorough in his explanations. He does not just rush off to the next patient like many providers do. Dr. Jenkins is also supported by a friendly staff. I am glad that he joined the OSU Wexner Medical Center.
I found Dr. Jenkins to be not only professionally qualified (answering all questions in an easy to understand manner) but also I sensed a true understanding of my unique situation. He made it clear that he was looking at me as a unique individual and tailored his suggestions for treatment accordingly. He even suggested that I might consider counseling as I dealt with my ed problem, as in listening to me his experience suggested that could be helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone .
One Awesome Doctor!!!!!! Knows his stuff!!!
My surgery went extremely well and my recovery time was much shorter than I expected. Dr. Begun was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. His staff was also very friendly and it was always pleasure to speak with Lekeitha on the phone.
Simply the best....explains condition and his solution to ongoing problem...I have 100 % trust in Dr. Knudsen.. He has helped me on numerous problems I have had..Bob Cunningham
His bedside manner leaves something to be desired. He has been unwilling to explore options regarding pain. Staff seems to enjoy gossip and will talk about you within earshot. While in waiting room, you can hear staff goofing around and general unprofessionalism.
I first saw him because he was strongly recommended by my (superb) primary care doctor. He did a great job on me and has been very helpful on questions afterwards. His interactions with me were always very pleasant. One of the best.
My experience with Dr. Pohar was awesome. He is the kind of Dr. that everyone dreams of having. He is warm, patient, and kind. Dr. Pohar is obviously an excellent surgeon and spent 10-12 hours in the operating room performing surgery that will extend my life. For all of this I am extremely grateful.
Very bad. Noticed problems with my labs 6 months after the fact. Did not explain test results of options. Generally disinterested in me as a patient. Staff said the would call with information, but never did. Waited in exam room over 20 minutes.
My psa was 4.6. I am 57. I had the teaching biopsy. Yes, one core was 5% positive. What do we do? We watch it grow for now. Then we do another reaming invasive biopsy again in 6 months.MILK the insurance. I can watch it grow without you and your 3 doctor, 2 female nurses watching. I requested medication, I did not get any. I am on antidepressants, and assumed a substance abuser. I am sick and tired of being treated like a substance abuser just because I take antidepressants. Pay 4 your house?
Do your homework if you see Dr Shabsigh! He's not upfront or honest if dx'd w/prostate cancer! We KNEW to ask abt bone & CT scans,& other tests, but he won't bring it up! Whn we brought up scans, his reply: Those cost $10K! Whn pushed he set them up, when asked if thr wd b a prob w/ins - he sd No bec of PSA 23, and Gleason 7. So, what was the big deal? He met us in exam room to give dx, didn't discuss the pathology rpt at all, & pushed only radical treatment, w/o discussion of any options!
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Prostate Removal
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
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