Excellent physician
He is an awesome doctor. He is very direct and to the point but he is also explains everything very well.
A previous doctor diagnosed me with an autoimmune liver disease, PBC that is somewhat rare. I moved to Dr Michaels to get more information and better care and I have not been disappointed. He has taken time to answer all of my questions and quickly responds to my ongoing questions through the patient portal.
Lynda Seeber "cannot comprehend those other reviews; I found Dr. Sleppy..." Well, I don't understand how a review for a nurse practitioner is called a Doctor. She works in Dr. Mitchel's office. So right there your review looses total validity. My patient review for Ms. Sleppy is not a good one. She is most incompetent and Dr. Mitchel hopefully will become aware of how poorly his office is being managed.
I feel blessed to have found such a fine Doctor as Dr. Stanich. I was referred to him because of having Lynch Syndrome. Dr. Stanich has the best bedside manner of any doctor I've ever been to. He is very pleasant and caring and just puts you at ease. I wish all doctors were like Dr. Stanich. I highly recommend him!
I cannot comprehend those other reviews; I found Dr. Sleppy to be extremely helpful, pleasant and thorough, as well as knowledgeable with regard to my condition and follow-up testing. I definitely recommend her and this office.
Dr. Li took very good care of me during my pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable, and caring. She took every precaution she could when doing a colonoscopy on me at 22 weeks pregnant.
His compassion and brilliance are unsurpassed, and he leaves no 'stone unturned' until he discovers the cause of and the remedy for (your) problem. It is with respect, admiration, and appreciation that I recommend Dr. Levin for his care and dedication to his lifelong practice of medicine and to his patients. He ranks among the best of the best!
Did not know that I was not going to be treated by the doctor until I was at my first appointment. During the 6 months I was a patient, I got nowhere in the treatment. Tests where not explained, phone calls where not returned and there was a general feeling of disorganization, and uncaring. I found treatment elsewhere. I suggest you do the same.
Rude, condescending, does not follow through, and does not return phone calls. Worst of all she will lie to you. Worst experience I've ever had in a medical office.
Have been with this provider for 10+ years. Would recommend to anyone with chronic issues. He is very well versed with GI literature. Willing to listen to patient feedback.
At first Dr Meyers was great when it came to testing me for everything including gastroparesis, but over time he's been less than helpful. I tried to talk to him about another emptying exam or other methods of treatment. He's not receptive and I don't want to juice everything or eat it completely overcooked in order to digest my food.
She caused terrible painful injuries to my intestines which took 3-4 years to heal . Also during another procedure when patients had gone through complicated preparation process, she cancelled all patients, because she had to go take care of her son.
Dr. Pfeil has been my Gastroenterologist since 1996. She has found cancer twice, which two other doctors overlooked. She is very thorough and dedicated. She saved my life.
If you value your life, find a different Doctor. My sister was under his care and now she's dead due to his carelessness!
Dr. Li is a responsible, patient, knowledgeable and hard working doctor. She is the one who truly cares your health and wellness and is good at finding out best treatments according to individuals' different situation.
Dr. Li has always answered concerns promptly and I would very highly recommend her.
Don't recommend. Dishonest. Was awake entire procedure. Was told if you don't remove polyp today insurance won't pay. She said yes it will we found a problem. Did a biopsy instead. From what I was told she can't do the removal. Well back in second time for removal of precancerous polyp and yep insurance said if removed first time they would pay. So I have a 5,000.00 bill now. Dr lied said she don't remember saying that even when I called Cindy Odam twice and she said Dr Pfeil was worried .
I believe I am having to undergo the discomfort of another colonoscopy because of Dr. Li's poor management of my procedure.
Dr. Gray has been the most patient physician I've seen. He is caring and extremely thorough. In many cases, even when presented with symptoms that may be out of his field of practice, he still listens and tries to help in any way he can. It may be a referral to a physician that can treat that symptom, or a "try this and see if it helps". He's truly a great physician and i would highly recommend him to friends and family!
Dr. Emlich is one of the best enterologists I have ever had. I was treated at one of the so called "best academic hospital" in town for almost 3 years. No diagnosis was made and the only treatment I've received was symptoms management. Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and unable to eat for over two years until I switched my care to Dr. Emlich. Thank you Dr. Emlich to save my life and I am able to eat again without any problems.
Dr Gray is awesome! He has such a great bed side manor, actually cares about his patients, will get in touch with you himself about your results, he keeps you informed and explains everything! Wonderful doc! Wish he could be my doc for everything! I have never met a doc who cares so much! ??????
I was extremely pleased with the care provided by Dr. Gray. He was very kind and personable to me and my family. He explained everything to me thoroughly and performed my procedure with ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Gray to my family and friends.
Dr. Gray is very friendly and strikes the right balance between being interested in me as a person and as a medical patient. He seems to be expert in his medical knowledge; I feel totally comfortable trusting his judgment. What I like most about Dr. Gray is that he is willing to plan care in a collaborative way with me as a patient. He seems quite willing listen to my point of view and ideas. As a university researcher, I really appreciate this collaboration.
I went to OSU Gastroenterology and was told he was my doctor. I was only seen by nurse practitioners. I asked specifically to have a conversation with him, and it never happened. No emails, no phone calls, nothing. OSU Gastro appears to be running an insurance scam with a phantom doctor
Great doctor and very down to earth! Caring and explained everything in detail so I could understand. And took his time. Definitely worth the drive for me!
1. Overemphasized a disorder I was NOT there to see him about and under emphasized the reason my primary care physician referred me to him in the first place. 2. Arrogant and condescending. 3. Attempted to peddle a variety of prescription medications to me at least a dozen times in the course of 15 minutes and the waiting room was FULL of pamphlets for prescriptions. 4. Made a mockery of my genetic diagnosis 5. Made me wait MORE than an hour to be seen and I was one of the 1st patients signed in
Dr. Arsenescu is a great doctor, very knowledgeable about my specific illness (ulcerative colitis). He is easy to get ahold of and his office is so accommodating. His staff is warm and willing to help with any issues.
I love Dr Fromkes, he's the best!
I have been a patient of Dr Hanje for 6 years HE IS THE BEST
Very caring doctor. Spends time with patients and listens to any concerns they may have.
after years of issues Dr. Emlich took the time to think outside the box and with the new medication he found for me I have been doing great for a year now. He is also the only dr. I have had not cause pain during a colonoscopy. Great dr!!!

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